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GIVEAWAY | Three people will receive two packages of Photocurators (for 10 photos total) from The Curator Company.

The Photocurator was launched at the 2008 Sydney Design Festival by designer Huw Jones for the newly formed Curator Company. Built upon the principle of wanting to encourage creativity, the Photocurator is the first of their designer tools built for creative people.

Here's more details: The Photocurator is a new and exciting way to display your 4x6 photos on the wall. By using two mounts per photograph and the included mounting card you can set up a composition of images on your wall which can then be updated easily & regularly.

Your 6×4 prints are held within the Photocurator using the natural tension created by the curve of the photo. It is this light touch that the mount has with the print which makes the swapping of images so simple. Watch videos of the process (and how easy they are to remove when needed) here.

They also have PSD files of the colored borders to use when you print your photos.

Check out what Designboom had to day about the launch.

The Curator Company is based in Australia. They can take orders through their site or you can order through their US distributor: Jasper And Black.

on the wall

FROM ALI | Huw sent me a couple packages of Photocurators to test out here at home. I loved the look of them in the photos he had emailed but I definitely wanted the chance to try them myself before I recommending them. I decided to put them up in my office and I love them. Each package includes enough brackets for 5 photos - I used two packages in the image here.

They were really easy to put up and even easier to remove (when I made a mistake with my spacing). I didn't measure mine but you could definitely do that with a ruler to get the spacing just right. I love that they are easily inter-changeable and I'm planning to hang some more in other areas of our house - it's a super simple and easy way to live with your photos. Great, innovative product.

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GIVEAWAY | One person will receive a copy of Expressive Photography from Shutter Sisters.

From the Sacramento Book Review : Ten women photographers shooting from the heart collaborate and produce a wonderfully complete reference book for exactly that: expressive photographing. The Shutter Sister's Expressive Photography is an eye-candy guidebook that illustrates how delightful and heartfelt images can be captured. From lighting through perspective and composition to approach, the reader is inspired to look at simple life and the world around them with a rejuvenated creative eye. The book is filled with images from many facets of photographic opportunities-life as it happens in all sorts of lighting situations: outdoor in natural light; indoor with artificial light; or soft light from a window; and the world at night. I absolutely loved this book and many times have it by my bedside for inspiration. It will be a cherished present for the avid photography buff.

FROM ALI | Tracey sent me this book last week (not sure how in the world I hadn't already ordered it myself) and I have to say that I feel really, really inspired. This book speaks to me. It's all about seeing and emotion and it makes me want to take more pictures. I love reading each of the captions under the photos and learning about the motivation and the story that went into the shot. This book is not a how-to in terms of specs and settings on your camera, but it definitely is a how-to in terms of developing a desire to live life fully aware and to see things through your lens you might otherwise miss. Highly recommended.

Photographers (all collaborators at Shutter Sisters) who contributed to the book include Tracey Clark, Andrea Scher, Kate Inglis, Sarah-Ji, Maile Wilson, Irene Nam, Stephanie C. Roberts, Paige Balcer, Karen Walrond, and Jen Lemen (just clicking on each of those links to their blogs is inspiration in and of itself).

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GIVEAWAY | Three people will receive a vintage camera necklace from ASideOfPeaches.com.

ASideofPeaches.com is an online store that sells goodies for women at amazing prices. Today's Deal is a Vintage Inspired Camera Necklace for only $7.99. Get yours before they are gone!


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  1. Lori P

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    Wow!! Awsome giveaways!!!

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    Ali, thanks for the opportunity to win one of these. I like all three!

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    Always awesome givaways!!! Good luck everyone.

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    Great giveaways! Thanks!

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    Cool giveaways. I'm crossing my fingers!

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    Hooray for generous sponsors!

  7. Rhenna

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    Thanks again Ali for yet another awesome opportunity to try something new :)

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    Awesome giveaways - will have to try the curators - so cool!!

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    I always love your give-a-ways! Happy Memorial Day to you all!

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    Great contest! What an adorable necklace!

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    Great giveaways! Thanks Ali :)

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    Another lovely set of giveaways this weekend. Thanks for the chance!

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    Great giveaways as usual!!!

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    Wow!! I love every single one.... would love any of them! Thanks for always introducing us to such great products :) V

  15. Megan

    2011-05-30 21:29:01 -0400

    Hope you & your family enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend. As always, thanks for sharing your inspiring finds!

  16. donna c

    2011-05-30 21:29:19 -0400

    wow yet another awesome giveaway. your photo displays at home are stunning! thanks for being so generous and inspiring. happy Memorial Day weekend to all....

  17. Jenny S

    2011-05-30 21:33:22 -0400

    Love the photocurators! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for the giveaways! Hope you have a great Memorial Day!

  19. Jill

    2011-05-30 21:41:52 -0400

    What an amazing giveaway! Thanks Ali! I love Photocurators, and Shutter Sister rock my face off. Awesome. Awesome.

  20. alise

    2011-05-30 21:46:17 -0400

    great giveaways thanks for the chance to win!!

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    2011-05-30 21:57:14 -0400

    What fabulous products....thanks for the giveaway. Hope you had a great weekend!!

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    The Photourators are AWESOME! Thank you!!

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    Thank you for the chance to win! I could use any of these wonderful prizes!

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    2011-05-30 22:25:55 -0400

    What great giveaways--the Photocurators would be great to display those special photos. Thanks for showing us such wonderful and unique products!!

  25. Carol barry

    2011-05-30 22:37:42 -0400

    Great way to show off my granddaughters

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