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time to clean

The time has come.

This place needs to be cleaned up so I can move forward with making stuff.

Here's just a peek at what I've got going on in here right now (most of the piles seem to have found homes on the floor):

time to clean
time to clean
time to clean
time to clean
time to clean
time to clean

time to clean

Wish me luck!

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  1. Stephanie

    2011-09-01 18:51:08 -0400

    Glad to know.......I am not alone. :)

    I noticed your vinyl stamps, what is that you keep them on to organize/store them? That is the one thing I can't seem to find a good home for.

  2. susan garner

    2011-09-01 19:19:27 -0400

    i just took a pic of my craft table for my pic of the day.its a real mess !!

  3. Sandi Pressley

    2011-09-01 19:35:55 -0400

    The creative person is rarely make me feel so much better...yay! I am normal (and a bit messy!)

  4. Roberta

    2011-09-01 19:40:08 -0400

    oh my...rolf...lmao ;} I'm speechless...all's I can do is laugh. I'm the opposite...I do have piles of work in process...but I assign a basket for each pile/project and it get's put back into the basket as I'm working. I'm weird...I know...but I get too distracted when things are not in their place so I can find them...guess I know where my son's ADD/COPD came from...oh my!

  5. Carey Bridges

    2011-09-01 20:02:43 -0400

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting these pics, Ali, and keeping it real! So many crafters only post their room in immaculate condition. It's so nice and reassuring to see a place that's actually USED and created in (and that looks like mine does most of the time)!

  6. Sue

    2011-09-01 20:27:46 -0400

    I know this sounds terrible- but its nice to see that you make a mess and have a room that looks like robbers have been in like that too !!! Gives me inspiration to clean mine up!! Good luck...

  7. Kathy

    2011-09-01 22:27:04 -0400

    Love the 'piles on the floor.' Thank goodness for gravity!

  8. Maria

    2011-09-02 02:40:44 -0400

    Ok, this totally made my day. Thank you for being as messy as anyone else. Now I'm off to clean up my scrap studio.

  9. Kristine S

    2011-09-02 05:37:03 -0400

    so many possibilities to create in those piles

  10. P.J.

    2011-09-02 07:31:30 -0400

    Piles just grow, and grow, and grow. Best wishes for chopping a few of those piles down.

  11. Lisa Aukeman

    2011-09-02 08:28:41 -0400

    If I do pick up my work space I find that the creative vibe leaves the room and I don't have any ideas

  12. Wendy

    2011-09-02 09:25:00 -0400

    I love to see this:) It's nice to know others craft messy too, I mean really, is there any other way;) I saw some pretty neat things in your piles! I think your pretty AWESOME to share this with all of us! Have fun!

  13. Jenny S

    2011-09-02 10:07:25 -0400

    I have to say, it's nice to know that other folks work the same way I do. :)

  14. Vicki J

    2011-09-02 11:15:23 -0400

    It takes alittle chaos to get the creativity moving.. but you know I always get creative mojo again during the clean up process... so both are needed to keep the steam engines moving!

  15. Lisa

    2011-09-02 12:22:01 -0400

    Did you have an earthquake? Wow! Wish i was there to help, I love to organize. (But I would probably get distracted,,, playing with Anna).
    The carpet; our upstairs carpet is old and ugly. And so much heavy furniture to deal with. As soon as I get my nerve up, I'm going to pull the carpet out, pull the pad out, fill in a few screw indentions, and paint. If it turns out, maybe I'll email some pictures.

  16. TinaM

    2011-09-02 12:38:54 -0400

    Can you tell me a little about how you store all of your clear acrylic stamps (as in the 5th photo)? Thanks

  17. Making Progress | Clean Up This Office | Ali Edwards

    2011-09-02 13:04:05 -0400

    [...] made some progress on my office mess over the last couple of [...]

  18. Cari

    2011-09-02 13:11:14 -0400

    I spend way to little time in my scrap room! I also have toys and a special craft space for my girls. I used to say "no" alot to my now year 4 year old daughter when she asked for supplies from my stash. I now realize that it feels so good to say "yes you can have that" and the look she has getting something from mom's supplies is priceless and helps me with some of my clutter also! Another great thing I have realized is that she learned a very important lesson in life... sometime it is yes and sometimes it is no and she is okay with that.

  19. Susan

    2011-09-02 15:12:57 -0400

    After seeing so many cute,organized,decorated spaces, I am relieved to see a couple of designers that have some of the same issues I have. If I did not have so MUCH stuff it might not be as bad. I am still working on organization, I am doing a lot better with being able to locate things after sorting and labeling lots of clear shoeboxes.

  20. Laurel

    2011-09-02 17:44:42 -0400

    I'm dying to know who makes that sheet of letter stickers in 6 colors in the 5th photo from the top! I'm doing a project using all of those colors and those stickers would be perfect! My scrap space is beyond help, so might as well add to it, right? LOL :)

  21. Joanne

    2011-09-05 21:49:59 -0400

    A messy office/studio is the sign a creative being lives there.
    I love it. Thanks for sharing and helping us mere mortals feel better.

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    2011-09-08 16:48:17 -0400

    [...] I worked on cleaning up my office last week I finally had a chance to get my newer Technique Tuesday stamps [...]

  23. patty

    2011-09-11 16:15:27 -0400

    Hi Ali,

    I hope things are going well with the clean up. I notice you clear rubber stamps binder you made. I was what you made it out of? I have been search for a good storage solution for my clear stamps with not luck, but I like what you have done. Thanks, Patty

  24. Beth R

    2011-09-13 09:22:46 -0400

    What mess? All I saw was that beautiful stack of TT stamps with the binder rings on pic #5
    Oh my. I wish.
    What fun to peek into a real artist studio :)
    Thanks for letting us look.

  25. Beke

    2011-11-29 01:37:18 -0500

    aww i just love seeing your home :) (sorry if that sounds creepy) but its so lovely, always. I also love seeing your your products like that, and I sit in my tiny souroundings with heh basics of basics products and daydream about what it much be like with them all :)

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