The Weekend Lens

A grading day + a furlough day (not a good time for schools around here right now) = a four-day weekend. For us that meant a Friday afternoon trip over to the coast to visit my parents.


Saturday began with Anna doing a little reading in our bed. She was chattering right along.

Before heading out there's usually at least one lap around the tall grass.

Our main outing was a short walk at the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve.

It's a really beautiful area. Trees, water, wildlife.

Pretending to be trees.

Back at the house we ran around a bit in the tall grass before heading out to dinner.

And a round of hide & go seek.


Mornings at the beach are often for watching movies or surfing (on the computer rather than in the waves).

And conversation.

In the afternoon, on a sunny day like this, it's all about the beach.

In my own opinion it really wasn't warm enough for swim trunks, but I remember that I had a completely different sense of temperature when I was a kid.

And this kid, well, he's an experienced beach-goer and knows just what he likes.

There were definitely moments we felt bathed in light.

And moments of sheer delight.

Back at the house there was time for a swing.

This place is such a gift.

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