Around The Yard | Early Spring

When we returned home a week ago I was so excited to see so many things happening in our yard. I love being a witness to the changing season - it's especially fun for me this year as it's our first transition from winter to spring in this house.

One of the coolest things are these blooming white trees that line the streets coming up to our house. It's almost shocking to me to look out and see all this white.

These are all over the place in our front yard.

Also a large bush in our front yard.

Around back there's all sorts of things popping up - including lots and lots of weeds. That whole area right next to the house (between the house and the patio) is looking for some great shade plants - just a bit of morning sun right there.

The next project to be tackled is two vegetable beds that are going to go in this side area. We're not sure if the current set-up was used for a bed or for compost. I've got two new raised beds waiting to be laid in this spot. Hoping that will happen this week or next.

On the other side of the yard we had a new pergola built. The old one was barely holding the overgrown (but oh so awesome wisteria). We pruned the wisteria way back and it now has a much more stable structure on which to grow. The view in the photo above is looking into the right side yard.

Here's the view when standing in the right side yard looking back towards the house.

If I remember right these buds are the beginning of maple leaves.

And this, these are lilac buds. I'm so excited to see what color this giant lilac will be when it blooms.

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