Simon Was Here.

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  1. Jo Boland

    2010-11-12 16:30:12 -0500

    Are you sure? Maybe they wanted to watch Star Wars on the computer! Love finding little Lego scenes like that around my house too, so very cute.

  2. Cynthia B.

    2010-11-12 16:44:15 -0500

    This just put a smile on my face. :) Great pic - TFS!

  3. stacy

    2010-11-12 16:48:14 -0500

    looks like my house!! my 4 yr old left c3po's head in the frig yesterday. He thought it was hilarious

  4. cait miller

    2010-11-12 17:17:28 -0500

    Ali! Can you please share pictures of your office? I am in the midst of re-doing mine and your spaces are always so inspiring!

  5. kat-in-texas

    2010-11-12 18:04:30 -0500

    That's precious, Ali....glad I'm not alone! Happy Weekend!!!

  6. Ann

    2010-11-12 18:35:49 -0500

    So sweet! Wish my kids were still small enough to do things like this.

  7. Denise

    2010-11-12 19:51:43 -0500

    Love the Lego's! I'm a nerd because I go onto YouTube to watch the videos people make using Legos.

  8. Erika Bates

    2010-11-12 19:53:56 -0500

    So cute! he is a doll. i love finding and documenting little things like this.

  9. Pam

    2010-11-12 21:28:03 -0500

    Oh, that is wonderful! My children are grown and I so miss those kinds of things. Thanks for sharing, Ali!

  10. Collette

    2010-11-12 21:29:00 -0500

    Totally made me smile!

  11. Jill D

    2010-11-12 22:44:54 -0500

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who has a kid who lines things up when I'm not looking.

  12. Mandy M

    2010-11-12 23:32:52 -0500

    Your kid is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. :-)

    Can't wait till my 2 boys (2.5 and 1) start doing this stuff.

  13. Camilla Blue

    2010-11-13 01:11:55 -0500

    My son would be so envious of SO MANY Star Wars mini figures. Too fun!

  14. Jo

    2010-11-13 03:24:01 -0500 cute..reminds me of when the ewoks found c3po in the forest. looks like these mini figs are bowing to the mac god haha. My 7 year old has been a 'liner-upper' since she was 18 mths. I could make a mini book just on photos of that!

  15. Kristine S

    2010-11-13 06:34:54 -0500

    Or My Son, Matthew sneaked off to your House.

  16. Debbie Craig

    2010-11-13 11:13:04 -0500

    This is too precious. I got a little teary when I saw it! Brings to mind how my "little boy" (now in college) used to do things like this with his hot wheels cars and figurines...and sadly I had no camera during those years!

  17. Reinamidala

    2010-11-13 15:47:36 -0500

    Hi Ali.
    I love this picture!!!! guauuuu!!!

  18. Rebecca Brooks

    2010-11-13 18:15:47 -0500

    Greatness! These are the things we will all miss when our kids are all grown up or "growd up" as my 5 year old says! Now, I know when we step on their little treasures in the middle of the night, we think we will not miss them, but I have a feeling that we will. Photos like this help me not to take this time and my little ones for granted. SO VERY THANKFUL!

  19. Jeannine B.

    2010-11-13 21:40:08 -0500

    I feel like you must have a little camera at my house and just took a picture here! We find these fun little scenarios with the lego star wars guys and the chunky star wars guys all over our house!

  20. Tona

    2010-11-14 12:44:39 -0500

    That photo is beyond adorable!

  21. Brooke

    2010-11-14 17:05:41 -0500

    I love this! I too enjoy finding the little signs that my son "was here". Mostly though they are less subtle!

  22. monique

    2010-11-14 21:48:36 -0500

    I love finding little bits of randomness that prove your child has been there.. for me, it reminds me that my children LIVE here too...

  23. nanette

    2010-11-14 22:11:36 -0500

    What a great kid.

  24. Hollie

    2010-11-15 17:59:47 -0500

    It would look the same at my house...I would know "Seth had been there". Special...

  25. Christine

    2010-11-16 01:25:09 -0500

    Oh....this is exactly the kind of scene I find in our house too. So cute.

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