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September 27, 2010

While Mama Is Away

One of the greatest benefits of technology is that I can receive these little gifts from home while I’m away.

I’ll be boarding the first of a few flights home in just a couple hours. I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of home and family (with lots of hugs + kisses + love) and am especially looking forward to getting some pumpkins.


  • 1.
    Julie L said…

    Such cuties! Safe travels home!

  • 2.
    terri bonnette said…

    Safe travels. I know you will be happy to squeeze those children!

  • 3.
    Allison Waken said…

    Hope you have a great trip!

    I have a question for you – how do you store Legos? We are trying to find a good system at home, they aren’t staying in one bin they just get dumped out to find the perfect piece as soon as they’re put away.

    • ….
      Tammy B said…

      There is no easy way to store Lego unless they keep every set they’ve ever received put together on a shelf some where!! We have four Rubbermaid bins full of Lego as well as things that are built here and there and everywhere. Lego truly is amazing!!

    • ….
      tania smith said…

      Do you ever buy those premade veggie & dip trays or fruit trays from the grocery store? The rectangular ones work best. I repurpose them as drawer organizers and sorting trays. I like that they are clear so even if you stack them you can see whats in them. Great for lego, jewellery, scrap supplies, hair accessories, first aid supplies, the “junk” drawer…..

    • ….
      Kelly said…

      We have a 40-drawer plastic chest, that we bought at the hardware store. It’s made for nuts, bolts, etc. It was perfect to sort according to my son’s preferences. However…they are still all over his bedroom floor most of the time!

    • ….
      deborah said…

      We’ve found that those under-the-bed storage boxes work well because they’re big and shallow. That means my son doesn’t have to dump to find the piece he likes. They do take up a lot of room, though!

    • ….
      kim said…

      In my son’s room the sets that are put together are on open shelving, the extra pieces and disassembled sets are sorted by color in shoebox size plastic bins with lids and labled, and some boxes are filled with the same piece sizes in various colors, he also has a large tackle box that is referred to as the “people/parts box”- it contains all the hair-hats-heads-arms-torsos, etc. with some small containers inside for more detailed organization. and most days this system works. needless to say my 8 year old son and husband are serious Lego guys and enjoy making their own sets and sorting Legos into boxes (which is nice for me).

    • ….
      Allison Waken said…

      Thanks for all the tips! Guess there are lots of ways but no “perfect” way huh? We are gearing up for a Lego birthday party at the end of the month should be lots of fun but a lot more Legos to store!

    • ….
      Deirdre said…

      Loved finding this mini-discussion here as we are currently searching for a better way. We try to keep kits in separate ziplock baggies and all the baggies in one large basket…but invariably pieces go stray and then I have no idea which baggie it belongs in (though my 5 yr old would!). I’m leaning toward the one big sheet that you tie up/untie on the floor or the underbed box. I’m afraid if we started sorting by color or type, we’d end up spending more time organizing than playing (sorta like my scrapbooking!).

  • 4.
    KENDRA said…

    WOW!!! That’s A LOT of Lego mini figs!!! My boys would be quite jealous. That had to take him mounds of patience to set them all up!

  • 5.
    Kelly Massman said…

    Fantastic photos!!!!! :-)

  • 6.

    Save travels! Such sweet little gifts you got! :)

  • 7.
    Avital said…

    Simon is adorable as always and Anna becomes prettier and prettier :)

  • 8.
    Bridget =) said…

    that lego table is amazing! did you custom make that or what? what a fantastic idea!!!!!

  • 9.
    Shelley said…

    Love, love, love the LEGO set up!

  • 10.
    christen said…

    technology makes being away from loved ones so much easier. have a safe trip home.

  • 11.
    Jackie Bremer said…

    Great photos – how special and a reminder for me to send my Grandkids in NM photos more often.

  • 12.
    Sandi M said…

    How wonderful to get such sweet pics sent to you. Are those cookies bigger than you would let Simon make them ;)

  • 13.
    Gabi said…

    Safe travels, Ali! Adorable photos :)

  • 14.
    carriep said…

    Love the lego shot.As a mother of a 21 who still builds with lego, many many memories.

  • 15.
    Noelle said…

    So lovin the Lego line up! My son does that with all of his cars…and he’s even done it with his Halloween candy…and yes I did make a scrap page with both of these shots!

  • 16.
    Melissa L said…

    Hi Ali,
    so cute. Love the Lego guys. They actually have some Lego minifigs at Target they were 1.99 a few weeks ago, but are now 2.99. They are in the Halloween section. Would love to see more photos of you Lego storage.

    • ….
      Beatrice said…

      I will be running to target this week to see if I can find some!!! Thanks!!

  • 17.
    Lain said…

    Awww… Adorable! Love the Hanna jammies. safe travels home!

  • 18.
    Kim H. said…

    Simon is so tall. I have a 16 year old who is 6 foot 4 and my 8 year old is probably going to be taller. Yay for tall boys!!!

  • 19.
    Denise said…

    Have a safe trip home!

  • 20.
    dawn said…

    Thank you so much for posting this pictures for us, I’ve missed seeing what’s new with them. They look like they are having fun and are cuter then ever. Love the lego table and Anna in the boots. Have a safe and easy flight home and enjoy your hugs. It is truly amazing that we can send these photos to love ones when we can’t be there.

  • 21.
    Jan Davis said…

    (clicking of shoes)

    “There’s no place like home,there’s no place like home.”

    safe travels Ali :)

    Jan from Canada

  • 22.
    Linsey H said…

    Oh my goodness – they are growing like weeds!

    Have a safe trip home Ali!

  • 23.
    Juju said…

    Such sweet pictures from home. Love simon in his stripes pj. :)
    Safe journey home.

  • 24.

    Anna = precious! Simon = gettin’ so big!! Legos = I’m sensing some hand-me-downs (possibly from Daddy??) with a stash that big. That’s a collection to be quite jealous of!!

  • 25.
    Leora Henkin said…

    Have a safe trip home. Your kids are SO cute!

  • 26.
    rhonda nickol said…

    I can’t believe how big Simon and Anna are getting, beautiful children. Have a safe journey home and I look forward to seeing how you document your trip.

  • 27.
    Ingvild said…

    I enjoyed our time in Mykonos!
    I love the lego setup Simon has made. They must all be looking forward for you to come home. Have a safe trip home – and enjoy all the kisses and hugs you will get from the kids (I know I did….)

  • 28.
    ale said…

    have a save travel home, ali! your kids are cute as ever, anna looking more and more like you. and i l-o-v-e simon’s lego table!

  • 29.
    Helen said…

    Beautiful photos! My hubby is away at the moment so he has been receiving similar ‘snippets from home’ photos! They are crying out to be made in to a LO!

  • 30.
    Lisa said…

    Such beautiful children!

  • 31.
    cat123 said…

    adorable !!!

  • 32.
    nerdgrl said…

    I am mightily impressed by the Lego table. Simon would be in alt at the MOA Legoland area!

  • 33.
    debbi g. said…

    My son is home sick today and I showed him the lego picture..haha..he was quite impressed!!

    Can’t wait to hear details from Greece.

  • 34.
    Brené said…

    Safe travels! I know that “coming home” feeling. Loving + snuggling + nesting. It’s the best.

  • 35.
    Alexandra said…

    it’s funny… when you first went to Greece I was so excited for you and for the last few days, after reading your tweets, I was hoping you’d get to go home soon!! Seemed like a long time to be away – I bet you’ll be happy to get all the hugs, kisses and love – and the pumpkins will be cool too!

  • 36.
    Suzette said…

    I cracked up when I saw Simon’s table. We also have the giant Lego table. Have a safe trip home!

  • 37.
    SandyM said…

    Safe Travels! I just got home from a business trip!
    I love coming home to happy to see mom faces!

    OOOH I can’t wait for the pumpkin patch!

  • 38.
    Shelly K said…

    Have a safe trip home!
    Looking forward to hearing/seeing all about the Greece adventure!

  • 39.
    Liz Ness said…

    LOVE these (especially, the Lego line-up…have seen that a bit around these parts, too). Have a great trip home (it’s supposed to be AWESOME weather in the next week or so, too)!

  • 40.
    Lissa said…

    Too cute! I have to ask about the lego table! Are those plates attached to the table? My boys are obsessed with legos right now and I’m trying to come up with a table they can play on without losing the pieces all over the floor. Thanks!

  • 41.
    Brandi said…

    My son is a huge lego fan and I just love the set up you have for Simon. Are the grey squares permanent? Could you share how you store/sort his legos? I’m struggling with keeping control over the lego clutter!

  • 42.
    heather said…

    did they get taller while u were away!! ??

  • 43.
    lilly said…

    ana is so stinking cute and irresistible adorable

  • 44.
    ven said…

    seems Anna looks like your sister.

  • 45.
    MonicaB said…

    Great pictures! I have a question about the Lego setup. Did you attach the large square lego platforms to the shelves? If yes, how? Like many others we struggle with the lego storage issue. Have a safe trip back!

  • 46.
    Sarah said…

    Wishing you safe travels to wrap up your fantastic trip.

  • 47.
    Pam said…

    Thanks for a wonderful class and great times visiting. So glad I could be part of the Mykonos experience.

  • 48.
    gudrun said…

    Hi ali.
    Your kids are just the cutest! :)
    It was so nice meeting you in Greece. I really enjoyed your class, hanging out, explore, “hunt and gather” :) .
    hope we meet again one day.

  • 49.
    amy tangerine said…

    they are adorable. welcome back!

  • 50.
    Ginger said…

    Hope your trip home was uneventful and easy. Thanks for all the great Greece memories. And, thanks to your class, I’m scrapping on the road here in Bulgaria! Bob says hi.

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