Snow Day

Around here it doesn't take much for schools to close due to snow (often they close at just the threat of snow).

We actually get snow maybe once or twice a winter.

This little bit of white stuff you see in the photo above closed all the area schools and was completely gone by noon. Mother Nature did tease us a bit throughout the day with a couple hard snowfalls, a bit of accumulation, and then sun that would melt all possibility of it really being a snow day.

It turned out to be a great chance to do a day of photo documentation. Here's what I captured throughout the day:

6:30am | Early morning excitement. Simon exclaiming, "How'd I get so lucky?"

6:35am | Hair brushing, face washing, tooth brushing. Followed by breakfast and Sesame Street.

9:00am | Time to go outside. I'm glad we went out early because there really wasn't any left later in the day. It was also cool because it really started coming down while we were out there which was very fun.

We walked around to check out the front yard and that's when it really started coming down.

And then we were just cold.

We headed back inside where Simon watched a movie and Anna and I played in her room.

10:00am | Oh self-timer I love you so.

11:00am | We headed out for an errand and to grab some lunch. The snow was completely gone when we left the house.

Noon | When we returned home it started again. I had high hopes that this round would stick. It did, but again, just for a bit.

12:30pm | What snow day would be complete without lego-building time?

While Simon built a pyramid, Anna built towers.

And played with her Playmobil Take-A-Long Farm (awesome toy).

And made pizza.

And took a nap.

And this is what it looked like outside when she went down. Full sun.

And I tried to get a bit of work in while she slept and Simon kept building.

3:00pm | When she woke up it was back to playing, annoying Simon by trying to sneak legos, reading books, playing in her kitchen in just her diaper after eating too many goldfish crackers and getting sick, etc. Life is really busy when you're two.

As the afternoon came to a close we watched Mary Poppins and then had grilled cheese and apples for dinner when Daddy came home.

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