Hello Beautiful

Arrived safely after a crazy time in Philly. Prepping classes. Marveling at the contrast between white and blue. Waiting to meet students. Loving the yogurt. Loving the adventure.

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  1. Paula G

    2010-09-18 10:34:32 -0400

    Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime - enjoy every minute!

  2. Shelly K

    2010-09-18 10:41:08 -0400


  3. robyn

    2010-09-18 10:51:45 -0400

    looks like you're loving your time, and also your Instax camera - more and more I think I need one of those for sure!

  4. Gabi

    2010-09-18 10:56:19 -0400

    Enjoy every minute of this trip, Ali! Can't wait to read your stories then.

  5. Heather V

    2010-09-18 12:55:19 -0400

    The contrast between white and blue really is the loveliest, isn't it? Especially on the shore. And of course all the vibrant colors of the flowers, which are everywhere... enjoy yourself, Ali! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  6. Rachel Smith

    2010-09-18 14:16:57 -0400

    Mykonos is truly amazing and unbelievably gorgeous! I hope you enjoy the winding cobblestone stone roads and the windmills and the Mediteranian! I was saw awed and inspired by it in 2002 when I was there and I wasn't even a scrapbooker yet!

  7. Lisa W.

    2010-09-18 18:28:27 -0400

    Oh wow....have a wonderful safe trip...would give my right arm to be there....well my left, need my right to scrap:) Someday...Ahhhhh!

  8. Jean

    2010-09-18 18:36:40 -0400

    Happy to hear you arrived safely! What a fun photo.

  9. iowajewel

    2010-09-18 18:37:03 -0400

    have a wonderful time Ali! i just bought one of the Fuji Instamatic cameras and i LOVE it! so much fun!!!!!

  10. Denise Laborde

    2010-09-18 19:32:35 -0400

    Hope the jet lag isn't too hard on you.

    Happy for you and everyone who gets to participate in this cool class experience. HOORAY!

  11. Jill

    2010-09-18 22:01:38 -0400

    Instaxs are the best, no? LOVE them! Have a fabulous time. . . looking forward to more updates :)

  12. annie

    2010-09-19 09:46:37 -0400

    I can't wait to travel to Greece someday. Those little polaroids (fuji) prints are amazing laid out as they are. Ali, you rock.

  13. rani

    2010-09-19 10:05:58 -0400

    One day! In the mean time, I will feel the Mediteranian through your words and pics! Enjoy! Can't wait for the share!

  14. ale

    2010-09-19 17:47:29 -0400

    have a great time, ali!

  15. heather

    2010-09-19 23:04:03 -0400

    does anyone know if Ali has the mini camera, I am assuming she is too busy to answer right now LOL or does anyone else have some type of polaroid I know the film is $$$ but it looks like fun!

  16. Reneecrops

    2010-09-20 08:49:46 -0400

    I can't wait for your review of the Fuji Instax. I checked it out on Amazon, but I'd like to hear about your likes and dislikes. Have a wonderful time in Greece. Adventure calls to my soul.

  17. Ann

    2010-09-20 09:24:24 -0400

    Have fun in Greece. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak of the beautiful country you are visiting. Tell Karen R hello for me and that I hope she blogs some of her photos from the trip! Wish I was there.

  18. Angela

    2010-09-20 12:57:12 -0400

    Oh how you will love Greece. Can't wait to see what you see and hear about how you took those cute little photos in this blog post. Wishing you adventure and safe travels.

  19. Jennifer W.

    2010-09-20 15:11:33 -0400

    Oh how exciting!! Anxiously awaiting lots of pictures and stories from Greece!! Have a fabulous time and savor it all. :)

  20. June W

    2010-09-21 01:31:42 -0400

    wow! Greece and getting to do what you love all at the same time! What a wonderful combination...enjoy!

  21. cristina

    2010-09-21 09:10:12 -0400

    say hi to my mama (catherine) from me! the photos she has sent me look amazing! xoxo

  22. Barbara

    2010-09-21 22:22:52 -0400

    Wish I could come, maybe next year?

  23. Shanon

    2010-09-22 08:23:52 -0400

    I was in Santorini, Greece in July and it was phenomenal! I feel like the Greek islands are one of those places that ignites your creativity and imagination.

  24. Stefanie

    2010-09-22 17:58:07 -0400

    I didn't realize just how lovely and simple blue and white can be.

  25. December Daily 2010 | Day Nine | Ali Edwards

    2010-12-10 06:01:22 -0500

    [...] INSTAX MINI 7S Camera. I first read about this on Elsie’s blog. I brought it along with me to Greece and took a bunch of photos and totally loved it as a fun toy camera. I’ve been playing with [...]

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