Project Life | Week Twenty

Welcome to Project Life | Week Twenty

Last week was busy with travel and Chris being away from home most of the week.

My new iPhone (finally upgraded from the 3GS to the 4) is taking photos that are turning out really great. The photo of my boots, the lilac, the self-portrait, and the pool photo were all taken with my iphone. I love the freedom to leave the larger camera at home.

Here's a closer look at week twenty:

More garden images this week.

An insert that includes this story from last week. I used one of my long journalers to hold the story.

The back of the insert includes Chris' number from a race he participated in last weekend and a copy of a story that ran in Portland about his team.

The right side of the spread includes a bunch of little tags from Bananafish Studio.

The journal block in the bottom corner is a new product available at Designer Digitals called Bracket Outline 4x6. These can be used as overlays on top of photos or printed on cardstock like I did here (among other things of course).

The package includes six different designs.

You can see in this image that after printing I used scissors to cut out the bracket shape and adhered it on top of pattern paper. It's a fun way to add a bit of color to a journal block.

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The album kit (similar to the one I’m using) is available for purchase through Amazon. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

20 thoughts

  1. iHanna

    2011-05-24 06:07:37 -0400

    Anna is so cute in that b/w image. Love the brackets too, they remind me of an open book. It's soo cool that you're still doning this and it's soon a whole half year! :-)

  2. Martha Thomas

    2011-05-24 08:22:05 -0400

    Love love love when you share PL! I was wondering how much time each week do you spend putting it together? Not so much the gathering part but the actual making it part. Thanks for being such an amazing inspiration! :)

  3. dawn

    2011-05-24 08:41:25 -0400

    I love the b/w of Anna and her pigtails. So cool to see about your kids/garden/solo trip all in one week. The brackets are awesome and so are the little tags you used.

  4. Melissa

    2011-05-24 09:18:11 -0400

    RE: your iPhone... I recently upgraded from the 3G (dinosaur!) to the 4 *because of the camera*. Big difference between a 2 & a 5mp and did you know that unless you're enlarging beyond 8x10" you really don't need anything larger than 4mp? Still... since technology has allowed 10 & 12mp as the norms for p&s cameras, I'm really excited that one day our phones may also be our high-end DSLRs.
    ANYWAY... welcome back!! It's great to have you back on the blog and I look forward to seeing stories/photos from your journey to AZ. :)
    Have a great week... BLESSINGS

  5. Debbie S.

    2011-05-24 09:27:26 -0400

    Oh my...I love that bracket and the cute tags! It looks just a bit different and really cute. Lifting that...thanks, Ali! :)

    BTW, your clematis photo yesterday was great. How fun to be enjoying a new-to-you garden...helping it along. I am really looking forward to an update on your veggies...anything popping up yet?

  6. Kim G

    2011-05-24 09:29:02 -0400

    I have a bunch of pictures on my itouch and smartphone. How do you print them? Do you email them to yourself? Would love your input on the subject of printing phone photos.
    Thank you

  7. Cynthia

    2011-05-24 09:32:28 -0400

    Okay so I just ran over (lol) and picked up the bracket outlines from DD. I LOVE THEM!! Such a fantastic idea Ali! Thanks so much; another totally creative thing to add to Project Life.

    I am finding that when I am current with the PL it is so much easier to add in the extras or be that little bit more creative...definitely have a great new add for this week! Thanks again for sharing.

  8. Melissa

    2011-05-24 09:58:48 -0400

    I love looking at your PL post each week. Thank you for giving me great ideas! I love the new brackets too.

    I have wanted the long journalers for awhile now, which one at of the 2 you have do you use more? Does one work better for PL? I can't figure out which one to get!
    Thank you!

  9. Lynn

    2011-05-24 10:09:03 -0400

    Ali, when you print your iphone pictures are you printing them at home on a small 4X6 printer or on your larger one? Was also wondering if you crop and round the corners or if they print that shape/size.

  10. Rhenna

    2011-05-24 11:38:59 -0400

    Hi Ali, totally love that you are keeping up with Project Life. I am a couple of weeks behind but still getting it done :) I have a question...where do you get the page protectors for your long journalers? I would like to order some but haven't been able to find what you have been using... Thanks for your help :)

  11. JenRay

    2011-05-24 12:40:13 -0400

    I love seeing your 365 updates. i haven't even been keeping up with CZ's "The Monthly," so I know better than to take 365 on! I love my WITL album though, so plan to play along with you again this summer.
    Re: the iPhone - I have a 3G, and for my birthday (in March), DH said he would get me a new one, but I thought I would just wait until the next one comes out (figuring it would be summer) Now rumors are that it won't be until Fall. And maybe not even much of an upgrade. You are making me want to run out and get a 4 today! You would recommend I upgrade soon instead of waiting, eh?

  12. Deb J

    2011-05-24 12:41:08 -0400

    Had to go over and get the bracket outlines and a couple of other elements of yours. I really like having Designer Digitals to go to for good stuff. Thanks Ali.

  13. Kim A.

    2011-05-24 13:05:15 -0400

    Hey Ali, thanks so much for posting your project life each week. It makes it so much more motivating to get mine done and keep up. I was wondering if you are finding your binder quite full and since it is only week 20 I wonder if the whole year will fit? I just find with adding in the extra page each week (which I totally love....its making it quite bulky already) Just a thought, I noticed Becky is going to keep the same theme (plus more...can't wait to see!!) next year so at least there is no rush if I need a new binder. Thanks!


  14. Danica

    2011-05-24 17:57:00 -0400

    I check your blog regularly for inspiration, so thank you! I don't usually make comments but couldn't resist when I noticed the PPP picture in your PL. I live in Bend so thought that was something I could relate to in a way. Random, but just thought I'd let you know you have a Bend admirer and recognized the PPP. :)

  15. Damiane Lucas

    2011-05-24 19:28:25 -0400

    Thank you, Ali, for the joy! I love peeking at your PL album each week; it's "sooo" colorful and full of wonderful activity.

    Thank you for your commitment to this project. When I feel like giving up on my PL album, you inspire me again and again!

  16. Damiane Lucas

    2011-05-24 19:33:48 -0400

    Quick question, Ali: As you work on a PL layout, do you consider the color scheme? Do you go with a certain shade or color?

    Some of my layouts look "visually cluttered." Bright, outside photos next to more muted, indoor photos. This isn't looking so attractive on my album. Any tips?

  17. sarah

    2011-05-24 21:23:19 -0400

    stop making me want to upgrade my 3gs to a 4! ;)

    so was chris a pole, peddle or paddle? i've always thought that looked like such a fun time - although, i'd have more fun being a spectator rather than a participant. i'm not very athletic. ha! :)

  18. Amy Albert

    2011-05-25 17:34:07 -0400

    Your weekly project life updates keep me inspired to keep going, so a Big Thank You!! I also enjoy seeing all the simple but creative things that you add or do to make it so much more!!
    Question for you...I am in the market for a new "pocket" camera. My Sony Cyber-shot is four+ years old and slowly not taking as great of pictures. Actually many pictures are coming out witha yellowish look to them. I have a Canon Rebel (love it), but love having a camera that fits in my pocket and take anywhere. Any suggestions for me? It was back in Jan. when I asked for advise about being afraid to take the canon out of the answered with just take it out and play. And thats now what I do everyday with it, so thank you. Anyways I thought maybe you might have a suggestion or two for me, I don't get the chance to buy a camera often, so I am excited about this!! Thanks!

  19. Kristin A.

    2011-05-27 01:44:32 -0400

    I really enjoy your blog, Ali, but save for contests am I silent observer. Tonight I break my silence, however, to thank you for sharing your Project Life with us each week. I decided at the last minute to join in (I think I ordered on New Year's Eve) knowing full well it would be challenging, but worth it, to document our life in this way. Like you, I don't expect myself to scrapbook each and every moment, but take lots of photos, love all those little "bits of life" and I love to write (oh, how you should see my Week in the Life!). Seeing that you are keeping up with PL is very encouraging to me! I haven't "kept up", yet don't feel "behind" as I know that, as time permits, I will get there. I continue to take lots of photos and have bits of ephemera stored away (it's coming out of my ears quite frankly). Just last week my hubby and I sat down and scheduled craft nights for me, hobby nights for him, etc. Wednesdays are now my craft nights and I am so looking forward to them! So my first was postponed until tonight (Thursday), but postponed is better than cancelled! I got a lot (by my standards) done and feel totally pumped! I am *hoping* that tomorrow during nap time I can organize all that ephemera! If not, that will come. Thanks again for sharing.

    And oh man does this make me all the more excited for Week in the Life. I joined in for the first time last year and will treasure that album FOREVER! Now with another little one (I've got three - 5 1/2 years, 2 1/2 years and 7 mos) I am all the more excited to document our life in really great detail. This time goes by SO fast and I don't want to forget everything that makes this time so special and wonderful. I thought about doing Week in the Life on my own earlier this year, but thought waiting for you and knowing you and many others around the world would be doing it with me would be a really powerful thing (and, wanting to get my PL at least mostly "caught up" before starting something else).

    Oh, one more thing...I LOVE your "today you" idea. I've been doing that every once in awhile for each of my kids and really, really love it! What a great way to document them as individuals on any given *normal* day. Anyway, it's a good thing I usually keep to myself...I am really rambling on here! Thanks again for sharing! I'll keep quiet now! :)

  20. Kathy

    2011-05-28 00:07:41 -0400

    This is my first year doing PL and I just love it and all of your great inspiration. The new bracket outlines are a perfect addition to PL. Thanks Ali for sharing and teaching us all to think outside the box about our everyday lives.

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