Things That Matter Most

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  1. Sue TR

    2011-05-19 09:12:17 -0400

    Awesome! Thanks for the light on a drizzly new england day.

  2. Sally

    2011-05-19 09:13:03 -0400

    Thank you. Needed this TODAY.

  3. Karlene

    2011-05-19 09:17:44 -0400

    I needed that. Thanks.

  4. jan from Canada

    2011-05-19 09:44:53 -0400

    Ah, something I quoted at the end of a resignation letter to a boss that refused to change my hours to accomodate me, after having my 4th child. He agree'd initially, shook my hand and then 1 week before my return, went back on his word. I had been there 14 years. So, I quit.

    I am happier than I have ever been, working part time, with more time for giggles, cuddles and joy :) he did me a favor!

    sometimes, forced change is the best change of all :)


  5. AbbyS

    2011-05-19 09:45:43 -0400

    ...seriously on the same boat, Ali! Thanks...needed this!!

  6. Therese

    2011-05-19 09:46:56 -0400

    I had never heard this before. I love it!!!! TKS!

  7. Patricia

    2011-05-19 10:14:34 -0400

    Amazing ~ This was posted on the chalkboard at the coffee house I stopped at yesterday. I came right home and put the quote on my blog. And now, here it is again! I think God might be trying to tell me something! It's an awesome reminder to keep our priorities our priorities. Thanks for this post today!

  8. Laurel

    2011-05-19 10:39:03 -0400

    Love it! Do you mind if I use the image in my home (I love your handwriting)?

  9. Crystal

    2011-05-19 10:39:44 -0400

    Thanks Ali! A lot of us out here needed to read that today.

  10. Lori

    2011-05-19 10:44:00 -0400

    amen - printing it out slapping it on my bulletin board

  11. Carrie

    2011-05-19 11:12:19 -0400

    I'm on medical leave from a crappy job (what matters least) and I am savoring every single minute that I get to be at home with my children over the next few weeks (what matters most). I already knew that my job kept me from my kids, but I'm more motivated than ever to change it!

  12. Karen

    2011-05-19 11:29:34 -0400

    Oh so very true! SO glad I stopped in today to see this perfectly timed message. Hope what matters most to you, Ali, is shinning brightly! :>

  13. Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

    2011-05-19 11:48:21 -0400

    So so true. This speaks into my life right now!

  14. Laura

    2011-05-19 11:56:10 -0400


  15. Anna Aspnes

    2011-05-19 12:00:29 -0400

    Love Goethe. Studied him and his works a lot while I was at college, in his native tongue though. Great words!

  16. Kristyn

    2011-05-19 13:04:54 -0400

    LOVE this!! Perfect quote as I get ready for the last days of school. I'm preparing to be fully present this summer.

  17. Dee

    2011-05-19 13:30:46 -0400


  18. Nancy L

    2011-05-19 14:47:15 -0400

    Great quote. Just snapped a picture of it and I am going to write on my dry erase wall for the family to see.

  19. Jenn

    2011-05-19 20:49:11 -0400

    Thanks for this Ali. I feel like it came at just the right time for me. I'm about to uproot my family, leave a house, neighborhood and friends that my family and I love, to take a job 2,200 miles away (in a location that I'm not sure we like, let alone love) so that I can spend more time with my husband and son. It's terrifying and I waiver been excitement and panic on a daily basis. I keep reminding myself that time with my family far outweighs a house or location (or money), but sometime it's hard to fight back the panic. I've been thinking about you and coming to your blog a lot during this time... it always reminds me of what's really important. Thank you for that.

  20. Tina

    2011-05-19 22:13:58 -0400

    So needed this reminder today. And, I pinned it :)

  21. jen shears

    2011-05-20 01:15:30 -0400

    thanks, Ali! :D

  22. Patty O

    2011-05-20 01:30:26 -0400

    your timing was perfect. i needed this reminder; especially today. thanks ;)

  23. MARIA

    2011-05-20 02:50:06 -0400


  24. pat sloan

    2011-05-20 11:35:18 -0400

    excellent, you are an inspiration

  25. Steph

    2011-05-20 13:34:14 -0400

    While the kiddos are napping, I checked into your blog today after a LONG...too long absence! I think it was early January while I was finishing up my DD #1. And, what a day to do so.
    Your words are always inspiring and today's rang so true and made me smile at the recent changes I've made and happy that you will surely inspire others to stop and think today.

    I'm newly back to work after maternity leave with my twins. I made the huge choice to take a cut in pay to work a 4-day week instead of returning full-time. With 4 kids, 3 of whom are age 2 and under, life gets so unbelievably busy at times that it can be too easy to lose that focus. I am so blessed that I have an understanding boss who allowed me to put family first.

    The past year or so of my life has changed my views on what is important considerably. Your simple post today sums up that which I now relate to more than ever before. Finding the time to do it all has been a struggle I've always dealt with. To a fault, there were always days when I would look at my clean counter and empty laundry room and then breathe a sigh of relief that I was "almost caught up". Yet, that always came at a cost to my girls. Had I read them enough bedtime stories each night? Taken the extra 20 minutes to let the dishes sit to go outside after supper to just blow bubbles in the yard? Hmmm...many times I sadly knew it wasn't the laundry or the cleaning that was suffering.

    Then almost a year and a half ago, it all changed.

    Having a life-threatening disorder in my 7th month of a twin pregnancy a little over a year ago and having preemie babies who lived in the NICU far too long while we juggled our other 2 kids between grandparents changed my life forever. When you are with your 3 pound babies, you are worried about your other children and when you are with your other children, you are worried about something happening when you aren't at the hospital tending to your babies.

    At the end of the day, there is so much stuff that just doesn't matter.

    Life now is different. I let the laundry slide because it dirties itself faster than I will ever be able to wash it. The house will always have a mile long to-do list, but those living in it matter more than keeping it spotless. I do what I can and the rest waits.

    Time is so precious, no matter who you are and what is pulling you away from what matters. Thank you for this post today as it is an incredible reminder to all of us Ali, that you really need to make a conscious choice every day to live a life with meaning. Thank you for your inspiration...I've missed it!

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