Dear 16-Year-Old Me | Skin Cancer Awareness

I found this video via a link Becky Higgins posted yesterday and I think it's a super important message about melanoma.

As some of you may know, melanoma is part of my story. I've written just a little about my personal journey here and here. I've had over 40 moles removed - all but five or so came back abnormal with one being stage one melanoma (I was about six or seven months pregnant with Anna). I see a dermatologist every three to six months for full body checks and have my eyes checked by an eye surgeon annually.

I made my first appointment with a dermatologist after my Dad had a few moles removed (none of his have been melanoma but he has had two other types of skin cancer) and after the death of someone I knew - a young Mom named Julie (close friend of my friend Carrie Colbert). You can read the beginning of her story, in her own words, written in December 2006 here. I definitely credit her words for spurring me to action.

In sharing this today I hope it spurs someone else to pick up the phone if they have any moles that might seem suspicious. Read more about melanoma here.

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