Birthday No.9 | Soaking It All Up

photo taken by Kim Ackerman

Number nine was a good one.

The celebration began with a visit to Simon's classroom on Friday.

Simon's teacher had him introduce all his guests to his classmates. He starts off with "This is Grandpa." and then moves on to "This is Chris." He goes around all the rest of us including me, "This is Ali." After he finished his teacher asked him if Chris and I had other names. He said "Dad" and "Mom" and then explained that the other kids wouldn't be calling us Dad and Mom so he was telling them our real names.

I also got a couple great shots of Simon at the front of the class while everyone was singing Happy Birthday.

After our school visit we headed back home to do some prep work for the party on Saturday: decorations, goody bags, wrapping, etc.

Grandpa and Anna looked at photos on Grandpa's computer.

When Simon came home he opened up a few of his gifts.

On Friday night we had dinner with all the Grandparents at a local Mexican restaurant. The waiters all sang Happy Birthday to Simon.

And on Saturday, from noon to 2pm our house was full.

It was so fun to have six of Simon's friends and some of their parents here for a couple hours. Pizza, cake, playing outside, chase, building lego mini-figures, opening gifts, chatting, etc. Some of my favorite photos are a line of kids along the kitchen counter all building lego mini-figures that were included in their goody bags.

When asked what his favorite part of his birthday was this year he said, "having my friends here."

Happy Birthday Simon - we love you so much and are so excited that you are nine!

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