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week in the life | sunday


I love Sundays.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for hanging out.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for taking a little extra time over that hot cup of coffee.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for stocking up.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for organizing.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for giving thanks.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for choose-your-own-lunches.

week in the life | sunday

This Sunday included documentation.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for quiet times in the afternoon for reading or working in a work book or maybe taking a nap.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for long bike rides.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for swimming.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for taking care of things.

week in the life | sunday

Sundays are for family.

As Sunday night comes to a close around here I'm feeling calm.

I'm ready to be released from the constant thinking about documentation and get back into my regular flow of photos and words.

Obviously, I love this project but by the end I'm ready to wrap it up.

I'm thankful for this project. There are so many things that are the same and so many things that are so very different from year to year. Reflecting on that and seeing the passage of time is always something I enjoy and look forward to from year to year.

I hope you had fun this past week. I hope you didn't make it too complicated. I hope you learned something about yourself. I hope you saw something special and found something to celebrate in your everyday.



I'm looking forward to this week of bringing it all together.

The process of gathering your content is one thing. You're busy living and busy trying to remember to use your camera and get it all written down.

The process of actually creating something with all those photos and words is where a lot of the magic happens. I always learn a few more things about myself as I go back through the photos and read back to myself the things I wrote down and see them all together in one place. There's something amazing about the compilation of those seven days - no matter how they went for you or your family. I so look forward to beginning this next phase of Week In The Life.

I'll be back in a couple days with more information about my process for taking the collected content and putting it all together in an album, including a video tutorial for working with the layered templates. And in case you missed it, here's my basic design plan & supplies for 2011.

If you're in a hurry or wanting more right now, check out my detailed posts from last year:

Again, thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

63 thoughts

  1. Jakki

    2011-08-01 13:34:50 -0400

    She is so cute and girly surrounded by all that mud!

  2. Lori

    2011-08-01 14:09:38 -0400

    thank you, thank you ali prompting us to do week in the life :)

  3. Lindsey (aka modchik)

    2011-08-01 14:15:10 -0400

    I MADE IT!!! now if only I had been juice fasting at the same time! HA!

    thank you Ali seriously, my readers have enjoyed this as much I have :)

    Full heart today!

  4. Debbie K

    2011-08-01 14:28:12 -0400

    Hi Ali! I'm a first time participant too this year. I was scared to see if I would follow through but I made it! Your words of encouragement and the community at large made it easy to take the step in documenting a week. I am really looking forward to putting it all together. Thanks for all the resources you provide! You don't know how many times I referred back to your website for guidance. I really loved the look of your 2010 album so I am very much emulating your style. Hopefully in upcoming years I will deviate into my own style more! Thanks! I will try and post up pictures somewhere soon!

  5. Libbi M.

    2011-08-01 14:40:28 -0400

    i did it! first time for me. i'm in the process of doing your 2010 style and i really like how it is coming along. i'm so glad i took my camera to work and captured little details like you suggested in a previous comment to me. it really helped. thank you so much for taking the time in doing this project and i am so glad i followed you along with all your other w.i.t.l. followers. can't wait to see how your album comes together.

  6. Libbi M.

    2011-08-01 14:45:50 -0400

    did you notice how the froth in your coffee cup looks like a heart. love it! awesome capture!!

  7. Amy Lynn

    2011-08-01 15:02:05 -0400

    Phew! I made it. This week started off like it always does, running everywhere, but ended with the development of a devastating personal situation. It's beena tough week to say the least but I am so glad I finsihed WITL. The "lessons" that I learned about myself this week and changes that this project brought forth will be with me forever. It has been a transformational journey... One that (hopefully) I look back on a year from now, and be thankful that I survived. I think putting together my album will be kind of tough, but maybe "good therapy". No matter what life throws at you and how bad the day may seem, the next morning starts a new day, with new hope and new possibilities. That phrase will be the last entry to my WITL journey. Thanks Ali...

  8. sue

    2011-08-01 18:54:42 -0400

    Maybe it's just me but that seemed like alot of activity for a hanging-out kind of day! LOL.

  9. Megan Renfree

    2011-08-01 20:00:13 -0400

    Thank you so much for this adventure this week Ali! I struggled a bit with the documentation, but I didn't stress about it. I just went with it. And I love that I have the whole week of photos! I am really looking forward to putting the album together when my photos arrive, and I can't wait to see what you do. being the first year I have done this project, I can honestly say, it was a great experience and one my whole family got involved in!!

  10. Heidi

    2011-08-01 22:06:49 -0400

    I can't wait to put mine together, either. A bit less documentation than I had planned but still a lovely, lovely capture of our week. Like many other posters said, I definitely have an overwhelming sense of being blessed when I do this project. I'm pretty sure this will become a fave album for our boys (just like last year's). Thanks so much, Ali.

    And still considering what to do w/ the videos I captured. Can't wait to see what you do w/ yours. (I'm guessing I will flash drive them and include that in the album...)

  11. Michele H.

    2011-08-01 22:07:20 -0400

    ali - thank you so much for this wonderful project! what i love the most is not only the slice of life that i capture but it's the additional stories that i'm able to tell! for the first time in a long time, I really looking forward to creating more pages:)

  12. Joy Buss

    2011-08-02 00:26:23 -0400

    Ali..it was a great week! This is my 4th time doing a WITL project and as always I love the finished project! This was the first time I did it while on vacation and it is a completely different perspective. Less schedule journaling and more stories and picutres. Fun! Thanks again for sharing this journey with us!

  13. Christine

    2011-08-02 01:20:55 -0400

    This project was a blast! All the members of my family took pictures. It will be difficult to select photos for WITL. I'm looking forward to the next phase of the project. Having a community of people around while taking photos was supportive and just plain fun. My older daughter was sad that when the constant picture taking came to an end. I'm relieved and happy:)

  14. Janet C

    2011-08-02 02:03:28 -0400

    Hi Ali, I got back from a trip this weekend and have enjoyed catching up on your week! I have chosen to document our week the third week in August which will be the last week at home for my oldest. She will begin college and I thought documenting the breakfasts, packing, last walks, movie nights and leaving her in Nashville might be a fun week. I know a bit not average; however, I felt like I wanted to remember it and felt this will prompt me to write all the feelings and take all of the pictures. Thanks for all of the inspiration.

  15. Amy

    2011-08-02 03:03:42 -0400

    I'm really excited to see how you pull everything together. I'm going to do my WITL in October (my favorite month), I did it last year during the summer and I think I did it more vague - kind of like Project Life...an overview. Now that I'm also doing Project Life I totally see the difference. Anyway, really excited to see the finished product.

  16. Clarice

    2011-08-02 06:20:10 -0400

    WOW! Love your Sunday activities!

  17. Toni

    2011-08-02 06:26:12 -0400

    Hi Ali - A fantastic project. Great to be a part of it for the first time. Thank you. I totally get what you said about being ready to wrap it up by the end. I love taking photos but it was kind of nice to start Monday morning without having to pick up the camera. (Especially given it was on its last legs - the exciting news is the new camera just arrived today - YAY! Back to full speed photos). Now I'm really looking forward the next stage of putting the it all together. Have a great week.

  18. anneberit

    2011-08-02 08:33:11 -0400

    I get so inspired to capture my everyday life when I see your photos. I'm so glad that I finally had time to join in for a Week In The Life. Loved it and learned more than expected about our life. Thank you :)

  19. Tammy

    2011-08-02 10:49:27 -0400

    Your daily photos make me feel calm and peaceful. You've got such a talent for capturing the wonderful things in life.... big and small. Thanks for that.

  20. Elsi

    2011-08-02 12:52:46 -0400

    Ali -- I want to thank you for inviting all of us to participate with you in this great adventure. This is my first year for WITL and I'm really pleased with the pictures that I captured during the week. I posted photos from all seven days as well as some narrative on my blog. I'm so proud that I stuck with it and saw this phase through to the end. Now I'm going to focus on getting those photo and words into an album which I'm blatantly plagiarizing from your hybrid approach in 2010. My Day 7 post is up at Week In The Life: 2011 - Day 7.
    I've really enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the photos that everyone else is sharing. I'm already looking forward to the 2012 event.

  21. Drinoleto

    2011-08-02 20:27:45 -0400

    Your pictures and words are wonderful!
    I'm a bit late, because I had some problems,really sad ones.
    Anyway I've just posted my photos!
    Thank you for the perfect week we shared!!

  22. K

    2011-08-03 12:17:35 -0400

    thank you Ali, this was a fun project to do, to see your photos, and view others'. It's wonderful how you bring us together online.

    It was my first year doing this and some days only 4 photos were taken.! Yet it still captured special memories and every day life.

  23. Drinoleto

    2011-08-04 07:59:18 -0400

    Well, I've already posted my Sunday photos...
    Your pics are wonderful!

  24. Scrapbooking Ideas

    2011-08-11 02:24:08 -0400

    Sunday is family and scrapbooking time!
    Great pictures and it goes well with the story!

  25. Week In The Life | Ali Edwards

    2011-08-11 15:42:37 -0400

    [...] Sunday Words + Photos [...]

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