December Daily 2010 | Day Two

Here's a good example of being flexible - the story I'm telling for Day Two actually happened on Day One. No problem, no stress - just telling the stories I want to include.

Page one uses my 6x8 layered template set. I think the circle Santa is from Pretty Little Studio and the little paper clip is 7gypsies. Want to read more about the #2 tag? I've got a post on that here.

The paper on page two is vintage wallpaper.

A couple close-ups:

I trimmed this photo to be the same size as the tag on the other side of the transparency. I added a bit of stitching and word stickers from The Girls Paperie Christmas sticker pad.

Sigh. Love.

I added the text directly onto my photo in Photoshop. I'm cropping the images for this section to 5x5 inches x 6.25 inches. The two fonts (which are also used in the digital templates) are Lucia BT and Sentinel.

JOURNALING : For Simon the visit to see Santa was, in Chris’ words, an awesome combination of “comfort and belief.” He walked right up to the man in the red suit, sat on his lap and told him about the legos he would like to have this year and proceeded to ask him, “Do you have those?” Anna, who is not yet two, was super excited at the prospect of seeing Santa. There were lots of excited “Santa” words earlier in the day and on the way to the mall. Once there though, all it took was one look at the big guy and it was a definite no-go for her. Simon got his photo and we headed to dinner at Mucho Gusto. At dinner Anna kept patting her knees and saying “lap” and then “Santa lap Anna.” We asked her if she wanted to go back and sit on Santa’s lap and she said “yes.” We headed back over to the mall and tried again. It was a “yes” up until the last minute. We got her to wave and say hi and it was all good. Next year sweet girl, next year.

The foundation for this page can be seen here.

DAY TWO SUPPLIES : Art Warehouse Hollyberry Transparency, Studio Calico Mister Huey Apple Jack Color Mist, Making Memories Number Stickers, Vintage Wallpaper, Shipping Tag, The Girls Paperie Christmas sticker pad; Ali Edwards 2010 December Daily 6x8 Overlays

All posts related to December Daily can be found here.

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84 thoughts

  1. Jen

    2010-12-03 21:06:19 -0500

    Love that photo of them walking hand in hand. ;D

  2. Rosie

    2010-12-03 21:15:39 -0500

    Such a sweet memory, especially the second try at Santa!

    Great idea having a place for everyone to link their pages to. I am so in awe of the wonderfully talented people out there!

  3. Katie

    2010-12-03 21:32:04 -0500

    I really have enjoyed reading all the previous years post about journaling your december. I have started my book in a mini 3 ring binder and I love it. I used corrdinating scrapbook paper and printed out numbers inside circles for each day. I wanted to use what I had on had so I did not go out and purchase the clear overlays. I found some sheet protectors and I plan on cutting them down to fit.

  4. christine

    2010-12-03 23:17:35 -0500

    love the story of the santa visit! my little girl is just a couple months older than anna, and we're keeping our fingers crossed! She screamed last year on santa's lap when she wasn't wise enough to cling on :)

  5. natalyn

    2010-12-03 23:59:36 -0500

    Love the Visiting Santa page. My little ones would have been the same way with Santa... they're a bit skittish at first with people they don't know, and it takes them a while to warm up.

  6. Lacey

    2010-12-04 01:46:46 -0500

    I was wondering if there are tutorials somewhere on how to use your overlays with PS CS3, and for some reason I can't figure it out (like dropping the photo into the overlays). I apologize if this has been said or asked before recently...thanks in advance :)

  7. cinback

    2010-12-04 02:13:40 -0500

    I finally got to posting my Dec 2! I used a Starbucks paper bag, which I know you will also incorporate somehow in your album...I am anxious to see how you do it!

  8. Sheri B

    2010-12-04 03:06:00 -0500

    Just wanted to say I'm loving using your overlays and brushes with this project, especially with tomorrow mornings post. Finding lots of different ways to use them and make them work for me, on my photos and cardstock too! So glad I purchased these and look forward to getting more. :)

  9. heidig

    2010-12-04 08:00:38 -0500

    Oh Ali! Such gorgeous pictures of your kids! Love this page.

  10. hchybinski

    2010-12-04 08:04:46 -0500

    ok - day 2 still going. . .I'm sort of stuck for day three though. . .we didn't really do anything "holiday-related" . . .but I think int he end I will love 25 memories of the holiday season. . .


  11. cannycrafter

    2010-12-04 09:26:48 -0500

    I am doing this project on a smaller scale, using recycled paper and envelope pages, but I love it! I did the same last year and have enjoyed reading it this year! Thanks for your inspiration. We are experiencing the worst snow in my 50 yr lifetime, so what a great thing to document each day and how it changing our normal routine! Cx

  12. Maisy

    2010-12-04 10:08:48 -0500

    Oops! My link (75) is messed up, pasted inside another, a fragment of the one used on day 3 is at the beginning.

    Good reminder on this page that we don't have to post daily about only that day. :)

  13. Anastasia

    2010-12-04 13:40:10 -0500

    Hi Ali!
    I have a question about the "visiting Santa" photo from the 2nd of December - you said you added the text in the photoshop direct onto your photo.It looks like it has a grey background to it - how did you do that?

    And on the other note - my blog is still not appearing in the list ... I will add it again today, just in case there was a mistake on my side... Hope you don't see it as spamming!:-)

  14. Anastasia

    2010-12-04 13:42:36 -0500

    Sorry! all my fault!!! Just read your message properly! So you want a link to the specific message just for one day! Sorry - mia culpa:-)

  15. Deborah Mahnken

    2010-12-04 14:24:10 -0500

    Cute story! My daughter refused to get near Santa for years. When she was two we took quite a few trips to the mall to look at Santa, but she was scared to get near him. I think I had to get pics with her sitting on my lap next to him.

  16. Marjolein

    2010-12-05 06:37:36 -0500

    Love the pictures :)
    Thanks for sharing your pages :)


  17. Cheri

    2010-12-05 16:31:23 -0500

    Here's a link to my day 1 & 2 on my blog... I don't print my photos at home, so I'll be a little behind, but I'm recording my stories on my personal blog which is helping a TON when I'm going back to make the pages. Loving your album Ali! You are such inspiration!

  18. Brooke

    2010-12-06 00:19:27 -0500

    I love that Anna not wanting to sit on Santa's lap wasn't a big deal for you. I see so many screaming kids getting shoved on Santa's lap that it makes you wonder why we really do it. As the years go by you'll have a nice little timeline of Anna and her relationship with Santa so it's nice to see it started at a distance. With my son (2.5) we have visited many Santa's at different shopping centres and he just loves chatting to them. We'll take the whole photo thing at his pace.

    I also love that you've made a tag out of Simon's photo. To me the "Santa photo" is a big deal and it's nice to be reminded that that doesn't mean it needs a full page just by itself.

  19. Amy

    2010-12-06 17:46:38 -0500

    I love the "mist-on-tag-remove-number-sticker" look - I did it on my album for two of the days and really love how it turned out - I used glimmer mist instead of the maya mist. I had to do many, many coats to show up as dark as I wanted.

  20. sharyn

    2010-12-07 16:46:22 -0500

    love the photo of your little ones holding hands!

  21. Kerry

    2010-12-08 12:43:39 -0500

    This is beautiful and the pictures are amazing xx

  22. sophie

    2010-12-08 16:00:53 -0500

    i've always LOVED pictures of people walking from behind. great day two!

  23. Emily & Blythe

    2010-12-08 16:41:41 -0500

    that's awesome to have the writing on the accuall photo!

  24. Erika Bates

    2010-12-09 01:07:29 -0500

    Loved this page! I really like the look of the journaling on the pic of Anna...can you tell me how you put the little translucent box that holds the type? I'm not real good with PS yet :) thanks!

  25. Jen

    2010-12-16 11:19:59 -0500

    Love the picture with Anna and the writing on the photo - brilliant!
    (I have to stop comparing mine to yours!! so pretty!)

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