From Time To Time

From time to time I get the chance to do something other than work with words and photos and the ephemera of life.

I recently enrolled in an online painting class led by Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough called Get Your Paint On.

We're in week two and I've been really inspired by the content of the class - it's less about learning "how to paint" and more about simply embarking on an exploration of painting.

There's all kinds of people making all kinds of different paintings in the class. I love seeing the variety of student work. What I've really loved is the daily content during the week from Mati and Lisa - including interviews with other painters that I've found really inspirational.

As you can see, what I made for week two is not just painting. It's got a whole bunch of things going on including paint, wax, gel medium, fabric, stitching, collage, and hand drawn lines.

Here's what I wrote about it on my Flickr page (the class shares work through Flickr):

11 inch x 14 inch | acrylic paint, gel medium, wax, fabric, papers, stitching

I started out this week intending to do something with large blocks of color. I really liked some of the things I saw on Jennifer Sanchez's website last week (she was the featured artist in class).

At certain points throughout the week this canvas contained large blocks of pure color. Over time it morphed - there is such a huge lesson for me in the waiting and the letting it happen. There were many times I was frustrated with the amount of layers I was ending up with and I have a certain level of impatience with waiting for paint to dry.

Today though I moved in a new direction, inspired somewhat by Donna Watson (found her featured in book called Masters Collage), back towards a more neutral overall tone (vs. the pure red and pure turquoise I had on certain days this past week).

I took my base painted layers and built a group of boxes on top. Within each box I did something, including stitching fabric directly onto the canvas.

I can't wait to see where this week's prompt will lead me. Week three is about using color - maybe it will spur me out of my muted, monochomatic beige and white phase?


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Here's one more product I released this past weekend:

Thick Alphabet + Numbers

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