The Weekend Lens

Weekends are a favorite time of mine to take pictures.

It's something about the pace. Something about having the camera easily accessible. Something about keeping my eyes open while still being present in the moments of the day.

Saturday was slow and calm. Low on technology and high on family time.

After breakfast lego time.

A lot of playing happens at this table. I also love that the plate holding both a waffle and a pancake made it into the shot. Weekend mornings usually include at least one of those - this is the first time Chris has made both at the same time.

Anna's getting into playing with the legos too. Day by day she's less inclined to just rip the heads off the "guys" as she calls them. This weekend she spent a bunch of time playing with a car and a bus - Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter was her "guy" of choice to drive both the car and the bus.

We didn't end up embarking on any stop animation filming this weekend.

Hello lovely texture.

A self-portrait right before heading out on my first-ever 5-mile run. It was awesome.


A personal favorite. They were singing "I have a little pony his name is Macaroni."

On Sunday morning I went outside to hang a bird feeder we got on Saturday. I looked down and saw this single bloom.

And then I started to look around a bit to see what was actually happening in our yard. Since this is our first winter in this house I'm even more excited to see what might be coming.

It's been three weeks since I've had a cup of coffee. Crazy.

I stopped just because it didn't sound good anymore. I anticipate I'll have it again but right now I'm not missing it.

Chris brought some loose leaf tea back with him from China and I've been either drinking that or having hot water with lemon in the morning (which I really love the most).

Wishing you a wonderful week. We're heading to the Capitol today for Opening Day of the legislature and later on we'll be watching the Oregon Ducks in the BCS Championship college football game.

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