2011 Project Life Now Available

I'm super excited to help Becky announce that Project Life is now available for 2011 through Amazon!

This year she's got two options: Tourquoise or Amber. She's also releasing additional page protectors and journal cards next week.

I'm going with the Tourquoise edition this year - totally loving the graphic look of the cards.

Here's a look at where my Project Life from 2010 is currently living in my office.

For most of the year I've been using it to stash ephemera and notes and all kinds of good stuff. I've not kept up with adding photos - I need to do a big printing here soon. As you can also see, I've been adding 8.5x11 page protectors into the album to hold some of other bits of life that have come along throughout the year.

Also, if you're interested in this kind of scrapbooking you should check out the newest Paperclipping Roundtable podcast: All Twelve Months.

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  1. DawnS

    2010-12-23 17:48:57 -0500

    Just ordered mine...I went with the Turquoise edition too (LOVE the graphic look of it). This will be my first year doing Project Life...any advice from anyone that's done it before???

  2. MarianneG

    2010-12-23 18:05:00 -0500

    Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your 2010 PL Album! I love your display method! Need to think of a way to display my 2011 PL album...so that it's not "out of sight, out of mind". My PL album lived on my bookshelf this year...and lets say that I have a lot of catching up to do!!

  3. kryssi

    2010-12-23 18:50:57 -0500

    Wow, I ordered it last year but I like this year's Turquoise SO MUCH better!! Okay, where do you get one of those cool chalkboards?

  4. Jess

    2010-12-23 21:39:08 -0500

    Feel like this is a dumb question... but what is Project Life? Is it like the Dec Daily, just for year-around??


  5. Glenda Fletcher

    2010-12-24 02:43:24 -0500

    Yep all ready got my turquoise. I'm giving the Amber version to a friend who isn't a scrapper and having her first baby in January. I think it will be great for her to capture all the little things her baby does that first year.

  6. becslb

    2010-12-24 06:22:01 -0500

    Thank you Brooke! I didn't realise how much it would cost to order and ship to the UK.. kind of out of my budget which is a real shame :( Looks fab though!

  7. Gina

    2010-12-24 11:00:41 -0500

    I am also so excited! Bought my turquoise edition last night! I am a little behind this year as well but will catch up and hopefully do a better job next year to stay caught up! I am like you though, I have a big printing and journaling job a head of me! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks for your inspiration through out the year!

  8. Lindsey W.

    2010-12-24 13:53:40 -0500

    I got the Project Life kit as a Christmas present this morning but I think I got the 2010 version. Is it year specific or will it work for 2011 as well?? 

  9. Birgit

    2010-12-25 19:03:12 -0500

    Hello Ali,

    I started out the with the same idea of adding 8,5x11 page protectors with school goodies from our kids and other fun everyday things but had to realize half way through 2010 that it won't fit. I have kept up with the photos and some of the journaling and am curious if all of your things plus photos will fit in one binder - or are you planning on splitting it up between two or more just to have the freedom of adding the extra memorabilia? I would love to see how you solve the space "problem" -Thank you for all your inspirations - love them.

  10. Stacie

    2010-12-26 13:02:08 -0500

    Hey Ali!
    Just got mine ordered and am so excited to do this a second time around! I didn't get last years until about October but had been working on a 365 anyway so had about 20ish pics from each month! I have been printing and inserting like a mad woman to get it done before the new one arrives and have done much like you have and added in American Crafts 10x12 pages and 6x12 pages to add extra stuff where I needed it. I have learned a lot about the process and will share in a few days on my blog some tips for making it manageable for next year if they help! www.scrappincreations.com.
    Merry New Year!

  11. Kerry

    2010-12-26 17:42:33 -0500

    I have just had a look at this and it looks fantastic I may have to see if Mr L will get me my Birthday present early! xxx

  12. Lacey

    2010-12-26 19:14:19 -0500

    I have decided to try out PL for the first time since Becky has come up with this kit. I just got tired of not getting anything done and into albums-b/c I have so many photos and stories to share that it would be impossible to try to do every single photo and /or story the old way, in this digital age. I still plan on doing special photos/stories with the regular scrapbooking and mini books...I guess this would be the same way you are doing it too lol. I'm taking your advice Ali (the one you gave me, or should i say "ordered" ;0) me to do at the Bliss event LOL)...to document my life...and I think I have finally figured out a way :) Btw, would it be possible to see a tour of your new scrapbook/office room soon? :) Thanks for your continued inspiration :)

  13. angie blom

    2010-12-26 19:26:15 -0500

    I just got the one from last year.. it is my first year doing this project so I am very excited to start.. I love the journaling cards so I hope to maybe get some of them to put in my album and have additional journaling cards just incase... I can't wait to see your finished album from 2010. thanks for all the info.. good to have it in plain sight so I don't forget.

  14. annie

    2010-12-27 17:13:57 -0500

    Ali, off topic, but is that a "real" chalkboard on your wall? I have been looking for one, but cannot find one. I am guessing it's an antique, am I right?

  15. Felicia Young

    2010-12-27 20:16:53 -0500

    Alie that is a good idea to add the 8.5 x 11 page protectors! I am going to us this idea for my 2011 project life. Thank You!

  16. Dannielle Raddatz

    2010-12-27 22:14:23 -0500

    Hi Ali

    i can't wait to get my project life also. i ended up with the Turquoise also because of graphic look. hope you get 2010 complete soon :)

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  18. Arlyna

    2010-12-28 23:00:13 -0500

    Hi, Ali! This one, I splurged! I thought I'd do this one to see how I manage. I had my Moleskine last year which includes photos and journals but got sidetracked towards last half of the year... Hope this will help keep me focused on recording our lives this year...

    It was a lot of trouble to order this though, even one that said would ship internationally would not ship to China! Managed to get it sent to US and I am pretty sure shipping to China would add to the costs! Hope it's all worth it.

  19. thank you. « Becky's Blog

    2010-12-30 13:58:39 -0500

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  20. Debbie P

    2010-12-30 19:01:04 -0500

    Hey! Thanks for sharing! I am trying to finish up my 2010 project life book right now. For 2011 I have several leftovers that I am going to use and try to clean out my scrapbook stash which is overflowing out of the storage boxes :)

    Happy 2011!!

  21. debbie

    2010-12-31 12:31:48 -0500

    I loved my project life. I printed my photos every two weeks and spent about an hour putting it all together every two weeks. I kept a small notebook and put a sentence in it to keep track of each days photo or event. I did my journaling cards when I put the photos in. Mid year instead of potd, I had so many "events" I just used the book to place those photos in. I still had my traditional Layout scrapbooking addiction but used only my favorites to make my layouts. I am all caught up with 2010, and can't wait to use my AMBER project life. I hope all can get a chance to use this great product.

  22. Duckienz

    2010-12-31 20:07:35 -0500

    I really want the journalling cards from both sets to mix and match to make one. I am not overly keen on either album personally but I love the journalling cards. I may have to see what I can come up with myself :P

  23. Nikki

    2011-01-02 13:43:52 -0500

    I just ordered the amber and am psyched to get started. Finding that with 3 kids and 2 dogs, this kit will help me continue to record the memories without forgetting to cook supper!!!

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  25. Ashlee Sharret

    2011-01-18 13:43:42 -0500

    I cant find the book anywhere. Amazon doesnt have them is ther anywhere I can get them?

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