Anna At 19 Months

This little girl has such a fun personality just bursting at the seams.

This little girl loves to pull clothes off hangers and out of drawers. She loves to layer sweaters and coats and take shoes on and off. She even likes to put on skirts over dresses if given the opportunity.

This little girl is very good at saying yes, no, mama, papa, meow (sounds like mao), and "na na" (her name). This little girl understands much more than she can say with words.

This little girl loves to lay on her tummy in the bath and blow bubbles. And splash, splash, splash.

This little girl really likes popcorn, string cheese, cereal from Daddy's bowl, and apple juice.

This little girl, according to her brother, likes to play chase, play with her toys - like her kitchen and her groceries, and take long naps (he wants her to take long naps so he can get more time with Mom playing a lego game that's just too tough to play when she is up and about).

This little girl is interested in the potty.

This little girl strongly dislikes being confined to a chair at the table.

This little girl loves to have at least three books read to her before bed and then she likes to take them in her crib with her as she goes to sleep. When she wakes up she either looks at them again or throws them to the floor depending on her mood.

This little girl is awesome.

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  1. debbie mcintyre

    2010-08-30 15:09:54 -0400

    I just love Anna. She's soft and sweet and she always has a look that says she is wise beyond her years (oops...19 months). mac

  2. Jennifer

    2010-08-30 15:19:08 -0400

    Love, Love, Love all of the pictures, especially where Simon is reading her a book!!! She is growing up so fast!!!

  3. Marie-Pierre

    2010-08-30 15:33:28 -0400

    Wow! Love your words. Love the picture of Simon reading a book to Anna; Anna sitting in his lap. So so cute!! Love the picture of you and Anna. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

  4. Ricka

    2010-08-30 16:03:17 -0400

    It is a lovely pics those you take. I love reading your blog. Everytime i read you post your kiddos, i am thinking my kiddos too, their ages different is pretty close to my kiddos. I am thinking how could you manage them at home and your work.

  5. Fran

    2010-08-30 16:11:36 -0400

    The photo of Anna "the explorer" looking out the window with the binoculars is so wonderful. The blinds are pulled just to the top of her hat so she can see through the window straight ahead, her stance is well-placed and solid, and she appears to be searching for something new and wonderful on the horizon. Such a grown up action from a lovely little girl. She will be a world explorer for sure! Thank you for sharing.....that photo made my day!

  6. Lynn Dirk

    2010-08-30 16:20:43 -0400

    Gosh it's been fun to watch your girl grow! She is adorable and reflects all the love in her life! Lucky Anna! Lucky us to get to experience some of her life. Thanks. And I agree with Fran (#50) that the binocular picture is wonderful!

  7. Heather V

    2010-08-30 16:35:20 -0400

    Adorable! They grow up so fast, don't they?

  8. Brenda Walker

    2010-08-30 16:57:21 -0400

    Hi Ali,
    Love your pictures! They are always so clean and soft! You are a great inspiration!
    I know you mentioned awhile ago where you got the print with Anna's name on it but I can't seem to find the post when you mentioned it. Do you happen to remember? I think you said from Etsy? Do you remember the seller perhaps? Thank you

  9. Denise Laborde

    2010-08-30 17:12:55 -0400

    So sweet, Ali.

  10. Karen W

    2010-08-30 17:53:02 -0400

    She sounds like a pretty awesome little girl.

  11. Brooke

    2010-08-30 18:35:13 -0400

    Awh, so cute. It's great to record monthly as kids grow up way too fast. My hubby and I were marvelling this morning over just how lucky we are.

  12. Susan DR

    2010-08-30 19:58:37 -0400

    Anna is precious, and I love the way you listed so many interesting facets of her personality. Cherish every moment - it seems as if my daughter should still be that little, but I just returned from a trip halfway across the country to help her move into an apartment for her senior year in college. I wish I had recorded my feelings and so much about her when she was small. Photos are only part of the equation, and I am so inspired by your journaling. Enjoy those beautiful children of yours!

  13. Carolyn HP

    2010-08-30 20:03:56 -0400

    Oh Ali, she's just so beautiful and spunky too! Much like you!

  14. Paola Norman

    2010-08-30 21:42:34 -0400

    You are truly blessed. What a beautiful little angel.

  15. agnieszka

    2010-08-30 21:47:18 -0400

    Ali you sure a blessed:)

  16. celia

    2010-08-30 22:44:50 -0400

    me encantó la web nueva... limpia y clara...!! espero que puedas entender lo que escribo, I like very much your new web site Ali You are a genius!!!

  17. Jenny

    2010-08-31 00:14:38 -0400

    Hi Ali-
    Where did you get the darling knit or crocheted hat? I love it!! I want one for a Christmas gift.

  18. Amy K

    2010-08-31 05:40:42 -0400

    So, so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  19. Melissa

    2010-08-31 06:58:57 -0400

    Ali - my little girl is 15months tomorrow and loves to swim in the bath too! She's just worked out blowing bubbles properly (after a few months of lessons!)

  20. kelly

    2010-08-31 08:30:46 -0400

    Hi Ali!

    Your little girls is just precious! My youngest son is 20 months old (I have 2 older boys that are 8 and 6 and a little girl who's almost 3) it's such a fun age. I love your new blog! It looks fabulous! I always enjoy reading it :) Have a great Tuesday!

  21. maryk

    2010-08-31 08:58:14 -0400

    she is growing so fast! love her "style" and little personality emerging.

  22. Sarah

    2010-08-31 09:42:21 -0400

    I enjoy reading about Anna and her development. It gives me something to look forward to... my son is 15 months old so, you give me a great look into the future. Being a first-time mom, I enjoy seeing what other kids are doing. Thanks for sharing, Ali!

  23. dawn

    2010-08-31 11:22:38 -0400

    these pictures our priceless it's too hard to even pick a favorite. love the way you journal about your children. my daughter summer loved to change her clothes all day when she was almost two also, I could never keep her clothes put away, eventually just left them in the laundry basket for her to dig thru. so glad she loves her new room, with beautiful windows for looking out of. thanks for sharing these precious moments with us.

  24. Amy

    2010-08-31 21:31:53 -0400

    Wow...eighteen months already! I still remember "it's a girl". She's a beautiful little lady.

    P.S. Viewmasters! I had forgotten about those toys. I must get one for my two year old!

  25. Karen

    2010-09-04 13:43:54 -0400

    Hi Ali, the pic of Simon reading to Anna is utterly precious. She is such a lucky little girl to have a big brother who is so sweet to her.

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