The Weekend Lens

I spent this past weekend in Vegas with many of the design team members and designers who create products for Designer Digitals. It was a chance for us to come together and share laughter and stories and meet in person.

As you can imagine there were many cameras on hand and lots of talk about ISO, aperture, macro, night-shooting, photoshop, etc. It was awesome to see Vegas through the lens of each person's camera.

Here's a look at some of the things I captured over the weekend:

On Friday night a big group of us embarked on a photo-walk. It was cool to just walk around the strip with the intent of seeing it through the lens of my camera.

For me there was lots of looking up.

One of the highlights for me was getting a chance to get to know Jessica Hunt. She lives here locally and we've just not had the chance in the past to make time to get together.

I'm pretty sure this weekend sealed a new friendship.

I arrived home last night safe and sound, excited to be back with my family again.

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