Thankful Thought | No.1

I love that when my parents come to visit my kids only want Grandma to put them to bed.

"Grandma do it." says Anna.

"Grandma!" calls Simon as he rounds the corner to go upstairs to his bedroom.

I'm so thankful for that relationship.

I'm starting a new occasional series called Thankful Thoughts and you're invited to join me.

Each time I post a Thankful Thought (a photo + a few words) I'll include a free numbered overlay download for you to add to your own photo. I'm also included a rounded-corner photo mask in this first download for those of you who'd like to have rounded-corners on your photo.

Download Thankful Thought | 001 here.

Also for this first download I put together a video tutorial on how to use the overlay and the rounded-corner photo mask.

Ali Edwards | Thankful Thoughts Overlay + Photo Mask Tutorial from Ali Edwards on Vimeo.


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