The Weekend Lens

A grading day + a furlough day (not a good time for schools around here right now) = a four-day weekend. For us that meant a Friday afternoon trip over to the coast to visit my parents.


Saturday began with Anna doing a little reading in our bed. She was chattering right along.

Before heading out there's usually at least one lap around the tall grass.

Our main outing was a short walk at the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve.

It's a really beautiful area. Trees, water, wildlife.

Pretending to be trees.

Back at the house we ran around a bit in the tall grass before heading out to dinner.

And a round of hide & go seek.


Mornings at the beach are often for watching movies or surfing (on the computer rather than in the waves).

And conversation.

In the afternoon, on a sunny day like this, it's all about the beach.

In my own opinion it really wasn't warm enough for swim trunks, but I remember that I had a completely different sense of temperature when I was a kid.

And this kid, well, he's an experienced beach-goer and knows just what he likes.

There were definitely moments we felt bathed in light.

And moments of sheer delight.

Back at the house there was time for a swing.

This place is such a gift.

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  1. Allison M.

    2011-01-31 19:20:56 -0500

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! What a beautiful week-end your family had.

  2. Christine S

    2011-01-31 19:34:35 -0500

    Awesome pics Ali! It makes me wish we had your nice weather here in Michigan. It's cold and we are about to get walloped with a bunch of snow! 2 more months and we will be semi warm! Think Spring!

  3. Cele Schaffer

    2011-01-31 20:08:18 -0500

    Your family is so cute being trees-LOVE that picture!

  4. Shannon D

    2011-01-31 21:24:41 -0500

    Love hearing about your weekends with family. Thank you for sharing. You are so blessed with the place your parents live and being able to visit them. The beach is an amazing place to be, and so great your kids can experience it. We love the beach.

  5. Debbie C

    2011-01-31 21:33:37 -0500

    I have always loved the candid shots you take of your family, but lately they have been even more amazing. Something you're working on or maybe just focusing more on the light????

  6. stacyj

    2011-01-31 21:49:57 -0500

    Such happy photos -- I love seeing your family!

  7. Debbie

    2011-01-31 22:42:32 -0500

    All the photos were a delight to look through. It's like you took a professional photographer with you. Such a great collection. Do you still use the Canon Rebel Digital? Deb, South Australia.

  8. Leanne in CA

    2011-02-01 00:01:57 -0500

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing so many photos.

  9. craftstea

    2011-02-01 01:06:56 -0500

    Ali, you have so many great photo's of the beach trip. do they go in a seperate scrapbook of events? do you select just a few for project life? How do you handle having so many great pictures from one short time period?

  10. Amy K

    2011-02-01 05:49:42 -0500

    Absolutely beautiful! What wonderful memories with blessed family! TFS.

  11. Lisa W

    2011-02-01 11:35:51 -0500

    Never stop doing these types of posts :) They are so calming, inspiring, motivating, and relaxing. They always bring happiness and joy to me. Thanks for so openly sharing bits of your life. . .and always helping start my day with a 'happy heart' :)

  12. kelly libby

    2011-02-01 12:46:07 -0500

    beautiful photos!!! Makes me want to move to the West Coast. The weather is far better than New England has been.... SNOW! SNOW! and more SNOW!

  13. Nicole

    2011-02-01 13:38:10 -0500

    Simply beautiful pictures. You are always an inspiration. Now more than ever for me. I have been in a "memory-keeping" rut for almost 2 years. But a loyal reader of your blog and always a fan. Thanks for sharing everything you share with the world.

  14. Chris H

    2011-02-01 15:23:32 -0500

    How very peaceful..
    That scene at the table with all the computers...looks like our family room in the evenings. TV on, and all of us on laptops...we're all a little weird that way...we surf and watch and share what we're reading. Even the 10 yr old...

  15. Darlene

    2011-02-01 16:35:31 -0500

    Perfectly amazing pictures! I have been following your blog for, well, forever, and it really strikes me how Simon's face is changing in that way that boys' faces change at that age - I remember noticing it in pictures with my own son - not noticing it really until I studied his picture. He is really growing up - what a wonderful family. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Christina

    2011-02-01 16:50:56 -0500

    I keep thinking about your comment on kids sense of temperature. Like when my four year old said it was too HOT in the kitchen this morning and it was only 68 degrees, or when I dropped my 10 year old off at the bus stop wearing shorts and it was 47 degrees outside and he thinks it is too warm for pants. And when I was little I loved to go sledding, build snow forts and downhill skiing. Now I can't stand the thought of doing those things. I even moved to Henderson, NV to escape the snow of the midwest. I actually miss skiing but I hate being cold more. Wonder why it doesn't bother them. Maybe the fun cancels out the cold.
    I love the picture of Anna being pushed on the swing by your dad. What a great place to live!

  17. Marilyn Nimmo

    2011-02-01 23:02:46 -0500

    LOVE all of the photos! LOVE the "tree" picture and the one of you, your dad, and anna all on your laptops--a sign of the times! What a wonderful weekend!

  18. Project Life | Week Four | Ali Edwards

    2011-02-02 09:05:48 -0500

    [...] After that big journaling insert I added two, 6×12 divided page protectors from American Crafts which gave me room for 12 additional 4×6 photos from our adventures at the beach. [...]

  19. Alida

    2011-02-02 09:34:33 -0500

    We moved 6 hours inlands 7 months ago, after living most of our lives in a coastal city. So many beachy layouts from those times. So happy for you that you have this place.

  20. Amanda S.

    2011-02-02 15:16:28 -0500

    Stunning photos -- beautiful journaling. Thanks for sharing it all with us!! :)

  21. Angela Cardas Meredith

    2011-02-03 00:30:33 -0500

    We are very lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, that's for sure!

  22. Susan R

    2011-02-03 10:50:49 -0500

    so lovely. Thanks for sharing these peeks into your life Ali. So sweet. :)

  23. debbie mcintyre

    2011-02-03 23:18:46 -0500

    Great family Anna's reading
    I was searching for a quote I had read on your blog a long time ago, and wanted to use it on a page. Hoping you can help me track it down. It basically said that you have done what you can today, and tomorrow you can start fresh. Do you know the quote I'm speaking of? Appreciate if you can help.

  24. Cinnibonbon

    2011-02-08 19:02:50 -0500

    Lovely photos. You know thru the years I always thought Simon looked just like you, but now in the photo with him in headphones--I totally see your husband!

  25. Sabrina Mix

    2011-02-08 22:33:06 -0500

    Anna seems to be having fun "reading" Jonathan Livingston Seagull, one of my favorite books.


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