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A couple ideas to consider:

1. Use a photo to fill your entire background. I've done this a few times in the past and I love it. Here's another recent one that's a traditional paper scrapbook layout (includes a how-to) which could be easily translated to digital.

2. Take an element, such as a tag, and mask a photo inside. The lower tag shown in the layout above is simply one of the Awakening Tags with a photo masked into it.

3. Add elements on top of other elements to create something new. I masked the crayon-drawn heart onto the middle tag to create a new design.

4. Using the eye-dropper tool take color from your photo and then repeat it two more times. I took a red color from Anna's boots in the bottom photo tag and recolored the crayon-drawn heart and the arrows on the long vertical word art.

5. Erase stuff to make it work. I erased the bottom portion of one of the journal blocks from my Story HandDrawn package because I just wanted to use just the word art. Don't be afraid to erase (make friends with saving and with undoing). Also don't forget that you can rotate things. I rotated the "remember this lovely little story" and adjusted it to be the same width as the tags so that they create a nice straight column along the right side.

6. Sometimes the story is short. Hooray! I added just a bit of journaling onto the masked photo tag that references the date, place and why we were there.


TAGS | AE Awakening Tag Collection
WORD ART | AE This One (coming this weekend), AE Outline Moments, AE For The Love Of Love, AE Story HandDrawn Journal Blocks
STITCHING | Anna Aspnes StraightLine Stitched White No.2

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