December Daily 2010 | Day Twenty-One

Welcome to Day Twenty-One!

And yes, that is Simon with Santa again. Round two is what we're calling it.

I had this thought as I was uploading these images today: what if Simon had his photo taken with Santa every day during December? Talk about a December Daily to remember. (Not to mention the daily cost per photo from Santa...maybe I could work a deal with them...hmmm...maybe in 2011.)

This time I simply adhered the entire photo, with the marketing stuff included, onto the background.

I added a small shipping tag and stamped using these alphabet stamps from Hero Arts and an older number set from Studio Calico.

In between these the first and second page is this really great postcard we got from family friends:

and this that I didn't want to lay on top the Stickles on the second page just yet:

Inside the pockets I added a movie ticket (Katie took the kids to see Tangled which is how they ended up seeing Santa again) and a receipt from Trader Joes (already there was the Christmas Box and two stickers glued back to back from The Girls Paperie Tinsel & Twig Christmas Sticker Pad).

For page two I started off thinking I was going to adhere part of one of the snowflakes I made following these instructions.

So I did that...

And then I decided to drawn around the snowflake.

And then I decided I didn't like the look of the snowflake glued down so I pulled it up (I use permanent adhesive so I was careful as I pulled it up):

And I liked that better:

Then I decided to add some platinum Stickles around the inside of the snowflake.

And that was ok too.

I'm totally into these vintage Santas.

JOURNALING : Katie took Simon and Anna to see the movie Tangled today. They loved it. Katie said that Anna did awesome through the whole movie (with no paci too - working on having that just for naps and night-night) and that she laughed right along. After the movie they did Round Two with Santa. They said that Anna sat on Santa's lap right up until they took the photo. Simon, of course, got another one. Having a round two with Santa is cool.

SUPPLIES : Ali Edwards 2010 6×8 December Daily overlays; 8.5×11 Baseball Card Page Protectors cut to fit; The Girls Paperie Tinsel & Twig Christmas Sticker Pad; Ali Edwards Christmas Boxes; Hero Arts Alpha Stamps; Platinum Stickles; K&Company Yuletide Collection Pattern Paper (santas); Christmas Cheer Gift Tag Set


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31 thoughts

  1. Amy

    2010-12-22 09:47:18 -0500

    Too bad you do not have a Bass Pro Shops near you (I just checked and can't believe there isn't one in Oregon or Washington!) They do FREE 4x6 Santa photos with no pressure to buy more. then you can go online later and get extras if you wish...This year I decided that the mall is just way too expensive for a photo (and the multiples that you have to buy ad never use)
    I LOVE that tutorial on cutting snow flakes...IT rocks!

  2. Chris (Clem)

    2010-12-22 09:55:10 -0500

    Ali, Just a quick question. I've noticed you have not had any photos of your dog Lily. Did something happen to her? I know in the past you used to include her. For us pet owners it would be great to see how you would include her in telling your stories for your Dec. Daily. Thanks

  3. Jill T

    2010-12-22 09:59:14 -0500

    I so enjoyed the Santa Round 2. We have a similar situation this year. My son (7) and daughter (5) saw Santa at a recent wedding reception and I got some great pictures. I thought we were done and was excited to not have to deal with the craziness at the malls. The kids have since informed me that visit didn't count and they still need to go see Santa. We are off to a shopping center tonight. Hopefully it will go well and we won't have to wait too long.

  4. LisaAnn

    2010-12-22 10:03:57 -0500

    Ali, you are so talented and so inspiring! Thanks for your words (not sure which day) about no guilt! And thanks for hosting this December Daily each year. I have a new respect for what it takes to get to the computer and put words and art out everyday. Some days it takes some effort doesn't it? Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

  5. [email protected]

    2010-12-22 10:17:02 -0500

    FYI--you can take your own pictures at the Santa booth. I've done it for years and they've never had a problem with case next year you want a new picture each day. ;)

  6. Charity

    2010-12-22 10:24:41 -0500

    I love round two. My oldest keeps asking to go see Santa again...maybe we should. That would definitely be fun for him.

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  8. Karin

    2010-12-22 12:25:19 -0500

    My children are grown but they never really got into the holiday photos...I think I only have 1 of them with Santa. They always said NO when I asked.

  9. Megan

    2010-12-22 13:15:15 -0500

    just goes to show can never get enough Santa ... :)

  10. Heather

    2010-12-22 14:43:06 -0500

    So funny about the snowflake... Last night I played around too with adhering one to one of my pages, and decided I didn't like it, and ending up pulling it off.

    I have NEVER paid for a photo with Santa. There are lots of opportunities here in Houston for my kids to pose for a free photo with him, usually they end up seeing the big guy 3-4 times each year. One of my favorite photo ops is at our credit union. It's been the same guy there for over 10 years. He even has a real beard. :) We also often find him at winter festivals hosted by local churches or our HOA. I think the idea of 25 Santa photos is crazy good! lol

    Glad the kids liked Tangled. We saw it Thanksgiving weekend. It's fantastic!

  11. Brooke

    2010-12-22 17:00:50 -0500

    The fact that you document your thought process behind your creating is pretty inspiring to me. I love how you just take it easy and go with it - must be a relaxing crafting time for you.

    I'm pretty sure I said it last year but I love the Santa at your mall. It's also kind of cool that you are not only documenting Simon growing up but Santa ageing too.

  12. Jan

    2010-12-22 17:31:38 -0500

    Took my "bokeh" photo for today's pages and loved how it turned out! Loving your photos of Simon with Santa - it makes me miss having little children of my own to do those things with. I think the parents get first dibs over the grandparents in taking the children to do those things, so, in our case, we're just happy for the things we DO get to do with them... :)

  13. Ami

    2010-12-22 18:09:50 -0500

    When my daughter was Anna's age, we sent the paci to Santa so that he would leave the cradle for her doll. Worked just great and she felt like such a Big Girl.

  14. Deena

    2010-12-22 18:32:13 -0500

    Thanks for sharing your snowflake process - I feel better knowing that others pull stuff off the page and do it over too! I have done a lot of that in this album!

  15. Heather

    2010-12-22 18:41:50 -0500

    Ali, I was wondering, since you shoot with a Canon (and I know your previous camera was a Rebel)... Do you have to do much with your photos before you can print them or post them on your blog? I have a Canon Rebel XTi and while for the most part I love it, it seems like the photos I have printed or posted are always a lot darker than I think they are on-camera or even in PSE. I always have to play a lot with brightening the exposure and I'm never quite sure how they're really going to turn out. Just wondering if you have a similar issue. Thanks! :)

  16. jan

    2010-12-22 18:45:12 -0500

    last year I had pictures of my kids with 6 different santas from the different parties and activities we went this year I set a goal for us to see 7 santas, well so far I have picture of the kids with 3, we have seen many more, but my daughter was unwilling to get another picture and she informed me she thinks I should not set such goals for them anymore. Santa pic number 3 is with me on santa's lap

  17. Damiane Lucas

    2010-12-22 20:53:10 -0500

    Outstanding work and inspiration, Ali! You're truly gifted.

    Wishing you and your family the love of CHRIST today and always.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. Christine

    2010-12-23 01:41:37 -0500

    Yea for Simon. My girls and I visited Santa yesterday. I haven't missed a santa picture since 1992. They are now 25, 21, and 13. Believe or not they insist on this little tradition continuing. My oldest got married this year and I except in a few years a grandchild will be added into the tradition. It's amazing how time flies. It seems like yesterday when they were dressed alike visiting Santa as little girls. But what I have now is the wonderful pictures and the great memories.

  19. jendcnguyen

    2010-12-23 03:38:36 -0500

    I was wondering, what do you when your album is getting pretty thick that the album cover can't really close anymore or the binder rings can't hold anything else? Do you split it up so as not to damage the binder rings? I'm using an American Crafts 8x8 album with D-ring but I don't think it'll be able to last till the 31st. What do you suggest?

    I can't believe i'm actually keeping up with my DD album this year! The past 2 years were hard but i'm happy to be on top of things this year. Thanks for being an inspiration! =)

  20. Estellita

    2010-12-23 07:01:12 -0500

    I have not photo with santa this year ... Anyway, the girls are afraid and ashame by him ...

  21. Steph

    2010-12-23 07:42:02 -0500

    Well, our Santa visit happened last night and as expected, my 2 year old freaked out to say the least. All fine for the 45 minute wait in line (yes, should have been more on top of things and gone earlier!). The other 3 kids were absolutely amazing - even the babies! I expected them to be the freak out ones, but they just sat each on a knee, looking at each other, then at this funny guy that was holding them! What a story I have trying to just get the 2 year old anywhere in the picture (trying to hold her just so that she would not miss the photo) - but makes for my funny story for Day 22!

    I have officially given myself a few days off with the holidays and plan to still jot some notes down if need be in the next few days, but revisit my DD on Dec 27th (I'm going up until Dec 31st). A friend is doing it as well and we plan on getting together to play catch up!

    Take care and sending well wishes for your happy health news. I know you had a little army of us out here, who don't even know you sending prayers and thoughts.

    Have a wonderful holiday Ali with your beautiful family!

  22. Stacey K

    2010-12-23 08:01:15 -0500

    I almost forgot to take my girls to see Santa,my eldest didn't ask but as it's my 3rds 1st Xmas I braved the shops & paid a small fortune for a terrible photo so I've decided to ditch the tradition & instead have our favourite photographer take pics of the girls, we did that last week, & I've planted the seed with her to Organise a Santa to come along to the park & do mini Christmas photo shoots much nicer idea than the rushed shop pics!!

  23. julie b.

    2010-12-23 23:52:37 -0500

    It's this time of the month that I love how fat and bulky my book is getting! =)

  24. Kerry

    2010-12-26 19:10:30 -0500

    I love the snowflake Ali that is amazing xxx

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