New Project Class | Halloween MiniBook 2010

I'm excited to announce a new addition to my site: downloadable, self-paced project classes.

Classes will include a full color PDF with step by step instructions plus a class page with video tutorials detailing the process of putting together the project.

The debut class is a Halloween MiniBook (mine uses photos from 2009). Here's a video preview of the new class:

AE Halloween MiniBook 2010 Promo from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.

For more details about the downloadable project class and to purchase click here.

42 thoughts

  1. Jackie Bremer

    2010-11-02 22:19:58 -0400

    Wow, how to you find time to put all this creative energy into action!

  2. Edie

    2010-11-02 23:17:50 -0400

    Can I just say the price on this is AWESOME!! I havent gotten the PDF just yet, but by looking at the details and description the $14 will be well worth it. I love that your also teaching us other techniques and ideas we can carry over to other projects too.

    And thank you for making this Self paced too. With my schedule, its difficult to keep up with a class that has a "schedule". I love that I can download this and work on it right away, or next week, or next month.

    Thank you for doing this Ali!!!

  3. Cheryl McCain

    2010-11-02 23:57:42 -0400

    I'm a fairly new follower of your blog here, although I do have some of your products from Designer Digitals. I just HAD to have this class. Just purchased it and am looking forward to using your ideas and techniques. I don't have photos to make a Halloween project but do have alot of Autumn photos I took in October that I'd love to use for it instead. Can't WAIT to get started!
    Thanks Ali for adding this self-paced class to your site!

  4. Jen Thompson

    2010-11-03 02:31:34 -0400

    Another question Ali: I noticed in the supply list you said Mod Podge, does it have to be glossy like it is in the link you provided?? Can I use matte?

  5. Ingvild

    2010-11-03 04:42:03 -0400

    I just love this - thanks for doing this Ali - I am gathering my Halloween pictures and are going to give this a try.

    Love the idea that this is self pace and that you will keep them up and even add more - I have been signed up for classes earlier that I haven`t been able to finish for one reason or the other (and I think I am not the only one that has that problem..... ;o) )

  6. Pat8

    2010-11-03 07:31:03 -0400

    Thanks for this class, Ali. I bought it immediately. I want to say that the price is terrific and made the decision very easy.

    Frankly, I would have bought it even if I wasn't interested in it doing the album -- just as a thank you for all the information and inspiration you've shared with us here at your blog. This is my first stop every morning before I head into the studio.

  7. Rhonda

    2010-11-03 08:23:16 -0400

    Hooray! Am going to purchase the class now. Thank you.

  8. Reneecrops

    2010-11-03 08:54:30 -0400

    I wish I knew this was coming I would have taken more photos. That said I'm very excited to see that you are offering online classes. This project looks wonderful!!

  9. Sheila Miller

    2010-11-03 10:06:41 -0400

    Love this idea. I am a self-paced kinda girl. Life happens you know, especially when you get all set up to do a project! LOL

  10. scrappysue

    2010-11-03 12:15:47 -0400

    Awesome Ali, I am going to buy it right now! And I do believe I have one or two of those albums hidden away in my stash just waiting for the right project to come along, yay! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! PS you all looked so cool in your Halloween costumes.

  11. jenn

    2010-11-03 12:16:50 -0400

    This is a fabulous idea!!! I love that it's self paced. I could see going back to it year after year, or incorporating the ideas into non-Halloween minis. brilliant :) I can't wait to see more of these!

  12. Debrajean

    2010-11-03 13:11:21 -0400

    Thanks so much Ali! Since my son is grown, I'm thinking of doing this as a "Halloween through the years", capturing each of his childhood costumed years. Do you think you might do a December Daily self paced class in the near future?

  13. Carolyn Williams

    2010-11-03 13:33:54 -0400

    I just wanted to congratulate your family on Chris' victory last night! I am so happy that he will be representing my community; he will always have my support.

  14. Jen Thompson

    2010-11-03 19:24:29 -0400

    Just wanted to say I purchased the Halloween Minibook class and read through it all last night, totally loved it! I'm gathering supplies today and will get painting tonight :)

  15. Leora Henkin

    2010-11-03 21:35:27 -0400

    Thanks Ali! I love your album and I love the videos. As always, I learned so much and it really is helpful to see you actually "doing it." I have to wonder though, is your workspace always so neat?

    Thanks for doing and sharing this!

  16. Lacey

    2010-11-03 22:18:03 -0400

    A question- what rulers do you have that you used in the video? Where did you get them? Thanks in advance! :)

  17. jenn henderson

    2010-11-04 08:51:13 -0400

    I sooo love you style and ideas!! I was a store owner and now that Im not in it every day you give me chance to keep up with great ideas and cool products. Thank you soooo very much for that..I am goning to purchase this class and found some of the stuff in my I cant wait to get started! thanks again for what you put out there for us.

  18. Sarah

    2010-11-04 09:44:52 -0400

    You ROCK! I've always wanted to know your creative processes... Thanks for putting your self out there and working hard for all of us!
    It wasn't until I actually did December Daily last year that I really got what mini albums were all about and now I love, love, love them and have your book.
    There's such accomplishment in having a start and finish.
    Thanks as always.

  19. Jocelyn

    2010-11-04 11:12:32 -0400

    I LOVE this project! I bought the class and I am in love with all of these suggestions!! I completely agree that you should sell a kit to go along with it. I ended up buying all the supplies through the links you provided (except for the Maya Road 5 x 7's SOLD OUT this something I could find at my local Michaels?? Do you have any suggestions?)

    Also, please keep doing these. The price is great and the information is AMAZING! I have always admired your books but tended to get lost when I tried to recreate it myself. Having a step-by-step instruction with specific materials listed is so valuable!

    Thank you!


  20. Debrajean

    2010-11-04 12:50:22 -0400

    Ali, thank you, thank you, thank you! I purchased this and went through the PDF and the videos last night. They are wonderful. I really love seeing all the steps, and hearing your comments about your process. I felt like I was in your workshop with you, and can't wait to gather all my supplies and begin my own. Thanks for sharing so much with us. You are so creative and a wonderful teacher. I look forward to more of these self paced projects from you. Congratulations on Chris' re-election too!

  21. Jocelyn

    2010-11-04 14:24:26 -0400

    Thanks, Ali! I just checked the FAQ's...and now I'm all set! Please offer a class like this for December Daily!!! :)

  22. Donna

    2010-11-04 18:00:47 -0400

    Right that's me all signed up and my little gliches sorted thanks again for the super fast response Ali. Loving the Halloween but we never seem to celebrate it much here in the UK. We are, having a big Guy Fawkes (Bonfire) night this Saturday so will use that as my theme for this class and maybe I'll add a few pumpkins in there too!

  23. Shanie

    2010-11-04 19:44:01 -0400

    So cool. Btw...Happy Birthday Ali! xo

  24. Tamara

    2011-11-27 09:45:41 -0500

    Hi, I would love to do this class. Is it still available? When I click on the link, it states that the page is not available. :(

  25. Stephanie

    2013-08-08 01:25:09 -0400

    The minibook link doesn't work anymore. I've always wanted to do this class! Are you going to bring it back?

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