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I received this via email from a student in my One Little Word class and thought it was just too cool not to share.

dear teacher:

i apologize for not doing my homework.
i don't know what to say. i mean. well.
it is kind of your fault.
you had me pick a word. just one little word.
so i did.
i picked

it is a very tiny word, only three letters.
but see
i sort of got too busy living my word to do my homework.
that word.
you can't always predict what's going to happen with her in the mix.
sometimes my homework for olw, well,
it didn't get on the list
the now
live life list.

so my dog didn't eat my homework.
i don't have a dog.
i just didn't do it.
because i was busy with that word of mine.
i took it on a vacation even.
we've been busy together, me and now.

me and my word
well it's an every day thing.
we are kind of bffs and all.

but last night
i stayed up till 2am
because i couldn't take it anymore,
me and now,
we wanted alone time together.
so i made the time in the inky quiet black of night.

i sat and listened to 4 months worth of videos
printed out 4 months of handouts and transcripts
jumped without abandon into 4 months of prompts.

and i just wanted to say
you may not see me on the discussion boards
i may not have done my homework on time
but you teach me.
you have changed me.
thank you.

i have a new friend, me and now.
the relationship has changed me
and it is all your fault.

your student

And in case you are wondering there will be another One Little Word class next year that will repeat the same prompts again for your new word (class materials and presentations will be updated to reflect my new word and I'll be doing them along with you once again). In addition I'll be offering a second class option that will be more focused on inspiration and writing prompts. More details will be available towards the end of the year.

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