The First Of Many

06 | 22 | 2011

Anna had her first swimming lesson yesterday.

The plan was that Katie would take her (Katie's our nanny).

Because, you know, I work.

And then I was sitting here working and I looked at the clock and it said 9:50am. Her lesson started at 10am.

I said to myself, "What am I thinking? I want to be there."

So I ran downstairs and grabbed my wallet and looked for my keys in the little blue pot on the windowsill where the keys are supposed to be. Not there. Of course they're not there when I have only five minutes to make it to Anna's first swimming lesson.

So I went to the garage, pushed the button to open the door, and jumped on my bike.

I peddled, peddled, peddled my way on over there (it's not too far) and arrived just as she was getting in the water.

She was mostly smilely and a little scowly at the cold water and the clouds that were blocking the sun. She kept looking over at Katie and I, smiling her big toothy grin. She was shy with the teacher, a big guy, but was happy to take her turn off the steps to do her kicks as he guided her around the shallow end.

I bet today she'll be blowing bubbles just like those other two little boys in her group.

Towards the end she was looking over at us and saying she was cold. Right about then it was time for a field trip over to the hot tub for an end-of-class warm up.

She was mad when I finally pulled her out of the hot tub to wrap her in a towel. Katie and I looked at each other with a knowing look about this awesome, opinionated, almost two-and-a-half-year-old who is coming into her own.

First Bike Ride

She changed her attitude when we told her about seeing Mama's bike out in the parking lot.

"I want to ride." she said.

So she rode home with me in her new seat on my bike.

"Woo hoo" she yelled and then chattered on as we made our way home. "Mama, I want to tell you about Max and Ruby. Mama, my helmet is too tight. Mama, where is your house? Mama, where is Katie? Mama, I tired. Mama, I love you."

80 thoughts

  1. Sarah

    2011-06-24 08:57:07 -0400

    I love this story... your sudden urge not to miss lessons, your frantic search for your keys, your rush to get there on time via bike, your description of her scowling at the cold water vs. the lack of sun, etc. You're a GREAT story-teller. Glad that you (and camera) made it there to capture her FIRST. And LOVE the 2-yr-old chatter... made me smile. :)

  2. Jenny A

    2011-06-24 09:06:28 -0400

    Love this Ali! And I love the last photo of both you and Anna on the bike. What a sweet and sassy little girl you have :)

  3. amy

    2011-06-24 09:52:58 -0400

    so awesome.

  4. tara pollard pakosta

    2011-06-24 11:23:44 -0400

    I was a nanny for 10 years and I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!!!
    with that being said, I would NEVER want to miss out on my own kids things, I guess because I was a nanny for so long and did enjoy it so much, I figure I owe that same time and commitment to my own children!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you wanted to be there!!!
    That speaks volumes of you Ali!
    she's such a CUTIE!

  5. Tona

    2011-06-24 13:18:14 -0400

    We scrapbook to preserve moments like this :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jerri

    2011-06-24 14:32:17 -0400

    You are such a great story teller. Tears came to my eyes when I read this. I work part time so I can spend more time with my kids but so often I find myself saying "Not now, I need to [insert any household chore that always needs to be done]". They grow up so fast. The laundry and dishes can wait! Thanks for the reminder about what is important in life.

  7. Keianna

    2011-06-24 16:08:02 -0400

    I think it is totally awesome that you went. Both of you will remember it I am sure.

  8. Maureen

    2011-06-24 16:42:02 -0400

    Excellent choice Mama, and look at all that exercise YOU got!

  9. gladdie

    2011-06-24 17:00:15 -0400

    Ah Ali Edwards I love You! you are such a gem in this world and special community; so inspirational, loving, caring and such a lovely mum!

  10. carriep

    2011-06-24 17:28:40 -0400

    thanks for going, thanks for sharing life!

  11. Autumn

    2011-06-25 01:24:25 -0400

    Such a sweet little story.

  12. Kim B.

    2011-06-25 02:58:50 -0400

    Such a beautiful post, Ali, so so so sweet. What a morning you captured. No wonder you're all smiles in the last photo!!!

  13. Donna

    2011-06-25 11:54:33 -0400

    So love this story and Anna's chatter 'I tired' really cute :)
    Also I love your blue bike, can you tell me what make it is (I'm currently looking for a good bike) and it's a different one from your Seattle Triathlon post - you have two?
    Thanks Donna

  14. Sharon in California

    2011-06-25 13:22:47 -0400

    so awesome...and glad you realized in time that this was something you needed to witness...well done!

  15. Debbie P

    2011-06-25 15:16:12 -0400

    That's awesome! Hope you find your keys :)

  16. Melanie L.

    2011-06-25 22:38:56 -0400

    You totally made the right decision! Work can usually wait, but those precious moments with the kids will be gone all too soon. I love how you chronicled Anna's chatter on your way home. You'll want to remember those little details. :)

  17. Stephanie

    2011-06-25 23:31:30 -0400

    Awesome! These ARE the days!

  18. Marti Richards

    2011-06-26 00:38:25 -0400

    I love reading this- just makes me smile! Isn't this age the best? My DD is 2 1/2 and I am in constant awe of her strong and funny personality! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Julie Kinnear

    2011-06-26 18:38:07 -0400

    She is such a cutie. Get ready for some entertaining talks in the near future, though, since she seems to be quite an opinionated little girl. Adorable. Oh, and a great decision, really - swimming lessons are one the smartest choices a parent can make for their child,

  20. Angi~Mistress of Mayhem

    2011-06-27 11:09:00 -0400

    Love this story, Ali. It's really about the little moments, isn't it? I started working full time this year and really miss the ability to be 'there' when I want to be. So glad you were able to enjoy those moments with Anna.

  21. Project Life | Week Twenty-Five | Ali Edwards

    2011-06-27 16:02:34 -0400

    [...] journaling about Anna’s first swimming lesson was added to a Long Journaler and printed on white cardstock and slipped into an 8.5×11 page [...]

  22. Renee VanEpps

    2011-06-28 11:30:15 -0400

    HA! Had to LOL at her cute chatter - my 4 yr old does the same thing.. Her newest chattering is to respond to almost EVERYTHING I say with "What Will Happen?" LOL. I know there will come a day when she's all grown up and moved away, and I will miss even her temper tantrums!!! So I try to remind myself to rejoice and relish these years!

  23. sarah

    2011-07-01 12:46:43 -0400

    oh my goodness, i'm tearing up reading this. i love that you literally ran out the door... it's a fine balance, this SAHWM thing, but this is one of the bright spots. i love that i'll be able to do the same, a nice reminder on one of those "i can't do it all" days at my house. i love reading your blog lately and learning some of your tips for balancing work/life. thank you. :)
    happy weekend! xo *s

  24. jamie hansen

    2011-07-11 00:48:07 -0400

    **Great story. I too have had a moment like that, where i sat thinking, wait a minute, i should be there! Thanks for the real life share. <3

  25. Beverly Mascara

    2011-07-16 09:20:33 -0400

    A great thought in your post. Love it.

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