Anna | The Pigtails & The Potty

Oh how I love those little pigtails.

And oh how I love this shot from yesterday: Anna in her jammies reading Once Upon a Potty to her baby doll while the doll sits on the potty.

This is one of the things I love about projects like December Daily or Week In The Life. I always end up with priceless photos I might not have otherwise taken. Photos that capture relationships and moments and peeks into the minutes that make up our daily lives.

The photo of her with the book and the doll and the potty is so her right now. Watching her role-play the stuff of life, the things she's experiencing, is such an awesome thing to celebrate.

Her favorite thing right this minute (and she's definitely got an opinion): anything purple.

TONIGHT : I'm hoping to try out these instructions from Autumn at Write.Click.Scrapbook. for taking a photo of the "magic lights" on our tree.

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