Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

Welcome to Project Life | Week Thirty-Four.

Loved seeing the new Project Life designs for 2012 on Becky's blog. Leaning towards Clementine, but I love some of the Cobalt designs too. I might just get both sets and combine the two designs throughout the year.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

This past week I was at Creative Escape in Arizona from Wednesday through Sunday so the photos you see here were taken by either Chris or Katie.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

The last couple of times I've gone out of town Anna's gotten a fever. Both times we think it's been teeth-related.

This week I decided to add some word art when printing the photos. The top photo includes a strip from the Everyday Life Sentiment Strips and the one on the photo of Anna is from the You Are Awesome set. If you'd like to read more about using word art on your photos check out this post: Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

Anna's been interested in photos and glue lately. Gotta love that.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

This was on our table at the closing event for Creative Escape - it's a promo for Heidi Swapp's new line of products that will be coming out in early 2012. I loved the text-based design. I put a couple glue dots behind the envelope to keep it in place.

Project Life | Week Thirty-Four

Word art on the photos here include You Word Art, Life Is and You Are Awesome.

Pretty simple this week. I don't feel like I told the complete story of the week, but that's okay. Some weeks I'm more into it than others - the key for me I think is to simply be consistent - get something in there. I might end up doing a couple layouts to tell other stories from the week - Chris and Katie did a great job taking photos so I have a few more to choose from for those other layouts.

Project Life is a product created by Becky Higgins. It can be anything you want it to be. The pieces of the album kit (similar to the one I’m using) are available here. If you live outside the US check Becky’s site for more information on sources. View all my posts about Project Life here.

16 thoughts

  1. karen

    2011-08-30 17:00:17 -0400

    hey ali, have you considered doing this project digitally next year? I just wanted to hear your thoughts in case you have. I know you collect items and put them in pockets but other than that, do you prefer doing this traditionally over digital?

  2. Marina D-K

    2011-08-30 17:18:01 -0400

    Hi Ali -- I was wondering about how long it takes you to do an average week of Project Life? (Not including picture selection) It looks like you do a combo of handwriting, digital overlays, etc. What you do is so beautiful yet simple, but when I sit down it takes me forever...Any tips or tricks?

  3. dawn

    2011-08-30 19:21:36 -0400

    Hi Ali, so glad to see your comment about the new PL 2012 albums!! I'm so excited and was going to ask you which one you liked. They both look great and I might just need to get both also.

    Your week is filled with cuteness and fun from your little ones. Looks like they enjoyed themselves while you were away. My favorite is about the apples/oranges your kids like, so funny. All your extra touches to the photos look great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Erin Taylor

    2011-08-30 20:21:44 -0400

    Hi Ali, I love your spread this week. Sometimes simpler is better, isn't it? I have a question about your new Shutterfly albums, if that's okay. Can I still access your Celebrate Life (I think that's what it was called) album through Shutterfly? It's been on my to-do list for a couple of years, and I would hate to see it gone.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Kellie Winnell » Blog Archive » Catch Up…Project Life…Photo Challenge…and of course some Waffle’s…

    2011-08-30 21:11:58 -0400

    [...] I was given a voucher for my birthday that I finally got around to using and bought some pockets that are basically the same from the Project Life kit as I THOUGHT they were all SOLD OUT.  BUT I found a site that is doing PRE-ORDERS for them in Australia YAY! Check them out HERE… I ended up ordering some different size pockets, some cards and that’s it.  I was going to get a kit, but apart from they are not cheap {but can see why} I bought a scrapbook album from American Crafts I really want to use as I can decorate the front should I want to.  AND I plan on diving into my scraps as well and using a bucket load of those.  Here is page NOT BY ME for an example from Ali Edwards HERE… [...]

  6. Juli

    2011-08-30 21:44:04 -0400

    Ali - thanks for sharing! I think it's great that Chris and Katie know how important the picture taking is and participate with you. I really love that Anna is becoming a scrapbooker too. Seeing her and Simon together melts my heart...what a special bond they have!

  7. Kris Weber

    2011-08-30 22:52:03 -0400

    I love this and think that I'll start it next year also. I love that I'll be able to keep it out on my desk, and just put in things that I do in my day to day life.

  8. Annette

    2011-08-30 23:06:36 -0400

    Love the clementine one. Thanks for sharing your work. That orange juice and apples/ apple juice and oranges is so cute.

  9. Teneille

    2011-08-30 23:58:02 -0400

    Just wondering what program I need to have to use your digital overlays. I use iPhoto now. I always look forward to Tuesdays. I love to see your P365! Becky's blog led me to yours one day and now I check it daily! Thank you for all the work you share. I am inspired!

  10. Jessica B

    2011-08-31 09:09:36 -0400

    Ali, thank you for sharing this each week. I always thought I couldn't do this because I just didn't have time. After seeing what you have done all year and knowing how busy you are, I know I can do it! I can't wait to buy by kit for next year.

    Thank you!

  11. Chrissy Hunyady

    2011-08-31 12:18:47 -0400

    I can't wait to start next year! Uber excited about the Clementine album too. ;)

  12. Susan robinson

    2011-09-03 09:23:17 -0400

    I love the new pl kits as well!! I totally can't make up my mind either. I really want to get this started after my daughters first birthday in October. Im working on completing her first year album and I thought it would be so cool to start project life right after. I just know her new kits wont be available yet. Really have to make up my mind on when and how I want to begin. I think I need to look a little closer at when she said they will be released and just start my album and insert everything later.

    I'm also so stuck on which design I like best... there is something in both I love.

  13. NatalieSpring

    2011-09-03 21:32:27 -0400

    I like your stamps "Who What When Where Why" and "This makes Me happy" on your layouts. I noticed that you've used them before on other layouts. Are these part of one of your stamp sets? Thanks.

  14. Cele Schaffer

    2011-09-05 20:35:39 -0400

    I have been checking out your Project Life project-SO COOL! I also went to Becky Higgins site to see the new products coming. I was wondering if I wanted to do this for 2012, weekly, like you have been doing, how do I know what to order and how many core kits and page protectors to order for a years worth? It looks as though this Oct/Nov the new products are sold separately instead of all in one kit. This is confusing to me. I have never done this,so was wondering if you could give me an idea of what you might put together as an order so that you would have enough for the 52 weeks and not be worrying about items being out of stock. Did you order 2 kits last year at first? Does the whole year fit in one binder? I hope I am not asking too much- I could not find an e-mail address to ask Becky Higgins. Thank you so much for any advise- I also understand if your too busy. LOVE your blog and projects and of course love your sharing of your family. Also planning to venture into December Daily this year-never got to it last year.I have already ordered Simple Stories 25 Days Of Christmas kits from Stop and Scrap. You are awesome Ali!!

  15. madeline St onge

    2011-09-07 14:57:25 -0400

    Ali I am planning on doing this next year, question: do you fir a whole year in one album? Do you use the Albums Becky sells or something else

    OK that was two questions LOL

  16. madeline St onge

    2011-09-07 15:09:06 -0400

    That question is supposed to say Do you fit a whole year in one album

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