December Daily 2010 | Day Fourteen

Welcome to Day Fourteen!

If you're wondering why I choose to do some photos in black and white and others in's usually because I can't get the colors to print out right on my printer (or appear decent on my screen). Often those are the ones taken in the lowest light. This one here was taken early in the morning as the kids played while waiting for Simon's school bus.

Along the bottom is word art from my new Christmas Quotes Vol.1 package at Designer Digitals. Along the top is a bit of paper I cut from a mail solicitation.

We tend to get all kinds of interesting and cool mail this time of year.

Many of the charity solicitations have great designs - this one here is from Holt International (which happens to be based here in Eugene). The other image I photographed was an envelope for a wedding invitation for my cousin Walker. Both made it onto page two today.

I blurred out our home address. I like including something that includes our address (this is our first Christmas in this house).

I collaged together a bit from the Holt piece, part of the wedding invitation that includes all of our names and our address, an image of some wreaths from a catalog, and a chipboard accent from K&Company. Red machine stitching holds it all together.

Along the bottom I typed in my journaling. Nothing complicated - just a few simple thoughts for the day.

SUPPLIES : Ali Edwards 2010 6×8 December Daily overlays; Ali Edwards Christmas Quotes Vol.1; Art Warehouse Hollyberry Transparency (green is sold out but here’s a red one on clearance at; Elise Joy Wish Tag; The Girls Paperie Eclectic Chipboard Alphabet: Two Peas |

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44 thoughts

  1. Cynthia H

    2010-12-15 11:40:22 -0500

    That paper from the Holt International mailing is gorgeous!

  2. PEG

    2010-12-15 11:44:27 -0500

    Simon has time to play defor he waits the Bus ? Enora my daughter just has to run after the bus for the driver stops and catch her !!!!
    She is always late !
    Love your photo.

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  4. Ellie

    2010-12-15 11:52:01 -0500

    Oh Ali you make me want to go get an old fashioned typewriter Ha.. But since I can't at the moment I did the next best thing. I looked up some free fonts that actually have old typewriter font so now I can have that look on my pages as well! Hmm I think I am going to work on today's page about Teacher's/School gifts. Can't believe how Christmas is only 10 days away! :)

  5. Maureen

    2010-12-15 11:52:06 -0500

    My daughter was adopted through Holt when we lived in Thailand! She's now 37...

  6. Karen H

    2010-12-15 12:24:09 -0500

    I love this Ali! I have been wondering how you do your black and white conversions. Is there a link somewhere or some action you use? I find I don't do as many black and whites because I don't like my conversions or my printer has a hard time getting the black and white right. On another note, your Dec. Daily has become MY advent calender, so fun to check each day, like a little gift :)

  7. Jill

    2010-12-15 12:56:08 -0500

    Ali, I love how you are incorporating collected papers from right now in your book. I've not done as much of this in years past, but this year it's my favorite aspect of my book (even more than pictures, but that's just me, I think ;). Hooray for using what crosses our hands!

  8. andrea g.

    2010-12-15 13:16:16 -0500

    LOVE this one!!

  9. Carrie

    2010-12-15 13:36:48 -0500

    LOVE the use of the mail - especially the lovely calligraphy names.

  10. audra

    2010-12-15 14:23:31 -0500

    Wondering if you could share where & what rings you are using for your December daily. I'm having trouble finding large enough ones. Mine is getting thick as I'm sure yours is as well. Thanks you. I'm SO loving your DD, It looks GREAT!

  11. heather

    2010-12-15 14:54:43 -0500

    OMG even more excited that i have a typewrietr coming I won on ebay!

  12. M. MADISON

    2010-12-15 16:22:30 -0500

    Fantastic page Ali! Love the "waiting for the bus" picture:)

  13. Steph

    2010-12-15 17:04:27 -0500

    Your pages are so beautiful Ali! I love that you can go from writing a long heartwarming story to another day of simple notes. Keeps it interesting!

    Without a fancy photo printer (I have an HP Officejet 6500 for journalling, everyday use), my master plan was to outline the sizes of the photos, get them ready for print and do a print run every week or so at my photo lab. I have done my journalling by hand or printer and attached that in where it fits already as well, I've attached stuff like our anniversary dinner receipt, etc.

    I am pretty comfortable with Photoshop Elements and use Version 7. I've picked up a variety of your add-ons from Designer Digitals and was so excited to pick up my first batch of prints early last week. Not happy - my developer - only one in my town that prints 6x8 cut them off at the bottom by 1/8". I wasn't sure if their 6x8 was a true size or if they did that as a rule, so called and they said it should be bang on. Well, last night I picked up my 3rd batch, including all the reprints from before that were wrong and now I don't know what to do. They keep telling me about cropping and that it is normal for photos to be cropped differently then what they were in your camera when you pick different print sizes on the website. Duh! I am in Canada, let's just say they are national and their name starts with a "B" - fellow Canadians will know who I mean. So, anyway not to be bah humbug or bad mouth a business I don't mean to have it come across like that - sorry, but I just want to get my pics printed and not lose my mojo for this amazing project!

    Do you or anyone else, have any ideas? I am stuck here where I live. Should I just go online somewhere? Where is the best place to print that will be exactly 6x8. The store manager I spoke with today just doesn't seem to get it - he actually told me oh, they are just trimmed a bit! But, now they don't fit into my beautiful book! Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Also, what is shipping like? I live in a border city, so can use a US address (I know up in the big North sometimes shipping takes forever!).

    Thanks in advance!

    By the way Ali, the farther we get seeing your pages, the more and more I am loving the transparencies. I love them!

  14. Newfie Princess

    2010-12-15 20:00:20 -0500

    Hi, I found my rings at our local quilting/stitching store.

  15. candy

    2010-12-16 00:07:40 -0500

    i love the b/w photos too! and the perspective on this photo is great too!

  16. Tere (Marie)

    2010-12-16 00:10:49 -0500

    I love it.

    I'm having the same/similar issues with my printer (which is the same as yours), where I see a brighter picture on the screen and it's darker. I was just going with it, because it is what it is. BUT I like the idea of black and white.

    And I'm way, way behind. I'm documenting (pictures, mental and paper notes) but haven't assembled. But my baking is all done :)

  17. Louise Fortune

    2010-12-16 06:54:17 -0500

    I have just read all the comments and responses some great thought and tips there, Dawn, I really like the idea of getting each child to do a page, mine both finish school tomorrow so I think that may be a weekend activity.

    Wonder if I can get the Hubby to contribute.

  18. Cinzia Loosemore

    2010-12-16 15:15:43 -0500

    these are all amazing!

  19. Jan

    2010-12-16 15:18:17 -0500

    This is so fun!

  20. Nicole Russell Willis

    2010-12-16 16:53:29 -0500

    LOVE your use of the mail here!! :)

  21. Mo

    2010-12-17 11:16:46 -0500

    Loved the typewritten element!

  22. Kristal

    2010-12-19 12:38:19 -0500

    What a gorgeous black & white!

  23. Katrina Kennedy

    2010-12-21 09:22:14 -0500

    Ali this is another gorgeous page! I love the 6x8 size for photos, makes so much sense!

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  25. Jen

    2011-01-27 14:37:20 -0500

    love this use of everyday items in this post and the "realness" of it. totally touching and totally holiday.

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