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I wanted to take time today to say a great big THANK YOU to those of you who have signed up for my Scrapbook On The Road self-paced project class. I hope you have found the content useful and inspiring.


For those of you who have already purchased the class (or if you're considering the class and are interested in seeing what people have been making) I created a new public Flickr group for sharing your projects: Scrapbook On The Road. I'd love to see your project!


Another big thank you to those of you who have shared feedback with me. Here's a few recent reviews:

FROM MARIAM | I bought your scrapbook on the road class recently. OMG it changed my perspective about scrapbooking as a whole. I had to look into why I do this in the first place. I love it so much that you talk about the process and all. I am so pleased with this class you can't imagine.

FROM KIM | Thank you So Much for this class!!! Although it has taken me out of my comfort zone, it is the most creative and inspiring thing I've done in my 13 years of scrapbooking! I will be using this album/journal on an upcoming trip to Prague.

FROM AMY | I spent this evening watching your tutorials for the Scrapbook on the Road class. I LOVED every minute of it and I am so excited to start my album!

FROM SARA | I also just purchased your Scrapbook on the Road workshop. Thank you for providing it at such a reasonable price. I am so impressed with the handouts and the videos. It's such a joy to see how you document life. While I don't have any plans to travel in the near future, I still wanted to create something. After a bit of pondering, I decided to create an album that documents my adventures exploring my city; theaters, museums, restaurants, etc. More of a staycation mini, I guess.

If you're interested in learning more about Scrapbook On The Road check out the class information page.

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  1. Amy Grendel

    2011-04-19 12:31:11 -0400

    Hi Ali - I have purchased your class and was very impressed with the content and the affordable price.

    I plan on using the class to help me document our missions trip to a First Nation reserve this summer. I'm excited to go on the missions trip with something already planned out - while I'm there I always tend to journal (this being our 4th time up) but I never do anything with it when we get back (too busy or too tired). I'm hoping that with a format already in place it will come together a lot easier, and that it would help me to document the stories that we are hearing about while there.

    I'm excited to see what others will do with this project as well.

  2. Kendra

    2011-04-19 12:31:54 -0400

    I bought you scrapbook on the road for our upcoming trip to Disneyworld. I have all my supplies assembled and ideas in my head. Just have to find time now to get it done!

  3. helen

    2011-04-19 12:41:55 -0400

    Hi! Ipurchased the class a few weeks ago. I'at the end of the "before" part, the travel is programed for july, I making a road trip alone with my younger son, big adventure!! so inspired by this class, thanks so much!!!!

  4. Susan Anderson

    2011-04-19 13:01:14 -0400

    I love this class! I just got back from a trip to Philly. I added journaling and bits and pieces from the day, each evening...except for the last night when I was too tired. When I got home I added a few more items, printed my pics and it was ready to share with family and friends the first day back. I've never had a scrapbook come together so quickly! I'm heading to Disney in a few weeks and have already started that album. BEST. PROJECT. EVER.

  5. madeline St onge

    2011-04-19 14:12:56 -0400

    i am working on mine now and want it to be something I can take when i visit my kids and grandkids and we can all work on filling the pages.

  6. Barb C

    2011-04-19 14:33:00 -0400

    I have my book all set up for my upcoming trip. I included photos on my blog:

    Thanks for a great class!

  7. Raphaele

    2011-04-19 16:19:06 -0400

    Hi Amy.
    Thanks a lot for the workshop, I'm definitely fan!
    as soon as I viewed all the video, I began my book. This year, for holiday, I'm doing a beatiful trip in USA with my DH (2 frenchies in USA), from LA to las vegas, San francisco and the canyon. I look forward beginning the trip, still 2 weeks and a half
    I'll share you the results once it will be finished.
    Did you plan to propose any other workshops later on?

  8. Raphaele

    2011-04-19 16:20:43 -0400

    arg... i call you Amy, so sorry, keyboard fight, and unfortunately it won

  9. Sarah

    2011-04-19 16:54:30 -0400

    I discovered this class while on a working holiday in Las Vegas! It was perfect! I love how I now have it on my mac for future reference. I started looking for things to collect and bits and pieces to use in my book! I have since returned home (to AUS) and am putting my album together, its still fun doing it after... I'm ready to go for my next trip though!

  10. Ingrid from the Netherlands

    2011-04-19 16:57:51 -0400

    I've used this project for a trip to Fuerteventura (one of the Islas Canarias). It worked great. I only have one little detail that everyone should be aware of: never put your tiny scissors in your hand luggage, like I did ;-) . In Europe it is forbidden to have these kind of tools in your hand luggage and they will be confiscated.

  11. Christine

    2011-04-19 17:28:08 -0400

    This has been my best scrapbook project ever! I loved the videos and handouts. I had never used paint or mod podge before so this was a big leap for me. I loved having a finished album for my trip to San Antonio. I loved using stuff from my stash to create pages. I also added a few ideas of my own to add to the book. I will be sharing my finished product on the Flicker site. My daughter is taking a class trip to Washington DC and she wants an album to take with her so I get to play with paint again. :)
    Thanks Ali.
    p.s. I also bought the Halloween album workshop and I can't wait to get started.

  12. annette

    2011-04-19 17:43:33 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    I also took the class ,arranged my book and took supplies with me as you described in the class. We did a short little 4 day 3 night stay in South Lake Tahoe and it was great to just come home and print the photos and add to the book. I didn't have any map paper of the area we were going to so I printed a google map of the state and made my own.... Loved how it came out.... Thanks for another great class.....I will definately use this idea again and again....loved that I had a finsihed project before I even went back to work... will post to the flickr group later...


  13. Valerie

    2011-04-19 23:04:34 -0400

    urchased this class the first day it cme out Ali, and am thrilled to say, it's finished and ready to take on my cruise to the Canary Islands. Because I used my own stash, it has a slightly different look, but I love the idea of coming home with a mini book of my trip just waiting for pictures, with everything else done! Thanks so much for this class - I loved making this book!!

  14. Trisha

    2011-04-20 00:55:49 -0400

    Curious if the class videos and PDFs are viewable on an iPad? Want to buy but not if I'll have difficulty viewing?? Thanks in advance!

  15. borcherding

    2011-04-20 11:07:17 -0400

    Ali, I love everything you do but sadly, I am not a big traveler. Is there a lot of technique in this class that someone like me who doesn't get to travel a lot benefit from?? Thanks Ali!

  16. Marianne

    2011-04-21 17:26:58 -0400

    Totally inspiring! I am gathering my materials now but I cannot wait to try the gel medium on overlays! as always, your materials and inspiration are top notch!

  17. Esther

    2011-04-22 03:28:21 -0400

    I also bought the course, and totally loved it! It took me just three evenings to make a nice little album. It is now in the south of France, where I will be joining it in just over a week. :) Looking forward to it, it will be a fun extra activity in our minivacation! I'll share photo's of it when it's finished.

  18. Michelle

    2011-04-22 11:36:23 -0400

    I'm actually starting a on the road scrapbook for my upcoming road trip, end of May. I'm also working on a road scrapbook from my trip last year... I love little projects like this.

  19. Karen

    2011-04-22 16:12:14 -0400

    I purchased this class on Tuesday, and completed most of the album by Wednesday night. We're about to leave on a nearly 3 week road trip, and I'm looking forward to giving this a try on the road. I blogged about it today.

  20. Jo

    2011-04-24 18:16:58 -0400

    Thanks for adding a Flickr group, I was thinking just the other day how good it would be to see what others have done. I've just got back from a holiday with my young boys staying with my in-laws, poor husband had to stay at home due to new job. I have yet to put it all together with the photos but will definitely share it in the Flickr group when it's finished.

  21. reyna

    2011-04-27 21:49:32 -0400

    aloha ali! thank you so much for this class! it was so inspiring that i want to make one of my trip to japan in 2008 that i already made a photo book of! this type of scrapbook is perfect for all the tickets and papers i collected there.

    btw, i loved your use of the fuji instax prints! i was thinking of getting one but i think i'm going to get a pogo printer. i've read the prints are not as nice as the instax but i saw a video of how you can manipulate the prints and thought that it would be kinda cool to incorporate it in the SBOTR i'm doing for my trip to vegas this summer. i hope to be able to print from my phone and my camera. here's the link if you're interested in checking out the pogo photo manipulation.

    thanks again for this class! i loved it!!! great format, content, and price. i hope you do more like these!

  22. Delanie

    2011-06-05 22:33:32 -0400

    I've just purchased this class as I have a surprise, 2 week holiday to Hong Kong and Thailand coming up in less than a month. Unfortunately I sent the info to my home email address while I am currently stuck at work so I'm even more anxious than normal for the day to finish. :) I can see this being my solution to a travel journal and blog posts and ephemura and photos. Every element has it's own value and place but combine to be duplicated and overwhelming. So excited to get started.

  23. Linda

    2011-06-19 19:33:02 -0400

    After purchasing this class, I had so much fun assembling my first Scrapbook On The Road for upcoming trip to Yosemite! It reminds me so much of the composition notebooks my mother used to make us write in on our vacations---we saved paper place mats, postcards and straw papers to document our trips. I plan to make another version of my disabled brother who will be accompanying me on the trip.

  24. Monica

    2011-07-15 09:34:27 -0400

    I LOVED this class. It made me scrapbook in a way other than starting with pictures which was a stretch for me, but so much fun! I made a little video of my completed album if anyone would like to see it. :)

    Thanks Ali!! This was an awesome class, and SO AFFORDABLE! Love it!


  25. Iman Mak

    2013-03-04 12:43:14 -0500

    Hi Ali,
    I just saw your email - Is it too late to oder this workshop :(

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