Project Life | Week Eight

Welcome to Project Life | Week Eight.

This week is mainly about the snow day. We've all been under the weather to one degree or another over the last seven days so it was actually nice to have one main day of photo-taking.

One of the things I'm really loving right now is using a Sharpie for the little titles and accent words on the journal cards. There's something about that contrast between thick and thin that I really like.

Still loving those Instax images. In fact I ordered a new toy last week that takes horizontal images twice the size of my other one. It just came yesterday and it's huge and super fun already.

I went back and forth about how I wanted to add in the journaling from our snow day.

At first I thought I would do all of it directly on the photos before printing, but ended up deciding to do a bit of both. I used a long journaler to include all the text that was included in that post and I added some of the text directly onto the photos.

Learn more about working with long journalers in both Elements and Word here.

On the back of the long journaler I adhered two overlapping photos: one of our house in the snow and one of the wisteria covered in snow.

For the photos from the snow day post I used a Journal Strips: Long from Katie Pertiet.

They were added to each photo in Elements before printing. Here's a closer look:

And the other side:

Those six photos are inside a We Are Memory Keepers 6-up, 12x12 page protector that I cut in half.

This last page is full of images from Thursday. Again, it's something I love about this format. I've got journaling including about things that happened on Friday and Sunday but the images are all from Thursday and it all works.

AND JUST A NOTE | I'm pretty sure that I've already printed more photos this year than my total for 2010. There's definitely something to be said for that.

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