Weekend Creative | Stencil Glitter Initial Boxes

Here's a super simple little glitter project that could work for lots of different holidays or gift-giving occasions. I made these for all the kids attending our little Halloween get-together this weekend. Planning to fill them with goodies of some sort.

Remember, I like simple. You could definitely use this as a base and take it a lot further. For me, this is just right for this project.

For this project you need four things:

I asked Sally if she'll be stocking any more of these cool boxes for the holiday season and she said yes. Look for some in her shop soon or send her an email through her site.

STEP ONE: Lay stencil on top of a box. Liberally squeeze glossy accents onto stencil and use your finger to spread it around the letter.

STEP TWO: Remove stencil and pour glitter over top of adhesive area. I usually dump more than I need and then shake off onto the paper below. I then pour that glitter back into the jar or onto the next box. I got a recommendation to add a spray fixative on top and I think I'll pick some of that up tonight or tomorrow. I like the idea of keeping that glitter in place.

It's super simple and a great way to give a gift.

Have a great weekend!

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