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April 14, 2011

She | April 2011

SHE wakes up happy just about everyday and almost always asks where Simon is first thing.

SHE has started to have opinions about her clothes. We are now hanging clothes in her closet as “outfits” so she can easily pick out one whole package -  skirt, top, sweater or pants, top, sweater, etc. The bottom rod is just the right height for her to choose an outfit. It’s super cute to see her little outfits all in a row and watch her look through them and say “pretty.”

SHE wants to do everything herself. She especially wants to be able to get into the car, sit in her seat, and buckle herself in (she can definitely get in the car and get into her seat on her own but she can’t quite manage the buckle – she gets SO mad). ANNA DO IT!

SHE loves imaginative play. If you’ve never had a kid that didn’t do imaginative play you might not recognize how amazingly awesome it is to witness. She bakes cookies in her kitchen while chatting away, she creates scenarios for Dora & Diego and the Playmobile people. Every time I hear her creating a conversation my heart feels good.

SHE says “yes, please” more often than not – two of the best words in the English language.

SHE wants to go with Daddy to visit the Capitol. The other morning she was sitting on my lap for breakfast while I was reading the paper. On the opinion page was an editorial cartoon with a picture of the Capitol. She points to it and says “Capitol.” Yep, things are a little different around here.

SHE cracks up at stuff. She finds lots of things funny and laughs with her whole body.

SHE is starting to pick up some of Simon’s behaviors or at least imitating him. These are not necessarily things we want her to be adopting – upset noises and facial expressions of disappointment and distress at the dinner table most specifically.

SHE loves to look at books and has gotten some of them down. My current favorite to hear her “read” is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

SHE says “mine” a lot.

SHE still makes that wonderful noise when she eats something she really enjoys. It’s goes something like “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and it’s totally involuntary – we always know when she really, really likes something she’s eating because her little “mmmmmm” motor starts running. The other night when eating spaghetti she said, “This is tasty!”

SHE is an awesome little two-year-old.


  • 1.
    dawn said…

    This is so sweet, love reading these post about your kids. Your Anna sounds like my Summer at that age. Summer had to pick out her clothes too and she changed them all day. Finally I got her a big basket and put her clothes in there and only hung up the dressy kinds so they wouldn’t wrinkle. What made her happy at that time was the color blue, all her clothes and socks and shoes had to be blue and she would wear 2 different colored blue socks everyday too. She still does that. This went on for almost a year and she finally outgrew her love of blue and started wearing all colors but I missed those days and how cute she was when picking/changing her clothes. She has a laugh like no other in this house and a yell that is a ear piercing scream and still has it when mad at something. The only promblem now is at almost 13 her sassy side is coming out more and more and it’s that sweet side of her that saves her everytime. She just can’t stay mad for long, that smile and that laugh comes out and all is good again. Hope Anna will be that way for you too. Thanks again for sharing another sweet story about your sweet girl.

  • 2.
    Paula in Australia said…

    Oh Ali sounds so familiar. My two year old makes noises and lots of things are “mine” as well. It is such a beautiful age – even with the terrible two’s showing up almost daily. Thanks for sharing.

  • 3.
    Amy said…

    LOVE this post. my kids are little so i can totally relate. my son used to have an “mmmmmmmm” motor when he ate.(i called him the flamingo kid. do you remember that movie? matt dillon’s character did that when he ate) my son outgrew it sometime in the last year and i miss it. you remind me that i should write down some of the everyday things about where my kids are right now – and that it would be a fun easy thing to do.

    • ….
      KimD said…

      My son does it too and I totally am reminded of the Flamingo Kid every time! Glad someone else understands :)

  • 4.
    Diane Cook said…

    How precious are these fleeting moments; how well preserved. Enjoy, becuase they’re littleness is but a blink of an eye.

  • 5.
    Stephanie said…

    SHE is like SHE is because of the loving home SHE is growing up in. SHE is going to have the best memories to look back at because SHE is your girl and YOU are an amazing mama!!! SHE is blessed because SHE has an amazing family that creates an enviroment where SHE is able to be herself…happy, loveable and dang super cute!

  • 6.
    Susan said…

    What a wonderful bit of journaling! When I came to the imaginative play I couldn’t help but laugh and share your joy at my own kids – especially my twin 13-year olds who still have imaginative play. I get just as much a kick out of it now as I ever have…and then I read her current favorite read of Brown Bear, Brown Bear and I almost cried. My grandson’s favorite!!!! Right now – and he is 3 states away and I don’t get to see him often.

  • 7.
    Kim said…

    I hardly ever comment even though I read all the time but here I sit in my office feeling a little weepy. Two is the best, best age. My “babies” are 27 and almost 22 now but this so takes me back. My 27 year old son is getting married in a little over two weeks and my 21 year old daughter may be getting engaged this year. HE was the king of make believe and SHE had a pair of red glitter shoes that she wore day and night for over a month until she switched to the orange plastic jellies. Thanks for giving me a looking back moment to start my day…….

  • 8.
    Shonie said…

    Aren’t little ones so precious?! This started my day off with a smile. Thank you for sharing all of Anna’s sweet little personality traits right now. I especially like the “mmmmmm” for something she likes to eat. So cute!

  • 9.
    Mae said…

    My daughter used to make the same sound as Anna when she was little. Guess what? She’s turning 21 in a couple of months and she still makes the same sound when she likes her food. I love hearing it especially when she’s eating the food I cook.

  • 10.
    Nicky from Canada said…

    Amazing little creatures they are that we can be totally smitten by!!

  • 11.
    Pam said…

    This is so sweet…my fave age. Anna is a wonderful little girl.

  • 12.
    Sue TR said…

    Oh what a wonderful post, I’m “verclemped”. My twin girls are 9, almost 10 which is an amazing age (as you know with Simon) thank you for reminding me about being 2. We’re sadly done having babies so we don’t get a second chance for firsts (or as I say, we don’t have a “starter kid” to practice on!) we’re two and done… All these posts about Ana make me want to go back and re-do all my layouts from earlier years before I forget the little details like that!! Thank you for reminding us of the sweetness of the early years

    • ….
      Gypsy Chaos said…

      Re-doing layouts would erase who you were at that time. It’s a mistake I made and regret!

      Yet the tug to record those little details needn’t be ignored. Do layouts today about what you remember from those years gone by. You might even include what prompted you to remember some details – such as this blog post.

      … and this way, you use more supplies; have more layouts; ANd show your lovely girls how much those little moments mean to you – after all, you REMEMBERED them, years later!

    • ….
      Sue TR said…

      Hi Gypsy….I think what I was thinking was adding into the albums that I’ve already done as I transition them from strap hinge (they drive me nuts, always catywampus, don’t sit nice on the shelf) to 3 ring. But you’re right, it would interrupt the flow of the original work. Thanks for the input!!

  • 13.
    Susie Leggett said…

    What a wonderful snapshot of Anna’s life right now. This journaling would be so awesome on a layout all about her.

  • 14.
    Jenni Hufford said…

    having a little girl is so fun, isn’t it? i loved age 2 with my daughter. :)

  • 15.

    Anna is just so cute and sweet. It reminds me so much of when my daughter was about her age. Wow has time gone by she will graduate and go off to college next year. Time really does fly by. I have been reading your blog for years and have enjoyed it greatly. I must say my favorite is of her doing yoga. I know I have said that couple of times already but it makes me smile. Thanks for sharing your photos. And I love watching her grow up and make her own way with her personality.

  • 16.
    Cynthia said…

    SHE is adorable and god this is such a great age. I remember how lovely and funny and so much his own person Nick was at this age. The beauty of it all is how much you are enjoying it, appreciating it and just living in the moment. Enjoy!

  • 17.
    iowajewel said…

    every last one of you that have kids young like Ali make sure you are taking everyday photos and journaling the little things. you are all so lucky to have Ali to show you the way!!!!! my only child is in her 20′s and half way across the U.S.. most all of my scrapbook pages are birthdays and holidays, i didn’t know about doing pages about all the wonderful little things that matter most back then. you have the great opportunity to capture the fleeting and precious moments of your children’s lives that will mean the most when the grown and moved away!

    • ….
      Gypsy Chaos said…

      pull those little moments from your memory banks. create some layouts. random thoughts. things she said over and over and over and well, back then you thought she’d never stop but now, you’d love to hear those words one more time. those toys or stuffed animals that she STILL won’t allow you to remove from your storage place. maybe stories behind outfits or gifts or party themes – things you’ve already scrapped in a ‘big event’ way but now want to capture in the details.

    • ….
      iowajewel said…

      wow thank you for the note, i was crying when i wrote my post! sniff, sniff! you are right i CAN do that and your response was so kind and caring. i have already thought of some ideas, thank you so much!!!!!

  • 18.
    doris said…

    Love this Ali. You’ve captured her so well. Two year olds are hilarious.

  • 19.
    Anna Aspnes said…


  • 20.
    Gypsy Chaos said…

    Aw, she is the cutest girl. Not really – every two year is just wonderful. We catch glimpses of who they will be in the years ahead. We wonder how their talents will develop. Ah, the personality shines through yet they’re still works in the early stages!

    I really like the repetitive use of ‘She’. Today I also read your journaling about Simon in your fb note. These two combine to clearly show everyone just how loved these children are, and just how observant their mother is. Thank you for sharing your love of your life. It provides that poke I need to remember these moments for my children.

  • 21.
    Lycia said…

    OMG, this is SO sweet! Thank you for sharing Anna (and Simon!) with your readers.

  • 22.
    Susana said…

    Reminds me so much of my Samantha at that age. She is almost 6 now and I have to agree on how much enjoyment I get from hearing her imaginative play. We still have a baby monitor in her room because our bedrooms are pretty far apart. Every weekend morning she wakes us up to the delighted sounds of her playing with her barbies or dolls. I love to hear the dialogue she comes up with and the different voices she uses.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • 23.
    Jan B said…

    She’s so adorable, Ali, and I love your thoughts. I love seeing what she’s doing “now” because my 21-month-old is right behind her! :)

    • ….
      Jan B said…

      Oh, wow. Was that a Freudian slip, or what? My 21-month-old is actually my granddaughter, not my own. Sigh. If only… ;)

  • 24.
    Lisa W. said…

    OMG she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I just want to jump on that couch tickle her toes, kiss her little cheeks and sit and read books to her, and her to me ALL DAY LONG!! Now does that sound like the best day EVER!!!!!! I love her little personality. She is darling. Keep these post coming…they really make my day. Thanks Ali

  • 25.
    Erika said…

    Totally going to copy this “she…” for my blog today…just so you know ;) Love hte way you write, Ali!

  • 26.
    Stacy said…


  • 27.
    Makiko said…

    These are the posts that keep me coming back to your blog daily – the ones that remind you to slow down and jot down the everyday little things. My girl just turned three and she also says, “it’s very tasty.” She’s also picked up some of her seven year old sister’s expressions (again, not always the positive ones) and she definitely must put herself in the carseat by herself. These things just crack me up, but I haven’t written it down anywhere and by this time next year, I know I’ll have forgotten. Thanks for the everyday reminders, Ali.

  • 28.
    lilly said…

    oh, you’re in trouble when she gets such opinions on clothes. and she’s only 2! my daughter is 5 and i have to twist her arm no to wear a dress on snow days. LOL

    she is a adorable cute little self…..opinios and all!

  • 29.
    Deborah said…

    Really can’t believe SHE is already two. People always tell me that as you get older, life slows down and time speeds up. I find that both are just whizzing by. Enjoy.

  • 30.
    Kirsten J said…

    Oh!!! I loved that little “pleasure sound” when my girl ate. She did it here and there until she was almost 4…melts me. What a doll baby you have :)

  • 31.
    tara pollard pakosta said…

    I remember my niece making the mmmmmmmmmm noise while eating and she was the firstborn grand-child and we all thought HOW adorable it was! she’s all grown up with babies of her own now.
    Anna is adorable!!! Love how she is so independent and strong!


  • 32.
    tara pollard pakosta said…

    p.s. be happy she will still let you put the outfits together! my daughter at 18 months picked out her own clothes and there was no stopping it. she would put on 5 pairs of socks at once and we had to help her put them so you could see each design on each sock. and she would put on a shirt and shoes w/ all those socks and no pants! but she knew there was a new baby coming any day and she was asserting herself!!!
    soon anna will be choosing and won’t let you help put those outfits together at all! then the fun begins . ha!!!

  • 33.
    carol said…

    This old gal with no grands is totally enjoying watching your children grow. What a gift for me… and what a blessing for you. Thanks for sharing your sweetness.

  • 34.
    Debbie S. said…

    Tasty! That’s so cute! :) So fun…love girls. I have 3…such a gift.

  • 35.
    tania willis said…

    i love this post. :)

  • 36.
    Jolynn said…

    AWWWWW I loved reading this post. Made me remember when my Tay was little. Now I’m planning her wedding and think where has the time gone!

  • 37.
    Nancy said…

    Thanks for sharing with us Ali! SHE is adorable and sounds like a lot of fun!

  • 38.
    Nancy L said…

    I love this post. I have a 6 wk old granddaughter and am enjoying watching every moment, every new activity. Can’t wait for this stage again.

  • 39.
    madeline St onge said…

    She is a dolly Ali
    Theres your journaling for the LO to go with that photo. Cute

  • 40.
    Paula G said…

    SHE is beuautiful, may God bless her every day of her life.

  • 41.
    Freda said…

    I really loved hearing about She and it has left me smiling. The only problem is that it makes me a little sad I never had a daughter, but that is silly as I have 4 fine sons and 7 grandchildren (4 of them girls) Thanks for sharing!

  • 42.
    Rhonda said…

    Lovely to have such a sweet girl. Make sure you get her choosing her clothes and her yummy noises and her reading on video! They change so quickly and then those little things are so hard to remember years later.

  • 43.
    KimD said…

    My son does the same thing when he eats and it always makes me smile. He’s turning 5 tomorrow and I know the preschool teachers were trying to get him to eat quietly but I don’t even think he realizes it!

  • 44.
    Dawn said…

    I totally understand about going from a non-imaginative play child (my son with autism is 8 1/2–I have watched your son and mine grow up together). My typical 4 year old girl is AMAZING when it comes to the things she thinks up…she even does different baby voices for her three favorite baby dolls. As a once over-the-top imaginative child, it is really great to see.

  • 45.
    Amy L said…

    So sweet, Ali.

  • 46.
    Melinda Kirk said…

    She is ready for ‘baking’ cupcakes the way I used when I was little:

    2 cups of cottonwool balls
    1/2 cup of confetti
    mix well in a large bowl
    spoon into patty pans
    bake for as long as it takes to make tea :)

    I used to LOVE it!

  • 47.
    Olessia Prescott said…

    Hi Ali,

    I love the way you see it and say it the way everyone who is reading having feeling of you been talking about there own kids, life and feelings….
    You have a great gift,
    Thanks for shearing.

  • 48.
    Tam said…

    Adorable post about ur little girl. Enjoyed reading about her

  • 49.
    Tiffany said…

    My Addy just turned two last week. So many similarities to Anna.I am so grateful that you’ve inspired me to record and remember the everyday moments that occur in our family. I have a son who’s three as well as my two year old. I view everyday with them as a blessing. I know how short lived it will be and am extra attentive (thanks to you) about capturing our life as it is right now (the good, the bad and the ugly…one phrase…”poop and potty training”…need I say more! It’s all good, it’s all fun, it’s all fleeting and it’s all worth remembering.

  • 50.
    Solgunn said…

    Loved reading this post.Thanks for sharing.

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