She | April 2011

SHE wakes up happy just about everyday and almost always asks where Simon is first thing.

SHE has started to have opinions about her clothes. We are now hanging clothes in her closet as "outfits" so she can easily pick out one whole package -  skirt, top, sweater or pants, top, sweater, etc. The bottom rod is just the right height for her to choose an outfit. It's super cute to see her little outfits all in a row and watch her look through them and say "pretty."

SHE wants to do everything herself. She especially wants to be able to get into the car, sit in her seat, and buckle herself in (she can definitely get in the car and get into her seat on her own but she can't quite manage the buckle - she gets SO mad). "ANNA DO IT!"

SHE loves imaginative play. If you've never had a kid that didn't do imaginative play you might not recognize how amazingly awesome it is to witness. She bakes cookies in her kitchen while chatting away, she creates scenarios for Dora & Diego and the Playmobile people. Every time I hear her creating a conversation my heart feels good.

SHE says "yes, please" more often than not - two of the best words in the English language.

SHE wants to go with Daddy to visit the Capitol. The other morning she was sitting on my lap for breakfast while I was reading the paper. On the opinion page was an editorial cartoon with a picture of the Capitol. She points to it and says "Capitol." Yep, things are a little different around here.

SHE cracks up at stuff. She finds lots of things funny and laughs with her whole body.

SHE is starting to pick up some of Simon's behaviors or at least imitating him. These are not necessarily things we want her to be adopting - upset noises and facial expressions of disappointment and distress at the dinner table most specifically.

SHE loves to look at books and has gotten some of them down. My current favorite to hear her "read" is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

SHE says "mine" a lot.

SHE still makes that wonderful noise when she eats something she really enjoys. It's goes something like "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" and it's totally involuntary - we always know when she really, really likes something she's eating because her little "mmmmmm" motor starts running. The other night when eating spaghetti she said, "This is tasty!"

SHE is an awesome little two-year-old.

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