Project Life | Week Fourteen

Welcome to Project Life | Week Fourteen

Page one:

The insert:

The right side:

The use of the tag on that top left photo was totally inspired after seeing Autumn's album. Love how her album is coming together.

And one close-up on the second page:

I don't feel like I have much extra to add this week. Just moving forward, printing photos, jotting down notes and stories, and collecting stuff. Wonderful process.

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  1. Nicole Jannink

    2011-04-12 07:00:15 -0400

    love to see your album in progress. Just like you i get inspired by seeing other albums than my own and love the tag on the photo too!

  2. dawn

    2011-04-12 07:47:45 -0400

    Looks like you had a good week. Love seeing Anna in pigtails again. The tag is a fun add-on. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Noelle

    2011-04-12 10:51:37 -0400

    I really enjoy seeing your album come together. My week fourteen is the first one I've had an insert for. I went to a quilt show with my friend (as the travel companion...I don't actually know how to sew)...there were just too many beautiful quilt pictures to not put a bunch in the album. I need to write up a long journal about it too, because we talked about everything under the sun on our 8hr round-trip drive.

  4. lindsey

    2011-04-12 11:28:29 -0400

    Nice to see a photo of you and perfect reminder to take more photos of myself.

  5. Libbi M.

    2011-04-12 11:30:13 -0400

    love, love, love your album Ali. After watching your weekly p.l. posts and getting tons of inspiration from Becky's site, i finally broke down and ordered my own p.l. kit. i'm on week #5 and completely loving the process. thank you for sharing.

  6. Margaret

    2011-04-12 12:37:34 -0400


  7. Lisa W

    2011-04-12 17:10:07 -0400

    -a little jealous of the 'date night' you had! -lol! that reminds me that my husband and i need to start doing that again. :)
    love your everyday photos. . .it's so REAL. . .you've inspired me (once again) to not force events just to get a photo. . .but to love the everyday life that i do have and document it. -simply beautiful Ali.

  8. Melissa

    2011-04-12 21:52:51 -0400

    Elmo and Dora in the same week? Head exploding! LOL! As always, thank you so much for sharing. You are such a kind person.

  9. Gypsy Chaos

    2011-04-13 00:42:37 -0400

    I love seeing how the same pieces look different; solely dependent on who is assembling the book!

    RE: save the date. I'm rather partial to Oct 8; 10.08.11 my husband and I will celebrate our 28 - TWENTY-EIGHTH! - anniversary. How the heck did that happen??
    My paternal grandparents, in-laws, one brother, and my sister all married in October. It's a good month.

  10. grace hester designs

    2011-04-13 20:34:28 -0400

    I am going through Project Life on my end, I am wishing that someone would invent a 3.5 X 2.5 punch already :o) Thanks for introducing me to divided page protectors!

  11. Paulina

    2011-04-15 10:57:05 -0400

    I LOVE seeing your creative and inspiring Project Life pages. I ordered the kit from Amazon and started assembling my pages and then realized how many VERTICAL images I have! It seems as if all the pages are set for horizontal images, unless I cut the verticals down to fit in the journaling slots (which I'm not crazy about doing). I saw some vertical pages from Becky Higgins on Amazon, but the layout isn't desirable with only 3 slots for images and 6 for journaling cards at the bottom (yes, 6!!) Do you have any recommendations for including vertical images in this book?

  12. Denise KC

    2011-04-20 21:24:34 -0400

    I love the Dora insert. It reminds me of when my girls were Anna's age -- sweet memories :)

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