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November 15, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Are Your Foundation Pages On Your Blog?

Have you posted your December Daily foundation to your blog?

Part of the fun of this project is sharing your process, experience, stories, photos and pages. In addition to the 2010 Flickr group I wanted to invite you to share your blog as a way to spread the inspiration and motivation.

I’ll create another one of these starting in December for anyone who’s sharing their daily pages on their blog.

Please share a link to your specific December Daily foundation post below using the Widget below. It invites you to leave a comment after including you link but don’t feel like you need to do that too. Happy surfing!

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  • 51.
    Renee said…

    This is our third year to be doing December Daily. I love the process because it really keeps us focused on the season. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  • 52.
    Sherri P eh said…

    This is a great idea Ali! Thanks for this.
    I get more excited every year looking forward to my December Daily — this year I was thinking about it in July!
    Starbucks is now all decked out for Christmas. I was there this morning, but I plan to try to pop by later, when it’s quiet, to take in all of their fun Christmas goodness!

  • 53.
    caro said…

    Just finishing a travel mini-album and then onto the DD foundation . . . love this !!!

  • 54.
    cinback said…

    I have not yet completed this year’s album (because I am busy crafting for a church Christmas Craft Sale), but I posted my album from last year. This year I am using Ali’s template pages, but am having a terrible time getting my hands on transparencies up here in Canada!

    • ….
      Carla said…

      Hello fellow Canadian! I had the same trouble finding the transparencies too. What I ended up doing was buying regular overhead transparencies from Staples. I painted circles on some, downloaded overlays from Designer Digitals and created a Word document with varies Christmas words and just changed the size and font. I then printed them off on the transparencies. Handle with care, because the ink will smudge. Once dry I stitched a plain and a patterned transparency together to make them sturdier. I think they turned out well. Good luck!!

  • 55.
    madeline St onge said…

    Cool Thanks Ali. For some reason I cannot post on Flicker, it doesn’t like me.
    Just have the cover there right now but will add more

  • 56.
    Terri Porter said…

    This is my third year as well and my entire 2009 album is on my blog. For 2010, I have my cover posted on my blog and will be posting my pages as I complete them rather than just posting my foundation pages, since mine is pretty much like Ali’s with a few paper and embellishment changes. I can’t wait for December so I can start putting things in my album!

  • 57.
    Radish said…

    I am doing this project because for three weeks in December I am going to be with family in Florida which is not where I live. Because there is so little table space where I am going, I think I will do it digitally. it will be ivory, leather colored and gold. Unless I change my mind.

  • 58.
    Terri Porter said…

    So happy you’re doing this. This is my third year as well and my entire 2009 album is on my blog. For 2010, I have my cover posted on my blog and will be posting my pages as I complete them rather than just posting my foundation pages, since mine is pretty much like Ali’s with a few paper and embellishment changes. I can’t wait for December so I can start putting things in my album! Well, apparently I can’t figure out how to do the URL, so any help would be appreciated. I really want to be on the list.

  • 59.
    Terri Porter said…

    Well, I figured out the URL, but now my name appears twice in the list at #62 and #65. Only the #65 links to my blog. Ali, would it be possible to remove the #62 post?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Sure Terri!

  • 60.
    Sue TR said…

    Hi ! My first DD and I’m making progress on the foundation…using a mix of a few purchased items and thing I already have…which is a lot

    Ali – a question… any way for us to share if we don’t have a blog??? Between this, kids (who knew 4th grade had so much homework?!), puppy, house and traveling for Thanksgiving, I’m not going to have time to set one up!

    Any advice would be welcome thanks!!!


  • 61.
    Cynthia H said…

    I have been wanting to see everyone else’s – thank you for setting this up!

  • 62.

    Great pages everyone!!

  • 63.
    sara cook said…

    I am just finishing up LAST YEAR’S December Daily. I started early and took lots of pictures and wrote some little notes but then life got hectic and I didn’t even get the pictures developed. I found the box of “stuff” this weekend and I got all the pictures developed. It has been so much fun putting it together and reminiscing about last year and taking notes on what to make sure and include this year. I really appreciate all of the encouragement to do what you can with this project, Ali. It makes it easier to just get the book together so that we have it to look through in the years to come.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • 64.
    Nathalie said…

    Thank you for this! I love seeing everyone’s process – how fun.

  • 65.
    Liesbeth said…

    I can’t wait for december to start!

  • 66.
    Suz said…

    Sorry that there is a daily in my video sound. I plan to post pics on my blog as well@
    I’m loving all of the inspiration out there! Thank you ladies for posting your creations and to you Ali, for making it all possible.

    One other thing I plan to add into my album are some snowflakes that my son and I created to gear us up for the “snowy” season. I thought it would be a nice added touch!
    And… I’m looking forward to posting my completed 2009 album as I didn’t quite get it finished yet (but it’s on my to do for this weekend).

  • 67.
    Maureen F said…

    This is my second year doing this – I really enjoy making these – so worth the time to capture these memories in this way.

  • 68.
    Sarah Swann said…

    I posted mine! I haven’t posted on my blog yet, but I did post it at Studio Calico, so that’s the link. I’m off to look at everyone else’s!

  • 69.
    Kaitlin said…

    This is my fifth year doing this project and I look forward to it every year. I love how you did this- way cool to see everyone’s projects on their blogs :)

  • 70.
    Tanya said…

    Hi Ali

    So cool of you to do this- I actually linked up for my dec daily from last year!! but I have a bunch of shots of the ready to go book. I will post photos from this years book as well and comment here again when they are up!

  • 71.
    Dawaila said…

    Ali I love how you share an idea and everybody takes that idea and puts their own spin on it!! I have spent the last hour looking at everyones, so many great books!!!!!

  • 72.
    Marina said…

    I do my Christmas albums every year already 5 years. Ali, thanks to you I embark on this adventure each year. But what incredible fun. Thank you again!

  • 73.
    Suz said…

    Ok, So my video was voice delayed so I posted my foundational pics to my blog instead.

  • 74.
    Teresa said…

    Totally cool idea. Thank you!

  • 75.
    April Cortinas said…

    THis will be my first year doing this…so i think i am going to do it all Digital. Well see how it works.

  • 76.
    Nicole said…

    Yeah, lovin’ all the blog links! I added my blog and have also joined the flickr group. This will be my first December Daily and I can’t wait to start. I hope I can keep up!

  • 77.
    Kelly said…

    just added my first blog post about my dd to your list. this sharing is so great. thanks ali.

  • 78.
    Trisha Harrison said…

    It’s my first December Daily and I’m hooked ! Don’t know why I waited this long to do this but So So glad I’m doing it now. Everyone’s DD look’s awesome so far great job !!

  • 79.
    Heather said…

    Thanks for posting all these links Ali! I can’t wait to dive into all the inspiration… :) I haven’t posted my foundation pages to my blog but they are up on the Flickr group, username scrappyhare.

  • 80.
    AprilC said…

    Just finished linking mine. Now off to check out what other people have done so far!

  • 81.
    dawn said…

    This is my first time with December Daily and I’m so excited. I have most of it done and ready and will be adding some things thru December. This will be a favorite for our family and will be doing it again next year. Thank you Ali for inspiring us and thanks for all these links, I’ve been reading them all day and love all them.

  • 82.
    Veronica said…

    Oh I super exited about this. It will be my first DD and I can’t wait :-)

  • 83.
    Denise said…

    I am so not ready for anything. We’re going to Disney, trying to sell the house…so much to do, so little time. :)

  • 84.
    Vavie said…

    First time for me, I’m french, I’m going to share it with you !

  • 85.
    karine said…

    thank you for sharing your wonderful creative ideas with us!
    It’s the second time I try to make a december daily but last year I stopped at dec. 10th… Hope this time will be the good one! ;)
    And it’s cool to discover so many albums from all over the world!

  • 86.
    Lisa Cole said…

    So glad to have these all in one place to hop to – thanks Ali!

  • 87.
    scrappysue said…

    so many participants! now if i could just remember my yahoo password i can join the flickr group too! i’m a DD virgin in 2010 – very excited!

  • 88.
    Kayla said…

    This is just amazing! I am just admiring the “movement” that you have started with this project. :) Its so exciting to be a part of something where we all get excited to document such a special time of the year! Thanks for the great inspiration!!

  • 89.
    Monica said…

    I love that you’re doing the linky thing…I’m hoping to set some time aside tonight to go through them. I love seeing everyone’s wonderful work. Thank you for all you do to keep us inspired. :)

  • 90.
    Lesley said…

    My first December Daily project,and I’m having such fun with it. Thank you!

  • 91.
    Elena said…

    This is my first December Daily. I’m so excited about it! Thanks for all the inspiration you give us!


  • 92.
    Radish said…

    This is my first go. And I would not do this at all, but I am going to be with family for three weeks. I figure there is a lot of material. I am going to Florida and as I am from the Pacific Northwest it has been a long time since I have seen a warm Christmas. I am doing this on the computer because there will be no table space. Look forward to seeing others books.

  • 93.
    Radish said…

    Ali, this URL is incorrect. Is there a way to change it?

    • ….
      Ali said…

      Sure – what would you like it to be? I can adjust it on the back-end.

  • 94.
    Suddenly Pam said…

    You’re my inspiration! Thanks for yet another tool that helps us learn from one another. I’m new to the blogger scene…but I’m excited to try it digital style this year!

  • 95.
    Jen D. said…

    I can’t wait to go through people’s blog to see what they’ve been up to! I LOVE your December Daily and is my most favorite project every year since you’ve started! Thank you, Ali! =)

  • 96.
    Hannah said…

    I am a little behind on my preparations, and struggling to print 2 of the 6 x 8 templates on one 12 x 12 card stock. we have put 2 of the PNG files into a page on photoshop, selected scale to fit and borderless printing, but it is still chopping off the outer borders of the templates. Any suggestions welcome, as we are away all next week and I want to have it ready before we go. Thanks, Hannah.

  • 97.
    Cherie said…

    Whohoo, I am so excited to do this again this year!!!

  • 98.
    Tere (Marie) said…

    I shared…it’s a bit scary.

  • 99.
    Jill said…

    yay! can’t wait to follow along with all the fabulous holiday documenting!

  • 100.
    Cheryl McCain said…

    I just posted my cover page and will be posting my inside foundation pages several at a time as I complete them. I’m loving this project already!!

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