Save The Date | Week In The Life 2011

Save the date for Week In The Life 2011 : July 25th through July 31st.

This year I've decided to document a week in our lives during the summer. Why? A look at what our lives look like in the summer months will be a really nice way to round out my Week In The Life album collections.

It's likely that I'll have a new design for the album this year - still in the 8.5x11 format.

I know one of the questions that people will have is what's the difference between this project and Project Life and will I be doing both? I will be doing both. The main difference for me is that Week In The Life is much more in-depth over the course of seven days. I do at least a full two+ page spread for each day with much more detailed journaling. My plan is to keep on doing Project Life like I am right now - little bits over the course of the week. It's likely that the photos might be repeats and I'm totally fine with that.

Read all about this project from both 2008 and 2010 here: Week In The Life.

Consider yourself invited!

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