Autism Speaks Fundraiser Through Scentsy

A few weeks ago I received an email from my friend Shannon letting me know that Scentsy had chosen to create a Charitable Cause Warmer benefiting Autism Speaks called Piece By Piece. Scentsy will donate 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the warmer directly to Autism Speaks.

As many of you know this topic is near and dear to my heart. According to Autism Speaks, autism now affects 1 in 110 children, 1 in 70 boys. Autism Speaks focuses on the areas of science, awareness, advocacy, and family services.

Through Monday, March 28th Shannon will also donate her commission on your entire purchase to Autism Speaks. That's 25% of your entire purchase (excluding tax and shipping). If the fundraiser reaches $2000 in sales the commission donation raises to 30%.

Also, for every $10 you spend you will be entered to win Scentsy prize packages. As the "hostess" of this fundraiser I'll be raffling off the prizes I receive based on how much money is raised. The more the fundraiser makes the more prizes there will be.

Here's where you go on Shannon's site:

Scentsy sells wickless candles, ceramic warmers, and a variety of fragrance products. A wickless candle, called a Scentsy Bar or a Scentsy Brick, is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot, or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles.

Next month is Autism Awareness month. I'm hoping to put together some posts for next month that talk more about Simon's journey and how things have changed since he was diagnosed back in 2004.

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  1. Cindy in VA

    2011-03-21 07:44:01 -0400

    My son was diagnosed in 2004 and is now 10yo and is such a remarkable young man. He is now in the gifted program and socially is making improvements daily. I ordered my special Scentsy warmer last week and got it in the mail Friday. It's beautiful, even better than the pictures! It really can fit into any decorative style in your home :)

    Cindy in Va

  2. Keely Dines

    2011-03-21 08:47:21 -0400

    Over the weekend, I stumbled across a few blogs that talked about how autistic children are benefiting from iPads. I was amazed!

    I kept searching and came up with several sites with great apps for children with disabilities.

  3. Wendy N

    2011-03-21 09:16:16 -0400

    I needed some new scent bars so I placed an order. I can't think of a better cause!

  4. Tamara

    2011-03-21 10:02:27 -0400

    i had noticed mention of autism in your posts...but i didn't realize your and your family's personal journey with it. i had a good friend while growing up who's brother was autistic. i am 43 years this was a good 20-something years ago. things have changed so much since then...the first of which is people actually openly talking and share their experiences with autism...which is wonderful!

  5. Jennifer

    2011-03-21 10:36:38 -0400

    Happy to see this and will go check it out. Thanks to you both. I have been wondering about Simon's progress and look forward to hearing how he's (you all are) doing.

  6. dawn

    2011-03-21 11:05:42 -0400

    This is so wonderful. Can't wait to check it out. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for next month. Simon has come a long ways and is truly a terrific boy. You have done an amazing job with him.
    Hope your all having fun on vacation, can't wait to see pictures of cute Anna and Gabrielle.

  7. Marcie L

    2011-03-21 11:09:23 -0400

    Love the Scentsy I have, so I bought more flavors and a small, plug in burner for my upstairs! Look forward to your posts about Simon and his progress.

  8. Farrah

    2011-03-21 11:19:15 -0400

    I've been wanting to try out the Scentsy products but I've been putting it off. Can't think of a better reason to give them a try now. Off to make an order.

  9. Verona

    2011-03-21 12:35:32 -0400

    My daughter in law introduced me to Scentsy at Christmas--so I'm hooked. :) Will try some new scents and buy a warmer for gift giving. Thanks to Shannon for her generosity. I'm glad to help the cause. Wouldn't it be great to find cures for autism, cancer, alzheimers, etc.

  10. marisa

    2011-03-21 14:09:48 -0400

    This is close to my heart as well and I just made my first purchase!

    We are placing a blue light on our porch to proudly display our support for our son's diagnosis on World Autism Awareness Day. It will be nice to read about your journey. Our son is 10 and was diagnosed much later in life but with my intense advocating he is now receiving support and services he needs!

  11. Judy Webb

    2011-03-21 18:09:51 -0400

    Off to call my Scentsy friend and order.

  12. Jules

    2011-03-21 19:07:02 -0400

    Good luck with the fundraiser - sadly it looks as if those of us in Australia can't participate :( This still happens fairly often sadly, we can see items online but can't get them posted directly to us. There are companies which will forward goods but that becomes hugely expensive. I will keep an eye out of Autism fundraisers here and contribute. Maybe having a cross section of researchers working on this will help achieve results sooner :)

  13. Barbara

    2011-03-21 20:06:36 -0400

    I love Scentsy! This is a great idea - I will be placing my order soon.

  14. Paula G

    2011-03-21 23:29:32 -0400

    It was my pleasure to purchase the Piece by Piece warmer tonite for such a wonderful cause. (I purchased a few other goodies too, like the adorable Elephant) I too am graced by God with a special child - a daughter who has comorbid sensory processing disorder, Aspergers and will soon be tested for bipolar. There is nothing more important than fulfilling a child's needs, and I wish more people knew about Autism Speaks.

  15. Jennifer Robinson

    2011-03-22 09:33:45 -0400

    Happy to support such an important charity and cause. Order placed! Never knew what scentsy was, looking forward to trying it. Hope you all raise a ton with this fundraiser!

  16. Jennifer Robinson

    2011-03-22 09:44:23 -0400

    Ali, I re-posted your blog excerpt about this to the Donna Downey's Inspired group site on yahoo. I met you and your sister at the first Inspired! Hope this helps get the word out!

  17. Staci

    2011-03-22 10:04:24 -0400

    I just got this warmer over the weekend and put it in my sons room. He loves it! He wanted it on all night, because he thinks it's just a new nightlight. I may have to have a chat with him about that.

    My mom was so excited to hear about this warmer, she is planning on getting one, so I will be linking her over!

  18. Karen

    2011-03-22 11:07:30 -0400

    Thanks for doing this!! I love the colors on the warmer and the cause is also near to my family's heart. My nephew also has autism . When I see all of your great post about Simon , it gives people strength!

  19. Kelli Rippee

    2011-03-24 17:26:30 -0400

    Thank you so much for this timely, for me, sharing! I have a new scentsy seller in my world, but haven't choosen yet. LOVED this one on your blog and althought I wasn't quite ready on the money end, when would I ever be. The excellent cause gave me the right incentive to go for it.

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