Anna At 19 Months

This little girl has such a fun personality just bursting at the seams.

This little girl loves to pull clothes off hangers and out of drawers. She loves to layer sweaters and coats and take shoes on and off. She even likes to put on skirts over dresses if given the opportunity.

This little girl is very good at saying yes, no, mama, papa, meow (sounds like mao), and "na na" (her name). This little girl understands much more than she can say with words.

This little girl loves to lay on her tummy in the bath and blow bubbles. And splash, splash, splash.

This little girl really likes popcorn, string cheese, cereal from Daddy's bowl, and apple juice.

This little girl, according to her brother, likes to play chase, play with her toys - like her kitchen and her groceries, and take long naps (he wants her to take long naps so he can get more time with Mom playing a lego game that's just too tough to play when she is up and about).

This little girl is interested in the potty.

This little girl strongly dislikes being confined to a chair at the table.

This little girl loves to have at least three books read to her before bed and then she likes to take them in her crib with her as she goes to sleep. When she wakes up she either looks at them again or throws them to the floor depending on her mood.

This little girl is awesome.

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