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January 5, 2011

One Little Word 2011 | A Reading Of The Words

My friend Liz did something special and unexpected for me yesterday: she sent me an email with a voice recording of herself reading all the 2011 words (listed on my blog up until about mid-day pacific time yesterday).

She decided to do it because she thought I might not have read them aloud (which I hadn’t) and that it might be something I’d like to listen to while I work to soak up a bit of each word.

I pushed play and I was overcome with emotion.

Hearing all those words read aloud was just awesome. Imagining the potential of each of those words in each one of your lives was pure magic.

She ended her email by saying, I love that your readers have created a poem of possibility.

Here’s Liz reading the list of words (again, it’s just the words listed about half-way through the day yesterday):

words from liz lamoreux (click to play)

Maybe we each need to take a couple minutes and read them aloud to ourselves as a way of really honoring the collective spirit of possibility.

Liz also makes awesome jewelry available through her etsy site. Check out the (whispered) soul mantra lockets like the one I purchased above. She’s also got a great new book called Inner Excavation (which I mentioned I was reading last week) and she runs Be Present Retreats here in Oregon.


  • 51.
    Margaret said…

    I feel so connected to everyone! It was very powerful to hear all the words spoken.

  • 52.
    Debby said…

    what a wonderful recording to listen to while crafting. beautiful voice and powerful words….thanks for sharing

  • 53.
    Madonna said…

    Oh yes. I have been ruminating on my word for weeks. Listening to this and I know what it is!! Oh. So. Awesome! to hear those words read aloud. So eloquently. Thanks. My word (in case you were wondering! lol!) is Better.

  • 54.
    Ali said…

    Thats awesome! One of my best friends, Katie, gave me this cool Christmas present that was a big book full of tons of quotes that we’ve shared, pictures she’s drawn for me, and notes that she wrote to me. Coolest present ever.
    We have the same name. That’s pretty sweet.

  • 55.

    Thank you! This is a wonderful recording, full of inspiration and hope for a new tomorrow.

  • 56.
    christine said…

    That was just the loveliest 6 minutes of my day. Thank you!

  • 57.
    Regina said…

    I was listening just as my daughter came into my room. We have been struggling and I just held her and we listened together. Words have the power to heal- thank you so much for sharing.

  • 58.
    Marit said…

    I just listened, and it indeed sounds like a poem and is very powerful and emotional

  • 59.
    patty said…

    T*H*A*N*K Y*O*U…

  • 60.
    Claire said…

    What a beautiful voice she has. I loved this, thanks to you both.

  • 61.
    Linda said…

    Hearing the words was very inspiring. I finished the December Daily and am so happy to have this journal of a short time in my family’s life (including Grandchildren!) It made me more mindful of what we were doing, which points out where I need a little help. So I will join you in this endeavor as well. Thanks, Ali

  • 62.
    Barbi said…

    This is just awesome! : )

  • 63.
    Claudia said…

    …..moving. Thank you for sharing that.

  • 64.
    Chrystie DeSmet said…

    WOW! Powerful! What an amazing friend you have!

  • 65.
    julie-ann said…


  • 66.
    Laura said…

    Listening to it now. Love it! So proud to hear my word.

  • 67.
    Meg said…

    That should be on everyone’s I-pod for the gym or just every day life. Talk about motivation….

  • 68.

    I listened to the recording that your friend Liz sent to you. It was so relaxing to hear her voice as she spoke each word for 2011. I went to her Etsy shop and loved looking at all of her lovely designs. I also watched the video and felt at peace.

    Thank you Ali for sharing all that you do with us. I love your positive attitude and all of the wonderful ideas that you share.

    My word for 2011 is “peace” Today I found much peace in reading your blog.


  • 69.
    kelly said…

    i have several of liz’s soul mantra’s. i love them and what i love most is they go so well with other pieces. thanks for posting her poem of possibilities.

  • 70.
    amanda said…

    wow what a beautiful thing. she had a beautiful voice. shed be good at soothing videos.

  • 71.

    I love this idea – and WOW, thanks for sharing such a personal, special message from a friend!

  • 72.
    Lori S. said…

    I am just gonna tell you right now your friend Liz is freakn’ AMAZING! I do not know her but i want to…hehe! I am ordering the most bea-u-ti-ful pink necklace EVER, with my word in a locket and then making my request for the matching birdie earrings for my birthday. :) I am beyond thrilled and she is so super talented. I thank you so very much for sharing her with us! :) xoxo

  • 73.

    Hi Ali
    My “one little word” for 2011 will be Snapshot
    Was inspired by Karen Russell in Mykonos and this word just keeps coming back into my mind. I tried to think of a different word that was more profound…LOL but this little one kept reoccuring and so I stopped forcing the word and picked the one that choose me. This will be my third year following along.
    Have a wonderful week end.

  • 74.
    Sarah said…

    Loved hearing all the words! I am having Liz custom make a locket with my word. One of the most special things I’ve done for myself. To be reminded of JOY daily as I wear it over my heart. :)
    So glad I signed up for your class!

  • 75.
    Irma P. said…

    I just wanted to write a quick note to say how grateful I am Ali for continuously inspiring me. This marks the 1st year I did the OLW. I made a mini album to commemorate my OLW: Action.

  • 76.
    Melanie Massey said…

    Hey Ali. Big fan. Have used your “one little word” for the past 2 years and try to inspire my blog community to evaluate their lives and do the same. With that, check out my blog and see where I have made talismans for some to wear to remind them of why they chose their word throughout this year.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I thought you might like this idea.

    Melanie Massey
    aka- Aunt Mo

  • 77.
    Mary said…

    Beautiful, very calming and centering.

  • 78.
    Mel said…

    My word this year is POSITIVE! I’ve posted my reasoning on my blog :)

    LOVE reading your blog, Ali!

  • 79.
    Katie Scott said…

    I hadn’t decided on my word until I woke up with it this morning. It is:


    Here’s a link to my explanation of why I chose this word.

    Guess I didn’t make the deadline for the post, but better late than never right?

    Thanks for the OLW inspiration.

  • 80.
    Rhonda said…

    Oh Ali I can’t wait to listen to this, but I have to tell you….I purposely didn’t read any of the words or this post until I had time and until I had chosen my word for this year. Imagine my suprise when your friend’s quote included my word: Possibilities! Just imagine! Thanks for sharing Ali!

    Rhonda :)
    Peace (always), Compassion (’08), Balance (’09), Achievement (’10), Possibilities (’11)

  • 81.
    Jennifer Gray said…

    OK, too late to pick a word? First time for me and it’s like I needed all this time to come up with a word that could honestly encompass my year. One that would challenge me, but at the end of the day be doable. KWIM? So, now that I’ve nursed my poor, sick baby, I sat and wrote on my blog. I’ve been consumed by keeping him hydrated and breathing with this horrific cough – and was surprised that I could sit at this hour and write out what my word meant to me.

    Simple word really, but so important for me this year.


    Thank-you Ali for all your posts, inspirations, and devotion to your blog – it’s a real pleasure having coffee with you :)


  • 82.
    jaclyn said…

    very inspirational! i enjoyed hearing the words that meant so much to others. my word for this year is “shine”.

  • 83.
    Sara said…

    This was wonderful to listen to. I just had a little girl in april, and we have so much to look forward to over the next year – so many new “experiences.” So my word is experience. :-)

  • 84.

    What a wonderful inspiring blog. Thank you for sharing from the heart.

  • 85.
    Karen said…

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