Project Life | Week Seventeen

Welcome to Project Life | Week Seventeen.

This week I ended up with two 8.5x11 inserts due to the major news of Osama bin Laden's death.

Let's start at the beginning:

The beginning of the week included a new recipe from our local paper, a book tag, a trip to the eye doctor, and some creative work for an upcoming project.

I scanned Simon's Reading Record and included the journaling from this post.

The back side includes an email I sent to his teacher and his lunch menu from April (just folded in half and slipped inside the page protector).

The second insert includes the front page of the paper from Monday morning (I know it's "this week" but it made sense to me to put it together with when we first heard the news - no right or wrong).

The back side includes the printed text of President Obama's speech. You can access that here.

I added a paperclip at the top of the page protector to keep it inside - the bulk of the paper seems to make it want to jump out of the page protector.

I also took a photo of the TV while the President was speaking.

Want to read more about scrapbooking world events? Loved this post that Noell did over at Paperclipping: Five Prompts For Scrapbooking Major World Events.

We saw Wicked on Saturday night and it was awesome.

I made my first pancakes ever (Chris usually makes them and he was away).

Simon and Chris played frisbee golf.

And the one thing I didn't include is how I worked in the yard most of the day on Sunday. I think I'll do a layout about that.

One thing you might notice above are a couple little tabs I added to two of the photos. For these I just hand-wrote a little title on the back of one of the journaling cards, cut with scissors, and stapled onto the photo.

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