December Daily 2010 | Day Five

First off I wanted to take a minute to welcome anyone who may be new to my site. I've got a welcome page with a video walk-through that introduces you to some of the different areas I have here and lists popular posts you might be interested in checking out. You can read all about the December Daily project happening right now here. Thanks so much for visiting.

Welcome to Day Five!

Day Five features a grocery bag from Trader Joe's and a little photo and story about sharing. On top of the grocery bag I added a bit of metallic trim (I'm pretty sure that came from Papier Valise), a mini flash card from CariKraft, and a Tim Holtz game spinner. To adhere the thin red metallic trim I used red line tape - LOVE this stuff.

Here's a little close-up:

And a look at the second page:

Today's photo for the second page wouldn't fit in a 5.5 x 6.25 crop without losing some of the things I wanted to include (like the side of the tree).

Here's what I did to get around this issue: (1) Re-sized my photo to 5.5 inches wide and let Photoshop resize the height (about 4.5 inches). (2) Changed the canvas size to 5.5 x 6.25 and moved my photo up to the top leaving an area along the bottom for journaling.

Here's a look at my 5.5 inch x 6.25 inch canvas in Photoshop with the title and journaling added:

I knew I wanted the journaling to be on cardstock and the photo on photo paper (rather than printing the whole thing on photo paper - which would have been just fine too).

For printing the photo here at home on photo paper I de-selected all the layers except the photo. For printing the journaling on cardstock I de-selected all the layers except the text. For a more in depth look at turning off layers to print parts of a canvas, including a video tutorial go here.

Here's what the two pages looked like after printing:

I cut the photo out with my trimmer and then laid it on top of the cardstock journaling. I used the photo as a guide for the width and then cut it out with my trimmer.

The photo and the journaling were adhered to the background dated 6x8 overlay.

Along the bottom I added Hambly pattern paper and an oval accent from a K&Company chipbox (2009). I trimmed the top and bottom of the oval off to keep it within the box.

Here's a closer look:

JOURNALING : Ah, sharing. Something we all have to learn in our lives. Today it seemed to be an especially big issue around here between Simon and Anna. First it was a small peg-board game in my office and then it was the Playmobil Nativity people. Simon’s fairly protective of his things - even those that are really meant to be shared - and even those which are being played with very nicely while he plays with other things. I heard lots of “mine” being thrown around from both the almost two-year-old and the almost nine-year-old. To make it even more of a challenge, I was having a hard time today too. I think we’re all a bit off and in need of rest. In the case of the nativity Simon ended up taking the kings and shepherd to the table while Anna played with the animals and the baby in the window. They both seemed happy and content and went on their merry way in their own little worlds. Peace at last, for the moment at least.

SUPPLIES : Every Jot & Tittle Red Number Tags; Hambly Chic Circles Transparent Overlay; Ormolu Christmas Tag (circle-punched); Hambly Red Hearts on Kraft pattern paper; Ali Edwards 2010 December Daily 6x8 overlay; Fonts: Lucia BT and Sentinel; CariKraft Mini Signs of Christmas Flash Cards; Tim Holtz game spinner; red line tape


This feels like a good time to remind everyone not to make any judgments about your album (boring, plain, too simple, too complex, etc) at this stage in the process. Remember that the beauty of it is the whole album, not any single page or layout. If there's something you don't love about a particular page than make a change on tomorrow's page (learn from what you feel about the pages you make) rather than spending a bunch of time trying to re-work this one.

6x8 PRINTING UPDATE : I also wanted you to know that Persnickety Prints prints 6x8 images. I've used them before for printing my 12x12 digital pages and they printed my Christmas cards this year. Great service.

FABER-CASTELL METALLIC PEN UPDATE : Come to find out, the metallic pens I've been using on my photos the last couple of days are actually new and will be debuting at CHA. Ask your local retailer to order some or look for them online after the show in January.

QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS : I'm trying to keep up with questions I find in the comments. If I happen to miss yours please ask it again.

All posts related to December Daily can be found here.

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I'd love to have you include a link to your DAY FIVE page here. Please link directly to your post or image on Flickr vs. your general blog link. Thank you! Also - don't feel like you need to leave a comment!

79 thoughts

  1. Jenni

    2010-12-06 22:30:07 -0500

    I had a I've been doing the Project Life album from Becky Higgins and I think you were/are as well. How are you handling both PL and DD? I was going to go through my week to grab pics for PL, but most of the stories that I would normally tell in there, are going into the DD. I don't really want to tell the same story in both places, but I also don't want to just stop my PL album for the month of December. Any suggestions?

  2. Katrina Kennedy

    2010-12-06 23:11:15 -0500

    Love that you've left this photo larger. I find myself constantly increasing the size of mine. I just love to see all of the details!

  3. Heather

    2010-12-06 23:26:01 -0500

    Ali I'm wanting to add some computer journaling to a page I've made using your 6x8 DD templates. Do you have a suggestion for a font that would coordinate well with your word art (good cheer, all is bright, etc)? Preferably a free one. ;) Thanks!

  4. candy

    2010-12-06 23:31:06 -0500

    just left my linky! having fun with this! sure, it's not perfect, but it's preserved and that's what counts most for me! :)

  5. candy

    2010-12-06 23:32:29 -0500

    oops, i accidentally linked to my day 6!! sorry!

  6. Barbara

    2010-12-06 23:44:55 -0500

    Ok I'm inspired by you and all the other posted DD's. I've done a few of the pages just journaling significant things happening each day. I have a couple to catch up on and then print them out and finish them off. I love this idea - after a long day at work, I have something fun to look forward to doing besides housework and taxing kids around.

  7. Cheryl McCain

    2010-12-07 00:29:37 -0500

    I'm loving watching your progress Ali and learning this year. I'm truly enjoying putting my own album together as well! Everyone's albums are going to be wonderful!

  8. Jacqui

    2010-12-07 01:46:09 -0500

    Hi Ali
    Thanks for all your great inspiration. This is probably the wrong place to ask this question, but I've noticed on one of your previous pages it looks like you have photos that will have no paper separating them ie. the front of the 2 photos will be on top of each other. Do you not find they tend to get stuck to one another and ruin the photos?

  9. Alison Day

    2010-12-07 01:52:17 -0500

    Hi Ali. I just left a link to my December Daily pages. I got a bit behind so the post is Days 1 - 5. Alright, off to start on Day 6!
    This is fun! Thanks again for all the inspiration!!

  10. A. Sanborn

    2010-12-07 04:54:55 -0500

    I have a question...

    Anyone who can help I'd greatly appreciate it! I purchased a set of Ali's 6x8 overlays printed on cardstock from an Etsy seller. Since we do not currently have a wireless printer. {would appreciate professional in put on this one as well} :)

    What are the measurements of the actual black outline of each page containing the larger, border and #/day within from top to bottom? Are the 6x8 measurements to be from the actual notch portions? My reason is when I crop these using the notches I get a larger page than 6x8 that overlaps all the way around my ACTUAL 6x8 pages {26 plus covers}.

    I'd appreciate any help possible on this since I seem to be falling behind and am feeling a bit futile in my attempt of completion on this project.


  11. cindy

    2010-12-07 13:05:15 -0500

    love your Trader Joe's bag! Brought home Panera's bagels last week, the bag was printed with a huge gingerbread man with "share" in big bold letters! How appropriate for this project!

  12. Catherin Gau

    2010-12-07 15:25:14 -0500

    Makes me want to head out to trader joe's. Lovely!

  13. Sheri B

    2010-12-07 15:40:44 -0500

    So much inspiration here! I am really enjoying checking out the other posts and pages through your link gadget too! This project is stirring up that desire in me to record my memories, and I'm having so much FUN doing it.. I love that. Thank you. :)

  14. Michelle Mac

    2010-12-07 16:08:49 -0500

    Hi Ali,

    I really love the red metallic trim from Paper Valise - I think you've also used in on a past album too.

    I went to their website, but they don't seem to have anything like it anymore - any idea who else might stock this?

  15. sharyn

    2010-12-07 16:52:53 -0500

    That grocery bag is so very cool! I think a trip to Trader Joe's is in our future :)

  16. December Daily | Ali Edwards

    2010-12-07 19:04:31 -0500

    [...] PAGES December 1 December 2 December 3 December 4 December 5 December 6 December 7 December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12 December 13 [...]

  17. Michele H.

    2010-12-07 19:39:00 -0500

    your photos in this project (and in general) are absolutely beautiful. i love how you captured simon and anna in this picture and your words just adds more feeling to it.

  18. cinback

    2010-12-08 01:52:29 -0500

    I really like the printing over a photo...will have to give it a try!

  19. Emily & Blythe

    2010-12-08 16:34:38 -0500

    Thats and AWESOME and COOL idea to put the clear circle page in the middle of the two pages!

  20. Bubblegum Life

    2010-12-08 20:12:10 -0500

    Thank you so much for your daily inspiration this month! We are really enjoying our December Daily projects....We added a link to our blog with Dec. 1st-5th.

    <3 Carrie of Bubblegum Life

  21. Manon keir

    2010-12-11 06:45:20 -0500

    Ooohh I like that, must try that too!!!

  22. Michelle D.

    2010-12-11 23:44:19 -0500

    Loving all of these. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to link our pages and see other people's pages. I love it!

  23. Chris

    2010-12-16 18:52:15 -0500

    iHanna turned me on to your site, and I love it. This one in particular, with the Trader Joe's bag, is really inspirational. I've used just this bag from TJ's to wrap gifts I'm mailing, but did I think if using it in a scrapbook? NO! I love this project, and next year is my journaling year, so I'm soaking up what you're laying down. Thanks!

  24. Michele in Texas

    2010-12-16 22:18:34 -0500

    just linked my day 5. Thanks for sharing this project!

  25. Jen

    2010-12-19 09:03:35 -0500

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful tips and trick thus far - it is really helping me shape my book in what I want it to be! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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