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November 1, 2010

December Daily 2010 | Q&A (the questions)

I know lots of you out there have started putting together your album foundations for December Daily. I’d like to try and answer any questions you might have at this point in the process (knowing that some of you haven’t started yet and some may already have albums all put together). Feel free to leave questions here and I’ll answer them in a new compilation post later this week.

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  • 51.
    Mrs. b said…

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

    I am looking forward to start my first DD project ever, and have so far tried to collect papers and stuff to work on.
    A question regarding the overlay page – if I understood you correctly you will sometimes add photos/journaling on the already printed overlay/cardstock, and other times put the overlay on top of photo(s) and then print these. With the latter option – will you put the printed combined photo/overlay on top of cardstock, or just insert the photopaper “as is” into the book?
    If you insert the photopaper “as is” – what do you do with the back of the photopaper, will you add photos/journaling there as well? (I guess what I am asking is if it does work to add photopaper on the back of photopaper, as when comparing that of adding photopaper on the back of cardstock)

    Mrs. b

  • 52.
    Angie Blom said…

    Happy Birthday Ali.
    This my third year doing the DD and I have my papers mostly done and still working on a cover. I am doing a 11X 6 album this year.. I am making my own album cover.. already made 2 of them but one is being published under another title so I made another and now my hubby says it looks to close to the one I am getting published so off to the drawing board again. I was really wanting a canvas feeling album. what do you suggest I bind it all with. Knowing that it is going to be larger that what I start out with.. should I just stick to the 3 rings or do you think I can bind it all and it would not fall apart?

  • 53.
    katie t said…

    I am not sure if this has been commmented, answered on before… I like the 12 x 12 size therefore am doing 12 x 12 in sheet protectors, how would you incorporate transpercenies with using a sheet protector, I love the look of your albums, but I am not able to go without my sheet protectors. Any suggestions?

  • 54.
    tinabobina99 said…

    Ali, I found a great addition for the DD book: Little Yellow Bicycle #CD308 10 thing I love about Christmas, a library-card style pocket and 10 numbered slips of paper to record my loves. It’s already got me thinking about choosing 10.

    • ….
      Trish Miles (Australia) said…

      hi, just wondering if you have a link you could share for this so i can have a look?

  • 55.
    MomofFourChippets said…

    I f I choose to do all digital and size 12X12. Can I use a service like Shutterfly to assemble my product and do you have a 12X12 all digital completed I can see.

  • 56.
    Trish Miles (Australia) said…

    Hi Ali,
    Just wondering what you use, or is the best way to cut the hambly transparencies especially the thick ones?
    This is my first year attempting the DD project and I cant wait to get started.


  • 57.
    sheri said…

    Hi Ali,
    I think this question may have been asked….but how do I know where to punch the holes in the teresa collins Noel Covers?


  • 58.
    candy said…

    Hi Ali. I have a newbie sort of question for you. I picked up my Bazzill cardstock in my scrapbook store today but was wondering do you find it easier to print first, then cut to 6×8 or cut first then print? Also, do you think I will have a hard time with this project and putting it together if I elect NOT to use transparencies over each day? Thanks.

  • 59.
    vicki said…

    hi ali,
    do you have to stick to exactly what you do in the december daily or can it be a bit more personalised?

    thanks x

  • 60.
    Robin P said…

    If you are using the digital overlays with a picture full page, do you print on photo paper and adhere to cardstock so you can use the back of this page? or do you get it printed somewhere else? Would you print out on photopaper and put in a page protector so you could just slide another paper or photo for the back side?