The Striped PJ's

The other day I was folding Simon's PJ's and I was thinking about how much he loves them.

One pair of stripes. Two pairs. Three pairs. Four pairs. Oh yes, there's more.

They've seen holidays and everydays and vacations and airplanes and so many movies and breakfasts and maybe even a few dinners.

Some pairs are just about ready to be retired and a couple new ones have been added to the rotation.

He loves to put them on in the evening and will wear them as long as possible on the weekends.

Only the long sleeve and long pants sets - no short sleeves and shorts for him.

Sometimes I wonder if he'll want to keep wearing these into adulthood - lucky for him they actually make them in adult sizes.

Here's to loving something in your own life as much as Simon loves his PJ's.

Here's to celebrating all the little stuff that makes up the bulk of our lives.


What's a simple something in your own life, or that of someone you love, that you encounter just about everyday that you could document today?

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