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Hey guys - plans for 2011's Week In The Life project are underway. It's just about a month away from the start - July 25th through July 31st.

I'm working on new digital layered template sets (both 8.5x11 and 12x12) and I'm thinking about what I want my focus to be this year. The focus is always words + photos + a bit of stuff from life, but I think I might want to try to do even more writing this year.

Don't let the fact that I just wrote MORE WRITING scare you off. That's what I want to do...there's so many different ways to approach this project and whatever way you decide to do it will be the right way for you at this point in time.

This project can be done digitally or with all traditional supplies or with a mix of both. For the last few years I've been doing a mix of both and that's what I'll be doing again this year in an 8.5 x 11 format. I'll be sharing tutorials and such as we get closer - don't worry about any of that right now.

For now, just get it on your calendar and maybe start thinking about whether there's something different you'd like to incorporate this time if you're a veteran of the project.

If you're new to Week In The Life I highly recommend checking out all that I've written about it in the past few years. Check out the main page here.

As I prepare I wanted to invite you to share about the project on your blogs. Below you'll find new banners for 2011. Please link to http://aliedwards.com/2010/01/week-in-the-life.html (it's already included in the code listed below):

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63 thoughts

  1. borcherding

    2011-06-24 11:06:37 -0400

    Ali, I really want to do this! EVERY year you do this I keep telling myself to just do it already and somehow I can never follow through. My question is, do you make your album ahead of time and then just fill in as you go?? I think it might help me stay on top of this project if I have my "plan of attack" already in motion. And it turns out my daughter got invited to go on vacation with a friend of hers for the second half of the week and I am concerned about that.. :-( I know she can include her own stuff but still.....

  2. Diana McGraw

    2011-06-24 11:22:23 -0400

    I am really excited about this... I can't wait! This will be my first time participating so if you have any suggestions or lessons learned from last year, please let me know.

    My husband is leaving for his second deployment to Afghanistan the first week of August and I think this will be a great way to document one of our last weeks with him before he goes.

    I already placed a post on my blog about it with the blinkie.

  3. JennC

    2011-06-24 13:27:58 -0400

    I did this last year and had a blast. I hope to be more prepared this year with my supplies and lay out. Can't wait for July!

  4. lee

    2011-06-24 14:23:13 -0400

    I'm excited for the "official" roll-out of this year's Week. Looking forward to participating, and brainstorming on how I can make it simple, but possibly a stretch from my "usual" methods. =)

  5. jen

    2011-06-24 17:45:47 -0400

    i've decided to participate this year and am very excited. we are going to be renting a cottage on a lake in vermont for the week after you do yours so i'll do that week instead. this way i can get tips and tricks before i start!!! haha. thanks again for all the wonderful ideas and workshops!

  6. Mandyb

    2011-06-24 20:54:24 -0400

    any luck on why our blinkie things are working on our blogs???

  7. Amy Lynn

    2011-06-24 21:11:04 -0400

    Thank you Ali, for your sharing your creativity and inspiration and giving us the opportunity to ride along with you on this journey! I am taking the plunge this year, joining in on all the week in the life fun. I honestly can NOT wait! I've already started stock piling my supplies... I think there is just something about hitting that "mid way point" in life that causes you to reflect on the past, take stock in the present, and wonder with curiosity about the future.

  8. Michelle

    2011-06-24 22:52:59 -0400

    I will be joining this year! Can't wait to start. :)

  9. Sarah

    2011-06-24 23:38:05 -0400

    I'm so geeked!!! I was going to be on a trip to Europe, and wasn't going to be able to participate, but the trip got cancelled!!! I had been really bummed about to trip to Europe until I realized that I could do week in the life!! YEA for cancelled plans!

  10. Sarah K

    2011-06-25 00:46:29 -0400

    Please tell me it will be sorta like last years...that was so slick and easy. My life is so busy, but I am hoping to join in the FUN FUN FUN!

  11. Autumn

    2011-06-25 01:38:48 -0400

    I can't wait!
    Got the banner to work on my bloggy.

  12. Jen

    2011-06-25 18:20:16 -0400

    Ali - I can't wait a week in the life is so much fun to do and to look back on. Your timing is interesting. Last year I was recovering from hip replacement surgery; it made for an interesting snapshot of life during recovery. This year I will still be in a cast healing from ankle surgery; at least by then I'll be in a walking cast but might be a little dull as I can't drive (right foot). Always fun to do and everyone enjoys looking back on the week (which will include our annivesary).
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  13. Marie

    2011-06-26 04:52:40 -0400

    I will be joining this year! This will be my second time participating. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!

  14. Debbie in AZ

    2011-06-27 03:07:09 -0400

    I came across WITL too late last year to do it "in real time" but did do it instead last July as our "Summer" version. Then, I did it again this past May as our "Spring/School" version since my daughter was just finishing up 8th grade and getting ready to go to high school. I enjoyed doing WITL even more so the second time around because I knew what to do and focused less on the mechanics (don't forget the camera...save the ephemera...write down our activites and feelings, etc.) and more on just having fun documenting our daily details.

    I don't plan to actually DO WITL in July but will do it in the Fall, probably in October so that it will include her first high school activities and experiences. But, I will follow along in July though because I so Ali's inspiration and gentle encouragement. Even if you only snap 2 or 3 photos a day and add a couple sentences of journaling each day, it's an easy and fun way to scrapbook the little things our lives are made up of. I say, if you can't do it the exact week that Ali does it, choose a week that works for you and follow along on her blog in the meantime for ideas and inspiration.

  15. Terri

    2011-06-27 13:18:02 -0400

    I did Week In the Life last year. I like the idea of documenting summer but at our house life isn't that much different (camp instead of school). We're on vacation the week befor you start, so I'm thinking to start mid-week and include a few days of vacation as well as a few days of normal life.

    Question - if I start a few days early will I miss anything new or important?

  16. Laura

    2011-06-27 15:39:05 -0400

    Can't wait to do WIL again! I did it for the first time last year and it was a lot of work, but so worth it as I look back now at how much our lives have changed in just a year. One suggestion--since so many of us like using the baseball card type page protectors, some .pdf files with phrases or journaling prompts on them would be great... I'm thinking of something along the lines of Project Life journaling cards, but with an "Ali" twist!

  17. Pat N

    2011-06-27 15:54:39 -0400

    This will be my second year and loved participating last year. Looking forward to July and thanks for this great project.

  18. Laura

    2011-06-27 15:54:54 -0400

    New ones, I should add...I used the ones from last year (the smaller ones and the 4x6) and would like to include them again this year.

  19. Monica Castro

    2011-06-27 21:12:16 -0400

    Hi Ali
    I participated last year and I can't wait to begin next month ...

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  21. Trish

    2011-07-22 04:43:41 -0400

    I think the issue with the quotes might be because they both appear to be "opening" quotes so the code doesn't know where to BEGIN the command - just where to END it. I changed them before posting and it worked great.

  22. Elsi

    2011-07-24 14:31:56 -0400

    @Ali -- I picked up the badge to stick on my blog, but I'd *REALLY* like to have hi-res versions to use on my digital scrapbook pages. Any chance you'd offer those?

  23. Chantal Philippe

    2011-07-24 20:58:29 -0400

    I've always wanted to do this but never had the guts (or equipment) to! I cannot be more excited to say that this year I am joining this project too!!!

  24. margaret in AZ

    2011-07-25 17:12:17 -0400

    Finally got the gadget to work with Blogger!!! Yes!!! Happy WITL'er!!

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