AE | The Weekend Lens

Remembering breakfast at Saturday Market.

Remembering Anna hanging out with me in the backyard and messing around in the garden.

Remembering how much she loves to give me that big toothy grin (which is even more fun in the middle of lunch).

Remembering my love of yellow.

Remembering how at the last minute I remembered I have this dish that was just perfect for coloring eggs.

Remembering her joy.

Remembering that egg-coloring is one of Simon's least favorite activities. He walked right past us and went back outside to play frisbee.

Remembering how thankful I am for a new light.

Remembering them sharing a basket.

Remembering the little monkey in the monkey hat.

Remembering loving grandparents.

Remembering how many times his frisbee needed to be rescued.

Remembering love.

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