Awesome Examples Using Love You Because Layered Templates

I received an email from Melissa last night letting me know that she had used my Love You Because Layered Template Set to create 8x8 books for her husband and kids this past holiday. I clicked on the link and was so inspired to see how she had used the templates and to see her amazing photography! This is exactly what I hoped people would create with this product.

I especially love how she included little notes from the rest of the family on the last page.

Thanks so much for sharing your books with me Melissa! You can view all here books here.

UPDATED : Melissa put together a blog post showing her HowTo for this project. Check it out here.

Here's another one:

I need to bump this project up on my list to make for my family.

So awesome. You can grab the Love You Because Layered Template set here.

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  1. Liz Freeze

    2010-12-31 09:48:35 -0500

    WOW! Her photography is blowing me away. Ohhh to be that skilled with my camera.

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  2. Melissa Mann

    2010-12-31 10:23:16 -0500

    Her photography ROCKS!!! My gosh. Incredible inspiration!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  3. Lynn W

    2010-12-31 10:32:55 -0500

    Her books are amazing - very inspirational!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  4. Elizabeth A

    2010-12-31 11:04:26 -0500

    Simply stunning. I love it.

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  5. Cherylle

    2010-12-31 11:28:38 -0500

    Wonderful colors! Touching photos and simple journaling. Great templates. All of this equals quality beyond description!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  6. Kristal

    2010-12-31 12:47:17 -0500

    Incredible! I wonder where she had the books printed. What an amazing gift idea!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  7. Colleen T.

    2010-12-31 15:46:24 -0500

    I love the albums and bought the templates yesterday. How do you get a picture to span the two page spread perfectly? Also, I don't know how to change the color of the numbers? Thanks in advance for your help!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
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    2010-12-31 21:16:05 -0500

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Laura or Daisy. Laura or Daisy said: Awesome Examples Using Love You Because Layered Templates | Ali Edwards @aliedwards << I love your work!!!!! [...]

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  9. Kendra D.

    2011-01-01 00:22:05 -0500

    These are awesome - I also bought the templates, but do not understand how you are getting the picture to span two pages! Are the two pages side by side in photoshop? I am also having trouble changing the color of the "love you because". Thanks for any help!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  10. diane

    2011-01-01 06:06:23 -0500

    BRILLIANT in so many ways!!!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  11. ella

    2011-01-01 15:59:02 -0500

    I'm fan...of the templates, and of her photographies !

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  12. Jo

    2011-01-02 06:54:02 -0500

    What a lovely series of pages, absolutely stunning photography. Inspired me to purchase your digital kit from DD, can't wait to make my own books for my family, after I completed my December Daily that is!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  13. Melissa S.

    2011-01-02 08:58:07 -0500

    I'm posting details on my blog of how I put the books together later today! Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone :).

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  14. elana

    2011-01-02 19:57:37 -0500

    Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. I bought the same templates but haven't used them yet. Now I am totally motivated to create something.

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  15. Digital Brush Sale At Designer Digitals | Ali Edwards

    2011-01-04 14:13:20 -0500

    [...] UP : If you liked seeing how Melissa worked with my Love You Because layered templates last week she’s got a how-to up on her [...]

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  16. alicia

    2011-01-22 10:09:39 -0500

    I love this. I just downloaded the templates and was wondering if that first "10 reasons I love you" page was supposed to come with it because my doesn't have it.

    Thanks. Alicia

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  17. kim

    2011-02-16 15:25:10 -0500

    Great Inspirational Project! I am also wondering about the 10 reasons I love you title page. I don't seem to find it included in my downloaded templates either.

    Any info would be appreciated! :)

    Thanks, Kim

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  18. Mary-Anne Olivier

    2011-02-21 08:14:04 -0500

    Dear Ali,

    Thank you for your creativity. I have bought your template. It was a spurge as I NEED to account for the exchange control but so worth it.

    I cannot wait to start my album.

    Kind regards

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  19. Stfne

    2011-03-01 00:13:54 -0500

    OMG...these are so gorgeous it makes me want to cry! I can only marvel and wish that I had the skill to capture those photos. And the book template sets them off perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  20. latoquee

    2011-04-20 05:36:29 -0400

    And now, after having fallen for the templates, I've used it to make an album for my daughter, I offer him for his baptism. A nice memory, I think.
    I was inspired largely the album Melissa, and I added a few pages, for me, I have 20 reasons to love my daughter :-))
    Thank you for these templates!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
  21. diana

    2011-09-28 20:38:37 -0400

    Love this Project! So cute!

    * edited 08/11/14 09:25AM
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    2012-11-07 04:16:21 -0500

    From these picture I see the happiness of children and all your work are amazing, exactly, talented.

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