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JOURNALING | 02 | 2011 There’s so much to celebrate about you right now Anna. A typical day for you begins when you call out to me, and sometimes Daddy, to come get you out of your crib. That happens around 6:30am. We come in, have you put your paci down in your crib, and scoop you into our arms. More often than not the first thing you want to know is, “Simon sleeping?” We let you know the status and then begin our way downstairs. For breakfast you either have a bagel + cream cheese, toast, or a toaster waffle. On the weekends you have pancakes or waffles that you help Dad make. After breakfast it’s usually time for Sesame Street or time for you to get picked up to go to Kim’s house. Whether you go to Kim’s or stay here with Katie your day is filled with lots of playtime. Some of your favorite activities include painting, reading books, playing in the toy kitchen and playing outside. On Mondays you go to a gym class + on Wednesdays you have a music class (Katie takes to you both of those). You take an afternoon nap that lasts between one and two hours. Late afternoons here at home usually involves more play or a movie with Simon. We eat a family dinner around 5:30pm and then hang out until your bath time - usually around 6:45pm. Bath time is something you LOVE. We follow up the bath with jammies, a couple books, a prayer and you turning out the light. We love you so much Anna and are so glad you are part of our family.

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