Scrapbooking With Your Computer | Layout With More Than Two Pages

There are many stories we encounter in our lives that are simply larger than a single or even a double-page spread can handle. There's no reason why you can't make layouts that extend beyond the typical one or two pages.

Today's layout includes 2, 12x12 digital pages and one 5x12 front + back jounraling page in the middle.


If you'd like to learn the basics of working with digital layered templates check out my free template download and video tutorial for Photoshop Elements.

When I'm doing a spread digitally I work with both pages on one 24 inch x 12 inch canvas. I like to be able to see the entire spread and line things up between the pages.

I usually open one template first and then go to Edit/Canvas Size and adjust the entire canvas size to 24 inches wide.

Here's the left side using a template from my Bread & Butter Layered Template Set:

The journaling card and overlay are included in my Remember This & That Element Collection.

And the right side from my Grid No. 1 Layered Template Set:

Simple, versatile templates are my favorite.

Before printing or uploading to be printed I crop each side to 12 inch x 12 inch and "save as" so I'll get two separate prints. Here's what they look like printed on 13x19 photo paper (I just use Office Max brand):

I trim these using my paper trimmer. I often use scissors first to get them closer to size before being able to lay them on the paper trimmer.

Here's both after being trimmed:

If you wanted to add embellishments right onto the printed pages you definitely could: word stickers, ribbons, etc.


I've really been falling into a nice rhythm with storytelling here on my blog and then taking that content and putting it into a scrapbook page (or simply printing the journaling and adding it to Project Life).

The journaling for this layout came from this post Long Live Spontaneous Adventure.

For the journaling I used my new Long Journalers Vol.2. These PNG files are 4.25 inch x 10.5 inch so they can be easily used on an 8.5 inch x 11 inch piece of paper. You can also make them larger to fit on a 12 inch long piece of paper like I did here.

I simply copied and pasted the journaling from my blog post into a new text box in Photoshop.

Here's what the journaling looks like printed onto a 12 inch x 12 inch sheet of cardstock.

And once they are trimmed:

After trimming I adhered them back to back..

I decided that I wanted to add a strip of pattern paper to the top and the bottom of the long journaler pages and decided I wanted to use the same pattern I used on the first page.

I opened the pattern paper in Photoshop, cropped a 4 inch x 6 inch rectangle, and printed on photo paper.

I cut that 4 inch x 6 inch photo paper piece into 1/2 inch strips and adhered them to the top and bottom of both of the journalers.

After adhering the strips I slipped the journaling page into a 12 inch x 12 inch page protector.

With the journaling inside the page protector I stitch along the outer edge of the paper (not stitching on the journaling paper but using it as a guide) to create a pocket. After stitching I lay the page protector on my trimmer and trim off the extra page protector.

Want to see what it looks like when I stitch on a page protector? Here's a short video: Stitching On Page Protector.


Here's a look at the printed pages and the journaling:

SUPPLIES | AE Bread & Butter Layered Template Set; AE Grid No. 1 Layered Template Set; Spontaneous Adventure Word Art (coming soon); Remember This Paper Collection; Long Journalers Vol. 2;

28 thoughts

  1. Maureen

    2011-01-31 08:10:25 -0500

    Thanks Ali for the reminder of how great that grid template set is. I have it and need to 'dust it off' again! It's also nice to hear that you use the ordinary type of photo paper most of us use. For what I do, it's fine for me also. Happy adventures!

  2. Suzie Perrie

    2011-01-31 08:23:26 -0500

    Very cool! I keep debating on getting PS Elements but I just am so not comfortable with my computer skills.

  3. Kim B

    2011-01-31 09:41:14 -0500

    I love, love, love your altered page protector idea. Have been happily altering mine for a few months now per your recommendation. Altered page protectors along with three ring scrapbooks make it so much fun to mix up page sizes and create fun diversity in my albums.Loving your new digital creations too Ali..Heck You are just LOVED period! Have a great day..

  4. Lori

    2011-01-31 09:49:13 -0500

    Thanks for sharing - I bought this new digital paper this weekend :) I know you didn't use it in this project, but how are you liking the 4x6 picture maker that you got for Christmas to help with your project life album?

  5. Jodi Jones

    2011-01-31 10:05:26 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I love the two pages. I am wondering what printer you use?

  6. Kay Gregory-Clark

    2011-01-31 10:20:43 -0500

    Cool, Ali! How is the page protector attached? I don't see any holes on the left side. Also, what is the gray pattern paper?

  7. Michelle D.

    2011-01-31 11:06:23 -0500

    Ali, I love these longer stories. I just thought I'd share a layout I made last year using this same concept.

    Here is the two page spread:

    And here is the journaling (I printed on a 12x12 and then cut it in half and put it in a 6x12 page protector):

    When I put this in my album, the 6x12 journaling went in between the left and ride side of my two-page spread. It's one of my favorite layouts ever!

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post. :)

  8. Dawn K

    2011-01-31 11:23:49 -0500

    Long Journalers Vol. 02 Value Pack -- can they be used on 8.5x11 scrapbooking?

  9. Tracy

    2011-01-31 12:16:10 -0500

    Thanks Ali...One more question...where do you get your prints made when you don't do them at home? I usually use but being that I'm the whole way across the country, in sometimes takes a while to get them.

  10. Holly S

    2011-01-31 12:25:59 -0500

    Ali-quick question but I'm not sure you can help me but...I have 2 Polaroid pictures from 1990-I was but 17 and gave birth to my only child-being so young taking pictures wasn't on my radar so these are the only pics of her during the first 2 months of life (then had her baptized and had photographer). They are so precious to me but they are showing signs of their age and I am afraid of them being ruined. Do you know if there is anyway to have them transfered to prints? Any help from anyone would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  12. Kelli thomas

    2011-01-31 13:12:45 -0500

    So cute Ali! I didn't get the point of these (long journalers), but now seeing them in your album, I get it! Duh.... Off to buy cuz they are a definite must have! You are so clever. Guess thats why we love you! :)

  13. Shauna Miller

    2011-01-31 13:43:41 -0500

    Love the layout. I haven't done a digital scrapbook page , but I think I am going to have try it :) Now my question is with these pages will they go into your project life book or do you do another family scrapbook? Thanks :) Happy monday.

  14. aliza

    2011-01-31 15:33:22 -0500

    It's funny, I also just realized that I don't have to fit everything on 1 page layout. From a recent day trip to the Statue of Liberty, I had too many pictures for 1 page, but I didn't feel like making a mini album. I did a regular 2 page spread (12x12 pages) and then made 2 6x8 pages, and one 4x8 with just journaling, and stuck it all into my 12x12 album. It was such a freeing revelation--I can make it however I want. Another revelation-I can sew page protectors even without a sewing machine. It's not quite as neat, but I like it anyway.

  15. Ivy

    2011-01-31 18:15:48 -0500

    Nice job! What do you put your pages in? Three ring binder, post or hinge photobooks?

  16. Wendy O.

    2011-01-31 19:17:31 -0500

    This is really cool. I never thought about doing it this way, but it would sure make it easier than having that odd page at the end.
    Thanks for the idea.

  17. Erin K.

    2011-01-31 22:16:24 -0500

    Love this idea. I just started my PL Sunday.

  18. Angie Blom

    2011-01-31 22:31:24 -0500

    Thanks for sharing this! Love the extra journaling!

  19. ShellyP

    2011-02-01 00:29:17 -0500

    Just purchased the long journalers and love love love them! I wanted to do the December Reverb prompts and ran out of time in December to complete them, and now I'm glad I waited b/c the long journalers are absolutely perfect for this project. And I'm enjoying spending a little extra time "reflecting" on 2010. Hooray for these!

  20. Shelly K

    2011-02-01 01:54:13 -0500

    I love this layout idea! I have some stories to tell....
    (Some day)...but oh how you inspire me!

  21. Asha

    2011-02-01 11:57:12 -0500

    I love this idea of keeping journaling on a different page. There are often times I won't have much room to journal but I have a lot to say and end up really skimping on my journaling, which misses the whole reason I scrapbook. always great ideas from you Ali!!

  22. Alida

    2011-02-02 10:08:29 -0500

    This is such a wonderful idea!

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  24. Patricia K

    2011-03-03 13:18:45 -0500

    Hi Ali hope you dont mind me asking aquick printer question. I recently got the same printer and Im noticing the printer is printing pics darker than whats on my screen. Doe my monitor need to be calibrated???

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