While Mama Is Away

One of the greatest benefits of technology is that I can receive these little gifts from home while I'm away.

I'll be boarding the first of a few flights home in just a couple hours. I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of home and family (with lots of hugs + kisses + love) and am especially looking forward to getting some pumpkins.

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  1. Helen

    2010-09-28 08:58:21 -0400

    Beautiful photos! My hubby is away at the moment so he has been receiving similar 'snippets from home' photos! They are crying out to be made in to a LO!

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  2. Lisa

    2010-09-28 09:24:54 -0400

    Such beautiful children!

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  3. cat123

    2010-09-28 09:38:20 -0400

    adorable !!!

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  4. nerdgrl

    2010-09-28 09:50:15 -0400

    I am mightily impressed by the Lego table. Simon would be in alt at the MOA Legoland area!

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  5. debbi g.

    2010-09-28 09:53:54 -0400

    My son is home sick today and I showed him the lego picture..haha..he was quite impressed!!

    Can't wait to hear details from Greece.

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  6. Brené

    2010-09-28 10:02:49 -0400

    Safe travels! I know that "coming home" feeling. Loving + snuggling + nesting. It's the best.

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  7. Alexandra

    2010-09-28 10:37:09 -0400

    it's funny... when you first went to Greece I was so excited for you and for the last few days, after reading your tweets, I was hoping you'd get to go home soon!! Seemed like a long time to be away - I bet you'll be happy to get all the hugs, kisses and love - and the pumpkins will be cool too!

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  8. Suzette

    2010-09-28 11:35:19 -0400

    I cracked up when I saw Simon's table. We also have the giant Lego table. Have a safe trip home!

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  9. SandyM

    2010-09-28 14:17:28 -0400

    Safe Travels! I just got home from a business trip!
    I love coming home to happy to see mom faces!

    OOOH I can't wait for the pumpkin patch!

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  10. Shelly K

    2010-09-28 15:51:12 -0400

    Have a safe trip home!
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing all about the Greece adventure!

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  11. Liz Ness

    2010-09-28 16:20:49 -0400

    LOVE these (especially, the Lego line-up...have seen that a bit around these parts, too). Have a great trip home (it's supposed to be AWESOME weather in the next week or so, too)!

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  12. Lissa

    2010-09-28 16:55:26 -0400

    Too cute! I have to ask about the lego table! Are those plates attached to the table? My boys are obsessed with legos right now and I'm trying to come up with a table they can play on without losing the pieces all over the floor. Thanks!

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  13. Brandi

    2010-09-28 16:57:53 -0400

    My son is a huge lego fan and I just love the set up you have for Simon. Are the grey squares permanent? Could you share how you store/sort his legos? I'm struggling with keeping control over the lego clutter!

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  14. heather

    2010-09-28 21:01:55 -0400

    did they get taller while u were away!! ??

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  15. lilly

    2010-09-28 21:33:18 -0400

    ana is so stinking cute and irresistible adorable

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  16. ven

    2010-09-29 09:19:05 -0400

    seems Anna looks like your sister.

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  17. MonicaB

    2010-09-29 10:15:17 -0400

    Great pictures! I have a question about the Lego setup. Did you attach the large square lego platforms to the shelves? If yes, how? Like many others we struggle with the lego storage issue. Have a safe trip back!

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  18. Sarah

    2010-09-29 11:15:42 -0400

    Wishing you safe travels to wrap up your fantastic trip.

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  19. Pam

    2010-09-29 11:42:59 -0400

    Thanks for a wonderful class and great times visiting. So glad I could be part of the Mykonos experience.

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  20. gudrun

    2010-09-29 13:13:10 -0400

    Hi ali.
    Your kids are just the cutest! :)
    It was so nice meeting you in Greece. I really enjoyed your class, hanging out, explore, "hunt and gather" :).
    hope we meet again one day.

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  21. amy tangerine

    2010-09-29 23:34:15 -0400

    they are adorable. welcome back!

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  22. Ginger

    2010-09-30 12:20:38 -0400

    Hope your trip home was uneventful and easy. Thanks for all the great Greece memories. And, thanks to your class, I'm scrapping on the road here in Bulgaria! Bob says hi.

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  23. Emmy

    2010-10-01 00:04:28 -0400

    Random question....Love the blog, the products, the amazing talent!!! Also love the countertops in your kitchen. Do tell. Are they wood? Formica that looks like wood? Solid surface? I have white cupboards myself and looking for new countertops. Please advise....and post photos of Greece soon!!After you hug your kids twenty thousand times that is. :)

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  24. Beatrice

    2010-10-02 22:14:36 -0400

    Where do you get all the Lego mini figures? My son loves them too!

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  25. Dina

    2010-10-07 17:18:49 -0400

    So much cuteness in these pictures!

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