AE Inspirations | Early February 2011

READING | On Writing by Steven King: I've had people recommend this book to me in the past and I have to admit that I've dismissed them. I wouldn't call myself a Steven King fan - not really a fan of anything scary. But, but, but I have to say that I love this book. LOVE in all capitals.

ALSO READING | The Most Important Word For You To Learn This Year AND How You Really CAN Tell All Of Your Photo Stories both from Noell Hyman. Both these articles are really interesting - definitely some good ideas about different ways to approach your photos. I found them to be inspiring.

ALSO READING | Grow Great Grub as I look forward to spring and summer (more on my outdoor adventures below).

SITTING | My laptop computer sits on a desk-like spot along our kitchen counter. Lately I've been starting my day there and have found that it's the perfect spot to be greeted as the sun rises. It gets so bright that I have to close my eyes and at that moment usually take a deep breath and let the sunlight wash right over me.

LISTENING | In early December I bought a new bird feeder. I love it. Lots of little birds filling up at our feeder (I'd like to pick up a book about birds in our area so we could do some identifying).

One day last week I opened the windows as the sun was out and the temperature was approaching 60. I was surprised to hear so many birds chirping away. These aren't likely only the birds that were visiting our feeder - it sounded like so many more. I heard them again yesterday when I opened the door to let the dog out and was stopped in my tracks by their song.

CHECKING OUT | Crate Paper's new collection Portrait. Love.

EXPERIENCING | This is our first winter in this house and I'm patiently waiting to see what will come up in the yard. We moved here this past August and were able to experience the height of summer (oh so green). I'm excited for the next season to be knocking at our door. There's something so very cool about waiting to see what things have been sleeping under the earth since last spring.

Part of my light journey this year is to create a practice of spending more time outside. What I really want to do is make our backyard a living space rather than just a space we pass through or look out at from inside our house. I've also got big plans for some vegetable beds (hence I'm reading Grow Great Grub).

HELLO FEBRUARY | A new prompt is up in the One Little Word class at Big Picture Classes. There's still time to join if you're interested in a support system and simple monthly reminders related to keeping your word visible in 2011. If you're in class and didn't receive a welcome email for February please contact [email protected] to troubleshoot the issue.

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