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I posted just a quick bit about Reverb 10 yesterday in a post on my projects blog. I'm thinking I'll try and answer the Reverb 10 prompts here and keep the December Daily posts going on the projects blog. Not sure I can keep up with both of these at the same time, but I'm going to try.


Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you? (Author: Gwen Bell)

As many of you who are regular readers know, my word for 2010 was story (with a bit of a secret word being athlete).

Story has been a fantastic word for me.

Like most of my other words in past years, it's shown itself in lots of different ways in my life. It shows up most obviously in the work I do - scrapbooking, writing, documenting, etc. In addition I find myself reflecting more on my life story - the past, present, and future me. I think about how I want my story to be written going forward and how that impacts the choices I make right now. It's challenged me to adjust some attitudes and ways I think about myself and is a really good reminder of being the best me I can be - that's what I want my story to be.

I also have been thinking a lot about the story of our family and how the four of us fit together as a unit.

Story is a word that will stay close to my heart throughout my life. It is me.

My secret word of athlete has been an adventure as well. I completed my first sprint triathlon - my main goal for 2010. I signed up to do it again next year. I kinda want to make this one a life word as well - one that is close to my heart and one that never leaves my side.

After the triathlon in August I ran a 5K in October - since then I haven't done much. Just this past Monday I started running again. The biggest thing I've noticed so far is how much I actually enjoy running in the gray, wet Oregon weather vs. inside on the treadmill. We'll see if that changes as it gets colder and wetter. For now I'm loving being outside in the cold air - it's clearing my head more than I imagined possible.

I've got my word chosen for 2011 but I'm not ready to share it just yet. I'm actually right in the middle of working on something exciting for One Little Word in 2011 that will help me make my chosen word my visible in my life. I'll have more details available at the end of this month.


Reverb 10 is a series of prompts with the tagline “reflect on this year & manifest what’s next.” You can sign up to receive a free daily prompt via email. Really wonderful jumpstarts for storytelling this past year.

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  1. Amy K

    2010-12-02 06:44:56 -0500

    I am excited to hear what you're working on for 2011's word. I hope it's something we can all participate in.

    In January, I started a project on another blog for my 2010 word. Each week a question was posted, and us readers were to complete a project/craft answering the question, relating to our chosen word. Unfortunately, due to the blogger's busy life/life changes, the weekly questions stopped being posted.

    Thanks for sharing so much inspiration!

  2. Robyn

    2010-12-02 08:07:47 -0500

    Ali, You have such a great way of keeping us on the edge of our seats!!

    p.s. I woke up at 1:30 am last night and couldn't get back to sleep, mainly thinking about my DD!

  3. dawn

    2010-12-02 08:27:45 -0500

    Hi Ali, this will be my first time choosing a word for next year. Can you tell me how you choose your word. Is it reflecting from this past year, something new you want for next year, whatever way you process it could you share some of it please. I do have a couple words but not sure how to narrow it down. Thanks and I love your journaling for this post.

  4. Lea Kelley

    2010-12-02 09:05:49 -0500


  5. Elizabeth

    2010-12-02 09:29:05 -0500

    I started running last year after my third child was born - I'd never done that (or anything athletic) before. It is still hard to think of myself as a "real" runner, but I'd like to try a half marathon next spring. I'm having the same experience here - I can't believe I prefer cold (in Kentucky) to the treadmill, but I do.

  6. noell

    2010-12-02 09:34:46 -0500

    I'm excited to find out what your 2011 word will be! I picked mine a month ago and have been experimenting with images and art to express it.

    Running -- I wish I could run outside in the cold weather. Maybe it's because I have asthma, but I get ear aches and extreme pain in my neck, throat, and chest. :( I'm in AZ and last week when running outside the weather was already turning cold enough to make it painful.

  7. Alison T.

    2010-12-02 09:45:13 -0500

    As I was reading what you had to say this morning, a book title entered my mind - I haven't actually read it yet (it's on my to read list) but friends of mine highly recommended it - It's called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Basically he talks about how his life is a story he's writing and how it is a part of the grander story that God is writing in the world. Thought it might be of some interest to you.

  8. Erika

    2010-12-02 09:54:47 -0500

    Hi Ali - can't wait to see what word you have selected for 2011.

  9. Alexandra

    2010-12-02 10:35:58 -0500

    Fun!! My cousin and his wife live in Eugene and she has been a life-long runner - I even see her running here in Niagara Falls when she visits!! If you ever pass by a pretty, tall, slim runner with mid-length wavy blonde hair see if her name is Kris and tell her cousin Alex says 'hi';) Wouldn't that be a hoot??!!

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  11. christine eckardt

    2010-12-02 10:50:14 -0500

    My word for 2010 is Faith!!! There are so many reasons why faith is my word for 2010 and they basically all stem from one person.....Faith!!! Faith is a little 8 year old girl that has a form of bone cancer. I met her grandmas sister Nancy at my work on the day Faith was having surgery to remove a tumor in her shoulder. Nancy came in for a haircut and we started talking about Faith, she shared her story with me and we looked at pictures, we cried and laughed as she told me about this little girl who no matter what was going on, what trauma she was going through came through the ordeal with a smile on her face. Nancy and I exchanged FB names and started corresponding on FB. Soon after that I met Ann....Faiths grandma, and we began corresponding too. I just couldnt get this little girl out of my head let alone my heart. I ended up meeting her and her mom Jo, and in that I have become friends with Jo. The strength that I see in Jo is amazing, even when shes at a weak moment she never falters. She is my good friend as well as my role model.
    With this chance meeting I have made some amazing friends as well as learn the value of FAITH, I have learned to put my faith in my maker and appreciate every breath I take, every moment, good bad or otherwise, because life is short and its what YOU make of it. Cant sit around having pity parties for yourself, you have to learn lessons from your trials and look at the positive in every moment and every person and have faith that our Lord WILL see you through!!!

  12. Jen

    2010-12-02 11:01:39 -0500

    Thank you for the heads up Ali - I've signed up for reverb10 too. My word for 2010 is REBIRTH (too long to explain here) and my word for 2011 is to be FULFILMENT. Happy Holidays :)

  13. Michelle W

    2010-12-02 12:33:13 -0500

    I can not remember my word for 2010. Bad choice, obviously.

    For 2011, I'm mulling over the word Move. But, I'm not sure that it encapsulates all that I want my word to convey.

    At least I have a few weeks to ponder.

  14. Melissa

    2010-12-02 12:52:26 -0500

    LOVE that sidebar link to a DD hard-bound book. I have actually had my eyes out for one (no luck this year, but it's SO hit-or-miss) and finally resigned myself to using one of hardback children's books (Books A Million, Toys R Us, etc.) that to me is somewhat "classic" i.e., Charlie Brown, etc. OR something that one of my kids is "into" i.e., Toy Story........... HTH someone :)

  15. Stacey Harrington

    2010-12-02 15:43:45 -0500

    Ali, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for inspiring me to pick a word for 2010. My word is CONNECT. As a SAHM I tend to get caught up in the day-to-day of my own wonderful little world and don't take as much time as I should to develop other wonderful relationships I have. As a result of this one word, I am so much closer to the family that does not live under my roof and I have cultivated new friendships as well as rekindled some of the old ones. Thanks for your wonderful and continuous inspiration.

  16. Stacie

    2010-12-02 18:17:10 -0500

    So interesting your comment about coming to the realization that you really like running. I started running about 2 years ago and when I broke my ankle in September (playing on an indoor women's soccer league) I was off my foot and on crutches for almost 8 weeks. I just got back into it 2 weeks ago and ran a Turkey Trot on Turkey Day. It is amazing to me how much I really missed running and how happy I am to be back to it. I think it has a lot to do with being a busy Mom, wife, business owner and person. Running takes you away for however long you can stand to keep running and it gives you a chance to just focus on you. Breathing in and out, listening to the world around you. Reconnecting with who you are. Glad you are getting back into it! If you haven't heard of it you need to check out Run Like a Mother! Super Read and blog!

  17. Diane

    2010-12-02 18:18:48 -0500

    Not a one for doing online challenges but Reverb10 has really spoken to me for some reason. Thanks for sharing. x

  18. Jackie Bremer

    2010-12-02 21:38:22 -0500

    My word for this year has been WAIT. It came to me a few months ago when I read your blog. It forced me to think about how God uses our circumstances to learn to lean on him. Hanks for your thoughtful story telling/blogging/sharing..

  19. Angi~Mistress of Mayhem

    2010-12-02 22:14:45 -0500

    In past years I have watched from afar while you shared your 'one little word' with all of us. This year I'm ready to join in. Thanks so much, Ali, for being a part of our story!

  20. Lacey

    2010-12-11 03:18:24 -0500

    I know what it is, but I'm not going to say since I don't think you have made the "official" announcement! I'm SO totally doing it right along with you! Already signed up! :) I think my word for 2011 is going to be ACTION. I'm a huge procrasinator in just about everything in my life. It affects everything around me, and is a big issue that I want to solve once and for all :)

  21. Rebecca Havenstein-Coughlin

    2010-12-16 13:00:21 -0500

    Ali, you inspire me continuously!

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